Yesterday I hit town for the sales and got home with two things for a normal price. I had my mind set on glamor but bought these silk and angora sweatpants. Something I wanted to do since Isabel Marant made hers. Sweatpants with high heels – me like! (Please notice the very posh spice garbage bags in this pic. Very Derelicte if you remember Zoolander)

Nice big pockets and airy feel to my buttocks. They are from Cos.

My second buy was this sea urchin from Topshop.

My beanie and shawl I found in my closet and they smelled like old lady from being there too long. Those I bought in Tokyo. In my opinion Tokyo is the best shopping town in the world (or were I have been in the World at least).

The thing is I would love to dress up more (if you can call these images dressing up). I think I would do it more if I had an office to go to. But since I tend to work at home or at some kind of construction site I always end up like this. Sneakers on and the first thing I find hanging by the door or even more on the floor.

Do you remember these DIY sneakers – they are still going strong or actually the sole just split… But they look strong. (Buggin out would wince though.)

Who said pink and red don’t work together? Well I think most colors match. Here I am wearing my husbands huge fleece Lumber jacket and underneath a Primaloft jacket which I love. So warm and cool and great new technique – 10 times warmer than a fleece. You look crazy but it keeps you warm!

Bye bye says my dogs.