Saturday we had lunch in a restaurant and we did as we always do when a kid sleeps in the stroller. We let them finish their nap outside the café. This made me think of a post from American blogger A Cup of Jo- when she brought this Scandinavian habit up in her blog.
Jenny was interviewed and took all the images for this great Cup of Jo post.

It is really a great read- an forall the more than 280 comments about it. Comments like “it’s great to let kids sleep” outside to “what a crazy idea” Naturally we always sit so we can see the kids, it’s not like we go shopping for an half hour just leaving them outside. But it is also so interesting what fear do to us. And what different cultures, habits and parenting influences us.

So how much do you let you kids run, hang, sleep wild and what are your thoughts about this?

Some answers- further explanations. I am going to answer your comments here:
First – Oh so good to listen to what you all are thinking!
Of course they let the kids and strollers inside moste of the times and the same thing is true for shops – some cafe/restos don’t aloud the strollers simply cause it get too crowded inside but the kids are always welcomed. Since we Swedes walk pretty much everywhere – there are a lot of strollers about. And also we have a very long maternity leave – we get paid from the state to be at home for at least 13 months! So there are a lot of parents around with small kids in strollers.
I think that probably since we live in a cold country it becomes too hot for the children when we roll the stroller inside. (All like Anna said in the comments). The kids have so much clothes on and they wake up alot when you roll them inside and try to take off some of their clothes. And I think that a common Swedish perspective is that they sleep better outside. Just like grown ups sleeps better in a cold bedroom. We even have daycare centers who rolls out strollers or even put out beds for the kids to nap in during the day- every day in good and bad weather. What was interesting though was that I asked my mother in law about this and  she didn’t realized we did it. So now I have to research when and why this started. I’ll get back! Thanks