Those of you who followed me on my old blog-sammyrose, know that when I was carrying our second child Frank we had some problems. But since then I have not said much about Frank, but today I want to.

On the ultrasound, when I was 8 month pregnant in dec-2009,  the doctors discoverd that our baby was not well. That Christmas became very sad and hard for me and Jens and our families.

We got scheduled for a C-section on the 4th of January and that day we got to meet Frank for the first time. And he was beautiful. But he had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and needed surgery.

The time we spent at the hospital was like a emotional roller coster. Beeing in the hospital and seeing all those sick kids were just heart breaking.  “That will never happen to us” HAD happened to us. And there was nothing we could do about it.

The doctors told us that they did not know what Frank´s future would be like. But they told us we needed to prepare ourself.
He might not walk. He might not talk. He might be able to go to a regular school, but then he might need extra help.

Today he walks. He dances to music he likes. He makes jokes. And he has started daycare.
And look at him! -taking a picture, supporting the camera with his little right hand as well, the hand that he has not being using at all up until now.

We are crazy about him.