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Don’t hold the kids back!


I think it’s really important to help kids become who they want to be instead of giving them option based on their gender. In interviews for the book coming out I have actually talked more about gender related stuff than how to make a room look pretty. This makes me very happy.

Like what happens when we keep on that marketing game we all learned that tells us about boys being strong, hard, and likes blue and girls are princesses who loves pink, are the ones full of emotions and doesn’t want to play ball, play with cars or make stuff? Why do we keep on doing it? It doesn’t help the boys and it doesn’t help the girls.
I am a strong believer that kids are kids who simply likes all kinds of stuff. Is there differences between boys and girls. Sure. But there are as many differences among girls and girls and boys and boys. There are simply differences & similarities between individuals and kids belong there, as individuals with all kinds of wants and needs.

For me it doesn’t end up in diminishing the differences – that boys and girls should be the same, it all sums up in just giving all kids and even grown ups a possibility to do whatever we want instead of being defined by our gender. To add stuff instead of take things away. Add possibilities. It’s ok to be a princess or a ninja turtle but maybe Michelangelo wants to wear a dress or the princess wants to paint the room with big white cars instead of horses?
Add things on – look at more possibilities instead of telling people – this is how you are because you’re a boy or a girl.

For the book I also had a long conversation with Fanny Ambjörnsson who is a social anthropologist and who wrote the book Rosa – den Farliga Färgen. (can be translated somehow as; Pink  – the dangerous color). She also pointed out that most of the times we make the girls change. Like the girlish interests are less worth since women has a lower status in the world and therefore it’s good to see what extra that we can add to the boys when they grow up instead of take away stuff for the girls or make the “girlish” interest less worth.

So it made me so happy when I heard about the Goldie Blocks toys. It was fun that they won a TVspot on the Super Bowl night  – it’s a cool ad and a good company. They make kind of innovation – building blocks that comes with a story.  (And what a great idea to do a competition about a 4 million worth of spot – thanks Brita for this tip!)

The woman who started Goldie Blocks – Debbie Sterling is mega cool. You just have to watch this Ted Talks with her as seen below. She tells her story on how she became a engineer and why/how she started the company. How she had to fight and everyone (old men in suits) said girls only play with pink, fluffy stuff but how she then did a fantastic Kickstarter campaign and got funded in like 3 days!
Girl power – I tell you!


This is the SuperBowl spot

All yay for a more equal society!


Rum För kidsen is out March 11

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I went to do my hair & came home with bathroom cabinet


Can you feel yourself being sound every time you meet a doctor even though you felt like dying moments before? Or the time between booking that hair appointment and actually going there – it’s like the hair gets from being on the edge of looking crazy to the worst thing you ever saw? Well that’s the way I am.
I also look in every Big bag or container that I cross. And on the way back from my hairdressers I found this old bathroom cabinet that I somebody tossed out on the street. Complete with glass shelves and all. I’m thinking it could be a cool storage for Della. Maye with a touch of new paint… dunno yet.



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Lazy Eye Hello


This is what the vibe looks like at my casa today.
Beppe fell from a thing at school so I brought him back home.
He seems fine. Just good to get some extra hours with him at home.
Always scary though.

Hope you have a good day- what are you all up to?




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Last couple of days

You know when you reach one goal, the book going to the printers and all suddenly I’m in this void. Floating around but kind of lost my direction. It will all come to a good place but right now I’m just hanging in there.

Today I was at Fotografiska for a meeting. Always loved this Ear Gollum vagina face that lays outside the museum.


Inside  – a new exhibition from Julia Fullerton Batten – looks great! And the colors on the walls. Wow


Saturday we went out to the Suburbs – to Högdalen to a cultural center called Cyklopen. They just build a new house. Very cool and strange, all in plastic around a kind of metallic cage. Together with many others we helped out with giving some clothes and food for immigrants who are here from mostly Romania and are living under terrible conditions.


I consider myself a dog person but Jenny’s cat put a spell on me. Maybe that’s the thing to find a cat who acts like a dog?


For two days now there has been sun in Stockholm. Amazing. We only had 17 hours of sun all of this year so it was well needed.


One of my take outs from a selfie session. I ended up in bath instead. Tomorrow – new color on my hair.


