In two weeks time it’s all Sayonara Stockholm and Woop Woop New York!
Me and Erik is going for 5 days. I’m psyched!
It’s going to be election night, the marathon (hell no – I’m not running but still), no kids and great food and shopping like sugar on top!
And it’s also going to be Erik’s 40th birthday. So do you have some cool ideas for us to do? Something I can surprise him with?

4 years ago we stayed in New York for a couple of months – it was great and I ended the stay by doing a feature for SVT about it so I think I covered the basics but maybe you have done or have a great plan for us?

I’ve heard this Sleep no more show is supposed to be fantastic. But what else? One of my best New York tips is taking a food tour. I did the one around Greenwich Village two times and Erik tried the Chinatown once. You hear lots about the neighborhoods and get tastings at different restaurants and bakeries. I’m kind of allergic to feeling like a real tourist, I want to be a cool local everywhere I go which is kind of stupid since touristy stuff is touristy by a reason… But if you get over your own coolness I recommend trying a tour. I even took a Helicopter tour and loved it.

But now for his day I need a plan….


Oh and yes – read about  Jenny and Jens adventures in New York last year!