but is really just a smidge of an update of my PJs.
I can’t stop about this. I just think the Girls series is freakin awesome with sugar on top. I didn’t watch the first season until a couple of days before the second started so I think I have this miss Dunham crush about a year after everyone else. Not that it matters when you get it. Sooner or later I hope we all do.As you can see I’m working really hard on my poses. Couldn’t really make up my mind of which shoot to choose so I do what I do best – just adding things. More is more.

Why I can even start to name this a Jessa outfit is because of this:
1. The hairpiece. It ‘s from a Brazilian artist called Martina Sheetikoff. She is a fantastic woman that I met when hiking around south america. When I was bald this headpieces (I have several) was my form of doing different hair do’s. The Jessa twist is because I feel like a hippie in it. With the hair hanging like a curtain on both sides of La Face.

2. I’m wearing my husband’s shirt like a dress. Oh boy why havn’t anybody told me about flannel? It’s like wearing my bed and being able to go outside. It basically a bit more dressed up kind of PJ’s. Jessa can wear her bed.

3. Going out without pants. Well obvious I’m wearing pantalettes. But I still feel a bit rebellious going to a meeting without pants on. And yes it feels different than wearing a normal dress. Dunno why. But please let a girl have some fun on a boring gray month of January.

I wanna dance with somebody, dance with somebody!

Our reader Elena gave us the tip of this interview with Lena Dunham check it out.