It is funny how things connect sometimes. That is even one more thing I love with the Internet. That connecting the dots gets somehow easier. How you see stuff you would never know otherwise. This is just a little detail like that but anyway.
Sometimes I read Elsa Billgrens blog. She has a great sense of style and great photo’s. And she loves dresses.
Elsa just did a post about the dresses she regretted NOT buying (follow the link to read it) and – these two dresses where part of it. This is me trying out which one I was gonna get for my wedding.

I know I have been writing about the dress before but the thing is, as you all know, it’s something about your own wedding dress! The dress was perfect. But now I kind of wondering why I didn’t buy the blue one but I guess the other just felt better. And the whole time the idea was to make it shorter since I felt it suited me better. When I was done I just saw the heap of leftover fabric and got the idea to sew a matching dress for Della. Guess it was meant to be –  cause I had just enough material for it!
Nowadays I mostly wear it on stage so it doesn’t feel like a leftover in my closet!

What do you have for wedding dress stories?