This is Emilia. A really cool person that Isabelle and I have met trough the wonderful world of Internet. She invited us for some fika (visiting over coffee) at her home. I brought my camera , like I always do, and took some pictures of things that caught my eye.  Today I am going to show some of those pictures. But first, let me explain something…

People often ask me: “Jenny what do you do?”
This is my answer: I am a photographer and I am crazy about how people live. Lucky for me I get to photograph homes for interior magazines.  I have loved home decor since I was a small child. Back then I had never even seen a decor magazine so I got my kicks from the IKEA catalog and from the homes I saw on TV. I even made blue prints of some of those homes. Like the Simpson´s home and the Huxtables house. The home of “Full House” was my favorite. I wanted both DJ Tanner´s room and her hair ( see me trying here!)

Home decor has infected my brain and I love visiting people to see how they live. Becoming a interior photographer gave me the perfect cover.
With that title I can ask people who I find interesting if I can come over to their home. (As I did when I saw Toby in a store). People let their guard down and answer my questions about this and that. They accept my snooping around as a part of my job.

Now let´s get back to Emilia´s home…

That tray of food looks delicious.

Black chalkboard paint- I will never tire of this. So versatile.
And kids standing on top of furniture – I will never tire of this. So versatile.

This looks exciting. But it´s in German so I don´t understand it.

Emilia´s mother and her dad looking like a superstar with his film camera at the boarder of Afghanistan and Pakistan in 1981.

Emilia is crazy about mix tapes. She has made some sweet spotify lists for us in the past. See/listen to them here!

That flower jacket is a joy

Another fine thing about visiting is the fika of course. “Fika” is such a great Swedish word. And is to be used like this. “Hey let´s go to my house for a fika” It is like a snack and a chat. For grownups it is usually coffee or tea with something sweet or a sandwich. For kids it could be juice and biscuits. Eating something “small” together and catching up at the same time.

Things shot from above

Emilia´s friends Mats Udd and Anna made this doll-portrait of her.

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