We’re up in my cabin. Schools out for easter and I’m chilling with some friends.

Today we went to Rättvik where they have been having a big fountain out on the water/ice a couples of hundered meters from the beach that now is a huge snow and ice mountain – so cool.

This is only the top and it looks like a huge Spettekaka


For this fella it was like Mount Everest

Like landing on the moon

Every day we pretend the snow is gone and we eat lunch on the porch.

Apparently the porch was also the scene of playing with water and food coloring. The whole porch was kind of pink and I made the girls clean up the mess… Yeah I know pink is my favorite color but anyways…

Oh – how I love being here.

Now it’s way past my bed time. We’re reading, watching bad movies on TV and finishing off the kids candy in front of the fireplace.