So my 5 year old comes to me and asks.
– Why is it 280 boys in this book about the Olympics and only 26 girls? Why isn’t there any girls in Ben 10, yeah there is one in the movie but never in all the gadgets?
Then she writes “Unfair – guys” on the fridge. I love her for this!
But I still don’t really know what to tell her. How do I explain about this, like how do we explain to kids about all the big issues in life? Like dying – but at least dying is natural. One part of me doesn’t want to tell her – I don’t want her to think about it just yet. Think about it too soon. Somehow believe that she is less worth because she is a girl? But this can happen even more if I don’t show her how unfair it is. So we talk about it and we work for more girl power! And then I simply cross my fingers and hope that it will work.

How do you think about raising you girls and boys? How do we get them to become more equal?
How do we do this together?