The greatest team of all time is my mom and dad. Not only have the raised some awesome kids (myself included) but they have also had their own auto paint shop. Dad has been doing the painting while mom has been on top of the masking. They have showed me how to have fun while working your ass off.

You can imagine my enthusiasm when I found myself my own retoucher =) and we started a business of our own. Even though Jens is an illustrator by heart he has worked with post production for many years. Together we can make some fun stuff that is impossible in real life. Like the toy- story in the latest issue of Mama where we enlarged My Little Pony, the Iron Giant and a lizard . Something I would totally do if I had magical powers.

We photographed in my parents garage and my darling dad let us paint one half of his garage pink and the other half blue. See above.

Here is the first spread in the magazine. If you want to see the rest of the pictures go get your own copy of Mama, in stores now!

Jens and I trying to enlarge this little fellow

Viola trying out her outfit for the shoot.

And me adjusting it.


More Behind the scenes here!