Oh how I loved this week! Had so much fun at work, got a new studio, had a photo shoot for a cover of a magazine together with chef Leila, got a gym card and danced some Zumba. Managed to get closer to that heavy deadline I’m facing and I met lots of fun people. My daughter is now a first grader. And Jenny and I must have send a 1000 sms in between us. I also went to a lovely wedding with a weird new family as seen above, got a dick invitation for make love not fashion – show by Bea Szenfeld.
Yes, it’s a circus and I love it!
Also thank you so much for you great thoughts about siblings charing rooms! It means a lot to me!

Also check out these 50 perfectly timed photographs- amazing.

And these 50 life hacks to simplifyΒ  your world was also pretty good.Β  The strawberry straw plucker and pancake in a ketchup bottle was pretty great!

Take some advice from Patti Smith.

Make your heart cold as stone and then become a vegetarian after watching this.

Get inspired by RΓ€ttvisefΓΆrmedlingens Lina ThomsgΓ₯rds talk about how she started a facebook page and then made a difference!
Lina also gave a tip about this text about Dr. Phils infamous tweet…

Finally –Β  read our reader Marielles excellent blog and this post about the introvert brain!

Somehow I also tried on some new glasses which just happened to be very similar to my own glasses without even knowing. Guess I know my style. The right ones are mine.

Have a great weekend you all!
some photos are from my instagram isabellemcallister- some never made it…