Last year I did a pottery class at this lovely place Manos. Then my hubby went there for a course. He made some great stuff. Just look at that stump! He wins the pottery hands of the family. Maybe now we can go all Ghost together.


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Life At Jenny´s House – introducing our cat Saba


We bought a cat. Her name is Saba (named after this ape) She is a 3 month old LaPerm. Therefor this “life-post” will be very cat-oriented.  Last night the TV was turned of (couldn’t find the remote control) so the kids played TV instead. Frank and I zapped through the channels and Viola acted out different shows.  Like “Say Yes To The Dress”.  And a show about a cat called Saba. A horror movie (we past this very quick- tooo scary) she also did the News channel or as Frank prefers to call it “The boring channel”.



1. Saba
2. Viola the news anchor
3. Frank´s stuff on our bear table
4. Saba sitting in my seat.
5. Finaly I have someone who share my interest for bird watching.
6. The TV frame is usually attached on a TV. This is how we made it.

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Our book Rum För Kidsen – Room for the kiddo’s

Rum För Kidsen – Ny bok! Kommer 11 mars from Dos Family on Vimeo.

We made a book!
Finally we can tell you more about it!
It’s a “know it all book” about kids rooms. Hopefully it will be a help for parents to help their kids! It’s in Swedish but we’re hoping that it will be translated & sold all over the world in the future (yeas we’re big dreamers and belivers)!

It’s called Rum För Kidsen – which you can translate as Room for the kiddo’s – more info in English after the jump!

Vi hoppas att boken kan fungera som en hjälp för föräldrar att hjälpa sina barn att fixa sina rum. Men också en bok där vi hoppas att vi står väldigt mycket på barnens sida, där deras önskemål att faktiskt få ha en del av hemmet att bestämma över och göra till sitt, faktiskt räknas. Vi hoppas också på att kanske släppa några av dessa krav. På att ha det så perfekt hemma – att inredning kan handla om lust och kreativitet i stället för att det bara ska vara fint eller få nått att öka i värde.
Basen är klassiska tips som vad som är bra att tänka på innan man börjar fixa, förvaring hur löser man det, belysning och färglära. Det är ganska allmänna tips som funkar även för ”vuxenrum” men sen går jag också in på varannan veckas boende, dela rum och genus. Det kommer också finnas en DIY del förutom den gör det själv och återvinnings-anda som genomsyrar hela boken. Vi har också en del med sju barn som vi kallar för insperados som får lite extra utrymme.

Rum För Kidsen kommer den 11 mars men går redan nu att förbeställa på Bokus” Där den kostar 189 kronor.

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7/52 Isabelle From DosFamily


This weeks Selfie.
My favorite thing. Eating sandwiches while watching great TV in bath!
What do you think of this seasons Girls?
I must admit I’ve been a bit disappointed – everyone just got completely nuts but it starting to turn around! I’m glad. Still love the show.

Every week of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Bag All

kids_06With the photos of Jennifer Jansch´s summerhouse in the last post I want to tell you a little bit more about her company Bag All.

When Jens and I went to New York back in 2011 we hooked up with Jennifer and she told us about this business idea she had.  In the US alone 4 million tons of wrapping paper gets thrown away every Christmas. That is crazy. Jennifer wanted to change that, her idea was to make reusable gift bags i fabric. Nice looking bags that you can use over and over again.
And she did.
Since last year her Bag All is up and running.  Like everything Jennifer sets her mind to this is a hit. She´s already been featured in magazines like Vanity Fair and Elle.  You can buy her bags online at and follow her life at her
blog and don´t miss her
instagram @bagall

So instead of wrapping gifts in paper  birthday presents can look like in the picture above.


Viola and I photographed some of the bags for Jennifer.  We filled them with potential gifts. Like a bow, a He-Man shirt and a camera purse.
There are different sizes of the bags. To fit both tiny and large gifts.

Bag-all is a unique eco-friendly idea aimed at reducing garbage by making cool, affordable and reusable fabric gift bags. Giving your gifts in fabric bags not only helps save the environment from the garbage that gift-wrapping generates, but is also a wonderfully stylish way to wrap your presents. A gift bag in cotton can be used hundreds of times, so you can pass it along over and over again or keep it in your family for a very long time.”



