Actually I think I was made for warmer climate. I always thought that I was supposed to be Brazilian. In every way for the warm and all the fun. But it seems to me that I continue to be Swedish even tough I dream of a house with a pool and palm trees. But since we started to be long periods in this cottage in Dalarna my feeling for winters have changed. It started with skiing. There is no things so fun as skiing and I feel like the best parent ever. We do great stuff together out in the wild, the kids get roses on their cheeks and we are outdoorsy! Then I also started to wear warmer, cause worthy functional clothes – works like magic for a freezing person like me. And yeas I know this is no rocket science. But also just having real winters makes me love it even more. I mean just look at the light and the force of nature with the ice!
These images are taken on the 620 meter (2034 feet)  long pier in a village called Rättvik in Dalarna!