What started out as a little appendix issue soon became the flu, lumbago, iron deficiency which resulted in uncontrolled outbursts of nose bleeds and zombie tiredness all caused of, I guess, not resting enough…

In the middle of it all my husband calls from the hospital with a torned tendon after playing basketball.
8 weeks of hardcore plaster.
Looks rather cool but damn it’s going to be hard work.

Then we have my little, well what should I call him…
Let’s see – Labrador? bully? sweetness? loose cannon? or simply just crazy?
His rhythm has gone bezerk. He sleeps when he is not supposed to and wakes up like 4.30 in the morning. waking everyone up. Running around in the apartment. Screaming – dead tired but without any hint of wanting to sleep more. When we put him in a crib – he climbes out and sometimes hurts himself. If we leave him in a ordinary bed he runs around. We try less sleep during day – more sleep during the day.Singing, caressing, screaming methods but without succes.
AAAHHrgg I go nuts. And I’m beaten.
So please hit me with all sleep and bedtime methods you’ve got – pretty please!!

Maybe what we need is Cesar Millan?

In my opinion my son is more like a dog than anything else. Probably I don’t have any parental skills at all. When we meet other kids they all proper dressed, well behaved, sitting still eating their organic vegetables. My kids are mostly covered in either chocolate or something I don’t wanna know what it is but it looks like chocolate. They stay put at the table for 3 minutes, hating their veggies,  before they cause a mess as above. (Can you spot Beppe holding the toilet seat?)
Beppes latest idea of fun is taking of his pamper -wander about our home and marking his turf.
Just like a dog.

With Della though, everything is pretty normal.
A  monkey, a dog and a one legged man  – I guess I should grow a beard and then we have a circus.