I would love this gift- a box of Oreo cookies and a DVD of TV carnage.


This is actually a real gift. I bought this little angry porcelain lady for a principal a know. Nicely wrapped in this tiny Bag All bag.


Happy Birthday!



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7/52 Jenny From DosFamily


This weeks Selfie.
Me and our new cat Saba.

Every week of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Reposting some Valentine stuff

Do you remember this cute Valentines card that my nephew Henry made his mom?
You can read more about it here!

And if you need something lovely to listen to check out my Valentine list on Spotify below, from last year.

There is always music on in our house. Always. And with today being Valentine´s Day I want o play you our favorite love songs, every single one of these makes me think of you Jens.
Click here to listen to DOSFAMILYLOVE on Spotify

Hold Me – Fleetwood Mac  If I´m having a bad day I ask Jens to play me something. This song is one of my best “pick me up” songs.
The Light Is On – Christopher Cross.
Rideaux Lunaires – Chilly Gonzales
Thirteen – Obadiah Parker This is a classic in our house. Usually with Big Star, but I like this version as well..

Peg – Steely Dan. By far the most played artist in our house is Donald Fagen and his Steely Dan. LOVE these guys.
No looking Back  - Michael Mcdonald – What can I say. My knees get week from his soft voice.
Cloudbusting – Kate Bush
Sure Know Something –  Kiss
Pull Up To The Bumper – Grace Jones This reminds me of when Jens and I were expecting Viola , we played a lot of video games back then and this track was featured in GTA Vice City. Great game, great song and one outrageous women!)
Hey Nineteen – Steely Dan
River - Joni Mitchell 
This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads
This Charming Man – The Smiths. When Jens and I first met this was our soundtrack. You could say The Smiths has built the foundation for our life together.

Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band
It Covers The Hillside – Midlake.

Edge of Seventeen – Steve Nicks
Holy Diver – DIO. Can Holy Diver really be a part of a Valentines list?  Yes. a) This is a song with lots of passion, and passion is perfect for Valentine´s and b) It is Jens favorite song of all time. It takes him back to the 80´s when he was in his boy room listening to Heavy Metal trying to figure out how to attach a saw blade to his clothes. Like this
One – Aimee Mann 


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Isabelle at Jenny´s house

isabelleochjennyToday Isabelle is here visiting me. We are making all the arrangements for our book launch.
We´ll tell you more on Monday.


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Dos Visit The Jansch´s summer house

Welcome to another Dos Visit. Click the images to view them in full size. And navigate the slideshow with the arrows.I´ve photographed the Jansch family and their different  homes for several magazines. This particular story is from their summerhouse “Ekbacken” outside Stockholm, Sweden. We did not have a lot of time that day. Jennifer and I worked fast getting all the photos we needed. It was a fun and hectic day!

Jennifer, stylist and owner of Bag All , has great taste and a very carefree way of decorating. The style of the house is simply impossible to copy. It has so much personality and Jennifer mixes design with Ikea and second hand in a very chic way.

Also I love how it all seams so effortless. Just look at the photos below, at Jennifer´s house even a pile of shoes looks fab.

The family of Jennifer, Micke, Celeste, Margo and Caprice currently lives in New York but they return to their summerhouse “Ekbacken” every summer. And this is what it looked like when I was there visiting them.

You can click the images to start a slide show with larger photos.

PS. all photos by me, Jenny Brandt. If you do share them make sure you link back!
PS2: Don´t miss Jennifer´s blog at

Enter the summerhouse of The Jansch family. I love this picture of Margo sitting on the steps. Welcome to another Dos Visit. Click the images to view them in full size. And navigate the slideshow with the arrows.

This is the kitchen. Jennifer brought these benches from her old apartment. They used to be in their old livingroom.This is the kitchen. Jennifer brought these benches from her old apartment. They used to be in their old living room.

Cottage dining roomCottage dining room

Margo kept me company that day. Margo kept me company that day.

Cappi swinging itCappi swinging it

Mother in LivingroomMother in Living room


Yellow clogs outside and Mexican hat insideYellow clogs outside and Mexican hat inside

Tiger on the floor and telephone call in the windowTiger on the floor and telephone call in the window

Bare foot on sun warm floorBare foot on sun warm floor

Room viewed from the outside and then on the inside.Room viewed from the outside and then on the inside.

