Remember when Jens and I did this photo shoot for Mama in my parents garage?  Well, this is how the pictures turned out.

You long-time Dos-followers know that I´ve enlarged the Pony once before. See it here. And that picture gave us this assignment from the magazine Mama.

Today I´m planning a new shoot that involves a Bowler hat , some live lemurs and gold paint. Directing and photographing kids is by far the thing I love the most about my work.

The pictures were published in the magazine Mama July issue, 2012.  Photos by me, Jenny Brandt and Post Production By Jens Grönberg

Pic. 1: Viola is wearing: swimming suit from H&M. Skirt from Shock
Pic. 2: Thea is wearing: suit from Lindex. Belt from Shampoodle and shoes DinSko
Pic. 3: Timo is wearing: top from H&M. Pants from Shampoodle


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