Now and then I fall in their bath with my clothes on. They love it and will talk about it for a long time. It’s just the simplest thing and I sure need a bath now and then anyways!

Words from the very beautiful and stylish but oh how very boring movie Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

So it’s Monday.
My weekend was spend mostly in bed- got a bit of fever. Typically after a heavy month of work.
This week I will wrap things up before Christmas.
I have been doing a project for Keep Sweden Tidy And Kimo Baltic’s project – Fishing For Litter. It’s going to be an exhibition about this great project – the fishermen collect waste they find at sea and they bring it back to shore and recycle it. I will show you more when it’s finished.

Also Thursday it’s lucia- celebration of the light with cute but not great but still lovely singing and good buns to eat. And even better in the evening I’m going to a Christmas party – as a freelancer this do not happen much so I’m very pleased.

Tomorrow I will have breakfast with one of the best decorators I know – fantastic Lo – can’t wait.

My plan is also to have a bigger plan for 2013.

big kisses