Little red stugaLittle Red Stuga

I don´t know what I like best the freshly made bed with sheets that has hung outside or the view from the bedroom windowI don´t know what I like best the freshly made bed with sheets that has hung outside or the view from the bedroom window

A swing for 1, 2 and 3A swing for 1, 2 and 3

Pillow talkPillow talk

Sheets just hanging outSheets just hanging out

Thank you for having me over! Thank you for having me over!

Follow Jennifer´s blog at and visit  Bag All here!

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Tv with Jenny and Jens on Instagram



Jens and I just got back from a 30 hour long TV- marathon at a hotel room in Copenhagen.
The whole point of the trip was to start a joint Instagram account were we are going to share our favorite clips. @tv_with_jenny_and_jens

They idea came to us when we talked about Jens birthday coming up. The last thing we wanted was to have a party. Jens said “Wouldn’t it be great to just flip trough a bunch of great movie clip all day?”
“Yes! And then make an Instagram account so we can share them and talk about them?!”
It was decided. We booked a hotel in Copenhagen and made all the arrangements.

dosfamily-viewfromsasradisonWe just got back home and we are in great shape. It was a very good 30 hours at the SAS Radison Hotel. We watched TV until our eyes turned into squares. (that’s what my mom  used to say would happen to my eyes if I did not stop watching all that TV)
We ordered take out and ate in bed. The clips made us laugh , cry and scream in terror.


The account is up an running. Our plan is to post one clip every day for one year. Follow us if you like.
We really like the description of the account that one follower gave us today:

I have a feeling that this account is going to be very random and very amusing”

We hope we can live up to that description.

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6/52 Jenny From DosFamily


This weeks Selfie.
In Copenhagen this sunny Sunday with Jens.

Every week of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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6/52 Isabelle from dosfamily


Another week, another dollar. This is this weeks selfie.
RIP Mr Hoffman

Lots of love

Every week of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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10 years with my man


It’s a very good day today! My 5th wedding anniversary! Watch the video about how we met!
We got married on a misty and quite boring, (I mean weather-wise hehe), February day in 2009 on our courtyard in middle of town. Wedding officiant was Maria Arnholm who now is our Swedish minister of gender equality!

We moved all our furniture out in the hallway of the apartment building, put paper on the wooden floor and had a helluva party. In our bedroom we had karaoke and a huge sound system in Dellas room. Very nice. Since we had lack of space we thought it was like being in an airplane and served all food in small boxes.

If you wanna see more from the actual wedding go to
part 1 here
and part 2 right here.

Wedding invitation and this is how we met! from Dos Family on Vimeo.

As a wedding invitation we made this movie with the story of how me met. It’s in Swedish but you can get the feeling. I didn’t find the original version so it’s not that high quality. And it’s a bit simple straight up video but The essence is there – that meaning our love.
I’m glad we made it like this, in our PJ’s. Makes me smile every time.
We met when I made lamps for a shop his company was opening. But we actually played basket ball in the same club as kids. Here I thought I was gonna end up with someone from another part of the world and then I married a blond guy from my hometown! How Typical!

I always love hearing about how people met.
Please – I would love to hear about your stories? Of love, lost love or other crazy love stories!
If you wanna share that is!

Big kisses

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3 people on my mind and on my TV



I watch a lot of TV.
Today I´m going to watch 3 things. Robocop, The bad Seed and Sami Brady.

People ask me “How do you find the time to watch all that TV?” Well first of all: I never go shopping. That´s a big time consumer I´ve noticed. I don´t go out for drinks. I don´t read. Books are for kids. No just kidding – hold your horses people- it was a joke. I do read: Subtitles.

Also working from home has a lot of perks. Like I don´t have to go out to lunch. Instead Jens and I take our lunch in front of the tube. “Honey- let´s do lunch with Russ Meyer today?”
No I can´t eat while watching all that nudity.” Jens replies. “Let´s watch Trekkies  instead”. (remember when we met some SCI Fi fans?)

Today I´ve promised myself to watch these 3 gems.

