From where I live in Sweden it only takes one hour to get to city of Copenhagen. By car or by train. Today I took the morning train there. Since I´m not a regular commuter I can really enjoy it. Watching people, mostly on their phones but also having breakfast on board or even better; putting on their make up.

I sat across a pretty young women who was doing just that , not at all bothered by people sitting there. I had to tell myself not to stare, she was so cool and confident and applied her make up with such a flair. Even though she was a lot younger then me I felt like a little kid who was watching her older sister get ready for a party.  In her large bag she had several small bags containing her make up stuff. She held a small mirror in front of her face while the other hand fetched different pens and brushes for her. It looked like she could do it in her sleep. It was cool. Anyway…

….the purpose of my CPH trip was to visit the amusement park  Tivoli with stylist Anna Björkman. We are doing a photoshoot there and needed to decide on a few things like angels and locations and such.

But the building across from Tivoli was being wrecked and that completely knocked me out of focus.

wow look at them excavators go! (had to google that word, did not know it in english)

The Tivoli Gardens is very nice. If you´re ever in Copenhagen you should go there! I don´t know if it´s true but I´ve heard that Michael Jackson once wanted to buy it


I ,for one ,can totally see the king of Pop lurking around the scenery of Tivoli.

Then I went shopping. And like always I found something big to haul home.

This looks really good. Have you tried it? Is it?

I really don´t like phones. But I love these ones. I´m sure they can´t even update you Facebook status.