I have been building so many great things this past week. And I friggin’ love it. We have been turning this old storage house in to a sauna and a guest house. It’s one of the best things I’ve made, I think. I will show you more real photo’s, not only these snaps from my phone and give you the grand tour but I sold it as a job to a magazine and they have to show it first. Oh but I’m dying to put it here on the blog!

I had to lock my self up and crawl out from under the house in order to get those stairs to hold. The logs are taken and reused from where the new windows are put in.

To be able to get anything done when the kids are around and not have to hear mom, mommy, MOOOOM all the time while building I tend to take the night shift making stuff. Here I did a second pair of steps.

I’m pretty used to get things going my way when building stuff but here in the left photo I’m so pissed off,  since I was trying to be a bricklayer and I simply couldn’t get it right at first. Then I got to work with an other kind of plaster and as you see in the right photo it got way better. I also had so much trouble attaching a door handle with a special lock. Firstly I saw off a splinter to short and had to buy a whole new handle (for a really ridiculous amount of money) then I just couldn’t get the screws right and broke two of them in half. This made me so angry I started to scream and cry like a baby. When I told the locksmith at the hardware store about my meltdown he took pity on me and gave me new special screws for free, so I guess it was kind of worth it.

The kids has also got creative. Here are new slow down sign for our road. “Beware kids are playing” . It looks like a zombie to me. A crazy cute zombie that is.

Just look at the top room! Wiiii!

And the funny thing is that my dad is always building something as well so we keep sending images to each other of the progress we are making. Here is a MMS from a pergola he is making.He found some old rusty grids from a farm or something and build the room around it. With a outdoorsy kitchen and all. He is one crazy talented junk delux builder my dad.

I will try to post a bit more frequently soon!
Big kisses to you all