Some things from my phone this past week(s).

1. We have been having Barbie-que (thanks Kollijox).
2 & 6. I got myself new logo and stickers – more about it later. Åsa Hammarström is the star who made them!
3. I started April making the #photoadayapril – challenge but ended up too lazy. This was the image from “a younger me”- day. Taken in 2000 on a beach in Brazil. I was traveling South America for about 8 months and then sent postcards home with a  “Happy New Hair” theme for the change of the millennium. It was very effective since no one had seen me in a while (rememeber this is sort of pre-internet).
4. I read 50 shades of Grey on the train to work and blushed all the way – have you read it?
5. My family. Got a drawing from DElla for my new office.
6. Åsas lovley work again. I made stickers via excellent.
7. This is the cast from kung Fu Panda – Beppes home edition. We are missing the Master Mantis. Kung Fu panda is very loved in this home.
8. I went out last Friday night. Or night- I was home by ten, had already seen a movie and eaten. In a restaurant… Oh my where did my party gene go? We saw Hunger Games. I was so deeply disappointed in the movie. Everything. The styling, the way the history and event of things are presented and most of the acting. Such a pity.

What are you up for this weekend?

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