Okay fantasy lovers- have you been reading the Hush Hush Saga yet? Must be the young adult saga that most reminds me of Twilight as of yet.  It’s another a bit clumpsy but type A girl that falls for the mysterious, chiseled, old (about 700 years) but still a boy on the outside  – bad boy. Aren’t they all and haven’t they got over hanging out with 16 year old virgins. This time there are no vampires or werewolves but angels, fallen angels and their kind.
Me – I’m as always completely tapped in this other world the writer are presenting and of course I have a secret crush on the boy. The books follows in a way the Twilight saga and even has a bit of a team Edward / team jake thing going and the main girl Nora is a bit of a cranky stupid puppy in the two first books just as Bella but still manage to turn it around in her favor.
I’m reading the last book out of 4 right now and if you enjoy these type of YA book you will completely be able to get lost in this world too!