Robocop- 1987.
This modern Frankenstein saga set in the future is one of the best movies ever made.
Not only does it have the no. 1 ingredient for a good story : revenge. It´s also has heartbreak caused by death, bravery and some nasty guys in suits who put profit before anything else.
Did I hear they are making a remake?, you ask.
- Nope! I´m just going to pretend that is not happening at all.
Save yourself the hassle of going to the theater to see the remake and dig out that old VHS-tape with Robocop in the basement instead.  And yes I believe movies are better watched at home anyway and whats up with all the freaking special effects of movies of today?!?!   YAWN!

The Bad Seed- With Rhoda Penmark
A great classic. I don´t want to give a way any spoilers but lets just say this movie gives the term “A wolf in sheep´s clothing” a whole new meaning. You can watch some here.

Sami Brady from Days Of Our Lifes
As you´ve probably already heard Alison Sweeney is leaving the soap. On the Ellen show she announced that after 21 years on DOOL she is moving on.
My love affair with DOOL started with her character  Sami and I sure will miss her.
Lucky for me Sweden is 4 years behind on the show. So I have 4 sweet long years left to say good bye to her.
Sami Brady got me hooked on the show with the way she stole her sisters boyfriend. The men of DOOL are usually really easy to get into bed but with this faithful hunk named Austin she had to get creative. Her elegant plot involved sexdrugs, fake maternity test, fake amnesia, a dying father and a whole lot of determination and an accomplice: Lucas, whom later turns out to be the real father to her baby. She almost made it to the alter. Here you can see it all falling apart for Sami.
And then ,this clip, Sami 15 years later. Same old story that I can´t seem to get tired off.

This text about Sami is from an old post about me shopping on Ebay. You can read more here!


 And here is the Robocop trailer. Welcome to the future. The future of the 80´s

PS: I heart TV- Buy our print here!

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I am Krusty. I am Violet. I am George. I am Jenny

dosfamily-itsmeitsmeitsmeitsmeDo you know what Violet Crawley and Krusty the Clown and George Costanza have in common?
I´ve been working me way through the “which character are you” test of Downton Abbey, The Simpsons and Seinfeld and this is the result.

PS:It´s funny cause I´ve always thought Marge sister Patty and Selma reminds me more of Violet of Downton Abbey. But I guess my dislike of cigarettes ruled them out in my test.

Even though there is no one like George I still think Krusty and George do have a lot in common: Hair and body first and they are both neurotic and self-loathing. Also if the Krusty´s mother ever would appear on the Simpsons they should ask Mrs Costanza to do her voice. What a match!


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5/52 Isabelle from dosfamily


To much excitement this week landed me in my bed with the flu selfie.

Every week of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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5/52 Jenny From Dosfamily


High Five!
My fifth Selfie this year.

Every week of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.


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Cat in my garden tries to eat my birds


The kids and I watched this happen outside  our window for hours yesterday.
She kept at it all day but did not snatch any bird.

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A day in Borås








I’m in Borås – the capital of Swedens textile industry, working for two days.

Starting off at Wall Vision since I’m working with Mr Perswall. We are doing so much fun stuff – in April you’ll be able to see it all.
The first photo’s are from the factory  – do you remember the last time I was here?
This is also where thay make all of Cole & Sons wallpapers.

We had lunch at stylish The Company right in a remodeled textile factory. I like all the patterns, the huge folded metal lamps, the extra seating hung on the walls & the end grain flooring! Well the food was also good.




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Life At Jenny´s House


As I already told you Isabelle and I met in Stockholm for a book meeting yesterday. I was supposed to stay in town for a shoot today but it got cancelled.  Instead I hopped on a flight home yesterday.
Today is such a good day to be inside. The traffic is terrible from all the wind and snow. The kids will be picked up early and besides that trip the only one I´ll be making is picking up more bird food.


1. My working from home uniform.
2. Rhett Buttler on my desk.
3. Bird outside my window.
4. Boy with snake on my table.

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Jenny and Isabelle from DosFamily making a book


You who follow us on Instagram already know this but Isabelle and I are making a book. We will tell you more about it soon.Yesterday we met with the publisher in Stockholm and it´s all very exciting.

Find us on Instagram:

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