I did something really scary but also liberating this week. I made a big change in my current life. Finally I had enough and felt it was time to turn the page. Someday I am going to tell you all about it but right now I can’t. It’s still too fresh – a bit like a open wound. I need to take care of the bleeding first.

It strange cause once you make the decision is like everything falls into it’s right place. Naturally I have been thinking about it for a while, making pro and con lists in my head. Trying to follow my head (or the scared voice in my head) more than my stomach.
Then one night I dreamed about eating poo, it didn’t smell like it or taste bad – it was like my whole mouth was full of chocolate but I woke up with the feeling that it was poo.
Scary and yes so weird. But also probably a sign. I had enough.

So I ended something and started fresh.
I bought this little Joseph head as a – wow- I – am – oh – so – brave – present to my self.
I have been looking at him since way before Christmas.
Now was the time.