This flip book version of Gangnam style is pure joy. By artist Etoilec1 (Here is a link to the video if it does not show above)
I´m so glad this particular person made this instead of joining the Swedish Army: Försvarsmakten.

The Swedish army has been running these ads on TV lately -promoting people to join them instead of doing things like “Instagraming your breakfast” or color coordinating your book shelf. Sure it is pretty funny, but if you want to point out to people that what they are doing is silly compared to what the army is up to, I think there are better examples of silly things in life. For example getting really annoyed with a sales clerk for typing in the wrong price on you tomatoes. Or complaining over “that hairdo makes her look fat” while watching TV or fussing over your neighbors uncut lawn.

Maybe then it is the time to say:
“What am I doing?” (but even here I doubt the answer to your problems is joining the army)

Below is one of their ads….

With all the things that are wrong with this world I don´t think that creativity is one of them.
What do you think?