My last week in the city- Isabelle.

Since we stopped shooting Fixa Rummet – I thought I would have oceans of time to catch up with friends and clean my home and do some go with the flow. But instead I was a busy little bee. It seems that for me there is no inbetween time. I work hard or I kind of leave town for total cocooning. But this was what happened before I left.

There is this sports kids show – Lilla Sportspegeln that has been on the tellie since I was a kid. It was always a dream going on that show taking part in their competition. Now my old dream came true. I had to compete against other tv hosts. It was hard cause I didn’t want to show how competitive I am but my competitive spirit completely took over. My husband laughed at me when I came home. Della joined me at the studios and truly cheered me on. We won! yaay.
Another day I got dolled up for a photoshoot at my home.
If you wondered so but of course I always look like perfect housewife while hanging about in my kitchen…

The kids been sick alot. All year nothing and suddenly the flu like once a week. During recovery on our way to the cinema we found this man. Love the hair!

I am actually trying to shoot my company at the restaurant B.A.R but I guess I was to high on life to realize what I was doing. What a great night with one of my dearest old friend and our hubbies. The food was so right up my alley. Grilled fish, sea food and oysters. Oh la la!

The day after me and Erik for once left our part of Stockholm – Södermalm for downtown. Loads of people buying xmas gifts. We went to the big warehouse NK -and hung there for like a half day. Without any purpose. It was great. Just looking a stuff and people. It never happens anymore. The simply hanging about without any plan. Love my kids but also love being without them.

I’m getting older for all I want for Christmas are candle holders.

The little one got bigger! 2 years. Wow! My little cutie pie.

I want this one as well!
In these images we both look like we sold the butter and lost our money as we say in Sweden.
I so need this strange autumn to be over with so I can do a fresh start next year.
Hopefully some snow and skiing will change everything.
xxx Isabelle

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December 19, 2011 at 03:05

I love your images and the idea behind your blog.
I share a blog with my friend across Australia (she’s in Adelaide I’m in Sydney).

I too have a little boy only mine is 6mths old. I love finding blogs with other mum’s trying to stay inspired as I am. Lovely blog.

Hope you get some candleholders soon!


Isabelle: thank you for sharing. It’s great to hear more from our readers around the globe! merry christmas