This day was all about shopping. I love to shop abroad. At home I don’t take the time but abroad I go all in. Or I just love to get inspiration and walk around. But I still made time for some photo ops.
(The woman on the image has nothing to do with the content of this story)

I spend an hour of so starring at crotches while my hubby tried on everything at Uniqlo. Then I bought some thin tights with heath gear. I so believe the hype and hope it works.

So many shoes so little time.
At Converse on Broadway you can get your own design on a pair and they are made while you are waiting.

Lunch at Taka Taka in Soho. Mex sushi and japanese tacos – I mean why do something like it’s always been done? A bit diffusing menu but good food.

New York wild life is actually quite wild. We passed a park next to our hotel and the ground was moving. With all the rats running around! Crazy.

Since I spend most time inside shops this must be considered as a kind of pause image.

We ended the day with a 6 course set menu at Torrisi in Nolita. Deli by day Resto by night. It was wonderful I do recommend it!
In their restroom they had a wall with old photo’s and old news clippings and I got a quick reminder of home. But I must say it sooo good beeing without the kids. Just having time for ME!

xxx Isabelle


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