Can you help me with your advice about kids sharing rooms? Did you share when you where small, or do your children share at the moment? And what do you think about it? Why do they share or not? Is it because lack of space, a financial decision, just because they are more happy sharing – feeling closer to each other? I’m working on this project together with Jenny and I would love to hear you thoughts!
My kids share a room. The younger one loves it and my daughter really hates it. Or she says but I kind of think it’s more of an idea of being in control of everything more than a need of solitude. She has the top bed and a rope ladder that she can pull up to be alone. I think sharing is good for them, it kind of forces them to get along and hopefully understand each other better . Sure there are fights about which toy belonging to whom. How to you do with those things – do all the toys belong to both of them or some are mutual and some are personal? A tricky question. In my opinion I don’t think kids need personal space until they are about 12-13 years old but what do you think? Certainly it all depends on what kind of kid it is we are talking about …
I also wonder if you know someone who lives in a different way? Maybe 3 kids are sharing the living room and the smaller bedroom becomes the living area? Or the kids maybe sleeps together and then have a joint playroom? Or all of the family share the same room?

I will be immensely grateful and I’m so curious about what you have to say about it all!