Just because we need yet another place on the internet to strut our stuff I had to join Instagram as well. Now me and Jenny are chatting, mailing and smsing all over the place. It will never stop!
These are my latest photos from  isabellemcallister at Instagram
Here I am on my way to Gävle. I was the speaker at the fair Bomässan. This spring I am going all over Sweden with them to give talks and I also have a wood-shop with kids.

On the train – the landscape looked like this. I havn’t done anything to this image. This was for real!

I also got an ego boost in the press shop since I am on the cover of Älskade Hem and with an interview inside.

Yesterday my kids were sick again. I don’t know what happened this last month. It just simply never ends.
Do you have as much flu around the world as we do? Or is it the cold, everyone inside that does it?

Oh I found this new book. I LOVE sci-fi, witches, vampires and love. Anything that takes me to another dimension. I just want to stay home today and tuck myself in and read. Apparently it’s a triology! (Well I don’t know if I can wait for this, I want it now. But more is more – yaay).

I also moved offices. Bye bye kitchen table. Now my new work mates are selling a original Pierre Cardin sofa from the 70′. I think I found the right place. If you want to buy it – send a mal to martin (at) grandpa.se

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