On the 3rd of July Isabelle and I are going to Copenhagen with this lovely team of bloggers. We will be driving around in these carts so look out!

Blog’nhagen is the first in a series of blogger meet-ups created to bring them together in real-life while they explore the best of the best of each city”.

Thank you Brittany Watson and Maria Helgstrand for including us in this fun project.

Blogging can be pretty lonely sometimes I find myself feeling like I have more friends online than I do in real life so this is partly an excuse to provide genuine, in-real-life relationships with fellow design bloggers while also exploring this lovely city. It’s a win-win!”
-Brittany Watsonย 

But that’s not all!ย 

On the night ofย July 3rd there will be a blogger’s meet-upย for everyone who wants to come. Bring your picnic and come to theย Harbor Bath at Islands Bryggeย atย 7pm. You can RSVP on the Facebook eventย hereย (though it’s not required). Please share the event with bloggers/anyone interested in it in the area so we can finally meet everyone in person!

For more information, check out theย Blog’nhagenย website and like Blognhagensย Facebookย site.ย