I asked you yesterday what was in my bag?

The thing is – I was out driving our car when my husband texted me asking if I had found a big bag with guns in the car? I thought he’d gone mental. But I quick texted him back telling him the cops just pulled me over…
Not true But my husbands work – they had borrowed the car for his TV show shooting some scenes and forgot the bag. With the guns. What a great bag to misplace…

Even though I know they are decoys – or only soft air guns. I think it’s so scary. Like when I read this totally crazy and devastatingly sad story. I mean come one – guns marketed especially for kids?? My first rifle? So terrible. As an outsider I found this article from English newpaper The Guardian very interesting and also so sad and angry.

But also it made me think about what people are carrying in their bags that we simply don’t know about?
I don’t mean this in a oh we should be so scared of each other kind of way but more in a we can’t judge a book from it’s cover kind of way.

Yesterday I walked around the hood with a bag full of guns another time I sat on the subway with a bag full of cash.
Lot of times on the tube or the bus I think like that. That I’d love to put on my x-ray vision and look into people around me. What do they have in their bags? Who beats his wife? Who looks scary but is super kind and a great friend? Who is secretly in love with their boss while expecting a child with someone else? Good and bad. Statistics made real inside a train carriage. So compact and so real in a way.
Life in miniature.