I´m pretty sure there are many of our readers who like Twin Peaks. Let´s just say I have a hunch… And with Nadine in yesterdays post I started to reminisce about the show, that I claim is the best thing that ever happened to TV. I used to watch it on a regular basis up until I became a mother , now I can not handle the sadness anymore.

But when the temptation gets to intense I turn it on and fast forward to this scene:

For a short moment Twin Peaks is a happy place. Dale and Annie are in love like they deserve to be.
Gordon is smitten by the lovely Shelly , the first person he can actually hear loud and clear. Shelly seams to like the attention she is getting from this funny and kind man as opposed to the dirt bags that usually court her.

As I watch this I let myself believe that this story will get a happy ending.