I picked this one up at the airport and was through with it when we hit ground in New York. ( I know soon I will stop going on about my trip but not yet). Anyway this is the forth book by the married couple Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril that goes by the pseudonym Lars Kepler. I never been a fan of crime or horror. I think I have to much fantasy and then it completely runs wild. But I started their first book The Hypnotist since we had it in our cottage and then I got completely hooked  – like very many of us in over 36 countries that the books got sold to. I loved all four books even though I almost peed my pants reading them all.
I think what I mostly love is the detective Joona Linna. Over the books they have made such a great portrait of him, one I have hardly found elsewhere. I don’t really know what it is but it’s like Joona is a very close friend but still mythical. He is so whole in a way – which is so cool. I also like the writers. They seem like such an island. They spend all their time together and write and hang with their little family and sell loads of books. Good for them!
Read more about’em here and here.

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