Week 3 Dosfamily Running Club

This week I’m at my cabin running in my woods- yay!


how are the running going?
For me I had the fever almost this whole past week but managed a run today. I must also say that my body have been feeling really really tired and heavy. Then I slept a good night yesterday plus an extra 3 hours during the day and today my body was a bit more back on track. My kids wake really early, like 05.30 and not getting enough sleep for long periods are making me nuts and I really feel the difference when sporting on how my sleep have been. I just want to say this cause I hear a lot that
“- yeah but if you do more sport you will not feel as tired” but for me I do need to keep my minimum of sleep before working out otherwise the workout just wear me down even more. With this however said- I almost every time think it’s a better option to do sports than not and that it’s a fine line between tired of not doing anything and tired because lack of sleep…

Keep up the god job!

I love to hear how it’s going for you! (and I’m sorry I didn’t answer you all last week my fever just took over everything)

kisses Isabelle

Now here comes coach Kvitter Javelin 3 week program:

Warm up before all workouts:
5min quick walk
10-20 meters hoppsa steps/high knees
10-20 meters indian hoppsa steps/high knees:
10-20 meters Ravelli steps
10-20 meters heal steps

Do it one more time!

Stretch after every workout (just like last week):
Calves, hip flexors, hamstrings, quads,

Great tips for stretching after running go here (also good tips about anatomy, injuries and other good to know stuff .
And another good video with 5 stretches.

3 sessions / week

Day 1:
2mins quick walking – 4mins jog – 2mins quick walking – 4mins jog for a total of approximately 30min
TIP: Use clock / mobile and keep track of the time. Or make a playlist of about 2-3min long favorite songs where you go jogging every other song.

Day 2:
Quick step walking 6mins + 6mins jog without a break (doesn’t matter how slow you do this but just keep jogging) + Quick step walking 3mins + 7mins jog without a break (how slow any time but keep on jogging) + Quick step walking 3mins + 6mins jog without a break (very slow if you have to but keep on jogging) + Quick step walking 3mins (=34mins all together)
End with strength exercises:
+ strength: skater lounge 20-30reps, sumo squats 20-30reps, plank 30-60secs, flutter kicks 20reps – watch it all here (same as last week)

Day 3 – this one can be a bit rough depending on you condition but We know you can do it!
Walking for 10mins + 10mins jog without a break (slow if you have to but keep on jogging) + Quick step walking 5mins strength + 10mins jog without a break (very slow if you have to but keep on jogging) + walking 5-10mins.

Good luck and keep up the good spirit

I made a little link box to the running club here on the blog’s left column so it’s easier to find all the different weeks programs!


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April 1, 2013 at 10:25

Whoah, att vakna så tidigt i så många år sätter nog sina spår :(
Lyckas du lägga dig något så när tidigt på kvällarna? Hatten av till dig, du verkar ha så mycket energi, trots bristen på sovmorgnar! Vad jobbigt med feber också, hoppas du kryar på dig snabbt. Jag är förskyld och kan inte bestämma mig om jag ska springa idag, men efter att ha kollat på nätet så verkar det som att det inte spelar nån roll (så länge jag inte hostar). Får se hur jag mår efter frukost och förskylningstabletter. Har skrivit upp mig och min kompis på ett 10K lopp den andra juni, så jag har inte råd att missa några träningsdagar!

Tack än en gång för det här, vilken skillnad det är att ha ett mål när man tränar!

Isabelle McAllister
April 1, 2013 at 13:46
– In reply to: famapa

Tack! Well jag saknar spärrar ibland vilket gör att jag kan köra på lite för länge. Och lägga mig på kvällen är apsvårt. Men ofta så stukar vi redan tio. Jag har hört att då länge du inte har ont i halsen så är det ganska lugnt att träna men det känner du ju själv! Också kul med lopp jag är himla sugen själv!

April 1, 2013 at 18:05

“Vad kul att Isabelle är tillbaka. Hon är bra på att eh fixa!” Sa min 6-åring om Fixa Rummet :)!!

Isabelle McAllister
April 2, 2013 at 23:34
– In reply to: R

R – så kul att höra! Det är ju repriser men kidsen verkar inte bry sig. Hälsa från mig!

April 3, 2013 at 22:42

Running is great! I’m proud of myself as I’ve never been keen on running and this year I discovered how great this activity is! Because of Easter I had 6 days off work, so I hoped for 6 days of running. On Thursday I went running on a new route with some hills and great views. On Friday I couldn’t bend my knee so I went out running as I thought a little bit of movement would help. How wrong I was! After 2km I couldn’t stand the pain and I had to go back. I started using cold packs and ointment and it seems to get better. On Saturday I’m going to start again:)

Isabelle McAllister
April 3, 2013 at 23:21
– In reply to: Lubitella

Take it easy lubitella! But great to hear you started to run!!
You go girl

April 4, 2013 at 12:40


Nice to hear that many of you exercise and are eager to get in form. Good work! Be carefull to do the exercises when you are not fully healthy thought. (And as Isabelle said – you find your level, sort of). And if you’re getting better from a flu or something start slow. You can always shortening the jogging path for the day. You can also change it and just take a walk. When you are well you can go out harder again. Be careful with your heart and work out for your future health!

Take care!