Swedish TV have just showed The Bully report here. And I just have to write about it- It such a well made and terrible movie – or the content – the showing of the bullies and the ones being bullied is extremely awful. I do recommend everyone to see it.
If you can’t buy it or rent it there is a copy in 12 parts on You tube
It is such an important issue- all these kids having hell at school each day. Luckily I haven’t experienced it myself and I hope my kids will not be in it – on either side. Kids can really be so mean. And also the grown ups – like the principal in the movie who just turn the blind eye towards the problem makes me crazy to see.
Ooh I cried so much – You have to watch it!

In this ABC interview you meet one of the boys in the film and also the maker of the movie who talks about the process making the film – I wondered a lot about it when I watched.

Read more about the Bully Report and what you can do to help kids around you – here!