What? A Monster party.
Why? Because a birthday is not the only reason to throw a kids party. Dressing up is fun and that is reason enough.
Who?  Dracula, Lady Gaga, Gene Simmons, The Incredible Hulk and a Thea the Lion.
Jenny Brandt (myself) did the photographing and Kicki Wieslander did the styling.

Isabelle asked me if I could do the “Monster party” for the book.
Naturally I accepted. Next to my own kids: Monsters are my favorite people. I brought along my friend Kicki Wieslander  to help me with the styling.  And this is how it turned out.

Lady Gaga, Dracula, The Lion and The Hulk all came.


A great way to make a party more private is to block off the entry a little. Two curtains were hung over the door opening. we gave the gold one eyes and mouth and through it the guests had to enter and exit. We also made a tongue of red vinyl on the floor. The same adhesive vinyl was used for the wall… see further down in this post..

If you don´t have time to make your own cake you can order one like we did. We ordered the Swedish cake “Prinsesstårta” but asked them to switch the green marzipan cover for a black one. Baking is not my thing., decorating is much more fun!

With red adhesive vinyl we wrote on the wall ” The blood is dripping” A line from an old childrens story.

Instead of regular candy we served “Lizzard eyes” and “grandma´s old teeth” and other nasty things that we thought Gaga would like.

Hot-dog fingers and french fries

There was nothing fancy about how the food tasted but Oh´boy did we compensate with how it was presented!  Like here the fries on a big platter with a scull in the middle served by big sister Vera wearing monster hands.

And more finger food!

This is what Dracula looked like at the end of the party.

All Swedes can still buy the book here!