I met Malte, who attended his School´s easter celebrations dressed as a bunny.
I love this because A: It´s adorable. B: It´s a perfect example of “take what you have and make it work!”

Maria, Maltes mom, tells me:
This is what you need:
Old tee and tights (preferably  in the same color)
Leftover fabric (preferably fuzzy)
Something extra fuzzy for the tail. (In Malte´s case an old mitten)
Needle and thread and scissors.

The Accessorize she made:
Ears. Stitched  to a bandana tied to the back. (Rambo stylee)
Tail. Fuzzy mitten stitched to a belt of fabric.
Tummy Patch. Oval piece of fabric placed on the front of the t-shirt.
Mittens. Made from the same fabric. But Malte thought they wear  uncomfortable.