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I´ve photographed so many fun homes


Just look at all these cool people I´ve met and photographed. I need to get my sh#t together and start posting all my interior work I have on the computer as Home Tours here on the Dosfamily.  There are at least 30 homes that I´ve photographed for various magazines. The one above was featured in the Australian mag Real Living. The home of artist Kollijox in Varberg, Sweden.Jennyfromdosfamily-JBRnisch01

This is instagrammer Nischnisch´s family at their fun home in Höganäs, Sweden,.jennyfromdosfamily-Brandtpearottosson47

These are Pär Ottosson`s kids in Malmö, Sweden for my Danish Agent Linnea Press.jennyfromdosfamily-brandtlauritz01

I photographed the owners of Lauritz, in Klampenborg Denmark for Svenska Dagbladet.


See all me Home Tours here!

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My mother Doris made Frank a jetpack


This is a repost from my instagram @jennyfromdosfamily , sorry but it´s just too cute I need to post it here aswell.
My mother Doris made a jet-pack for Frank this weekend. She macgyvered two Coke bottles and an old backpack into this awesome looking thing. Frank took it with him to daycare the next day.


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Frank Viola is a baseball player, apparently


Our kids are named Viola and Frank.
When we visit Nebraska people often ask us: “So I take it you´re big baseball fans?” Apparently there is a starting pitcher by the name Frank Viola. We respond that all we know about baseball is what we picked up watching Field of Dreams. (One of Jens favourite movies actually).


We are spending a great deal of time in the studio these days. I was going to work on the floors today but instead we´ve just hung out. dosfamily-viola-violethair

Viola has been helping Frank with his Buzz Lightyear costume (he wants it to look like the costume that Andy makes in the first Toy Story movie)


Want more stuff to read? Here are some random post by me:
Some of my best EBAY finds.
Here are all my posts from when we visit Nebraska.
And a conversation with Viola 4 years ago.

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Isabelle´s new TV show is finally here

It is finally here!
Isabelle´s TV show about her new apartment in Stockholm. As you already know I´m crazy about Isabelle and the show is as you can imagine – very inspiring and fun and entertaining.
And I love that her dad Kenta is helping out with her projects.

Get all the episodes on youtube and read more about it on Isabelle´s blog.

(It´s in Swedish but there is so much inspiration in them I think you´ll enjoy them anyway)



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Weekend project


This weekend I´ve promised Frank to build him a Buzz Lightyear costume.
I´m also going to watch the last couple of episodes of Game of Thrones season 4 so I can start with the new season. I hate watching this show but I can´t stop. It turns me into an emotional wreck. All the people I love gets not only killed but brutally killed. and even though Jens does not care for the show I can´t stop talking about it with him. Jens does not watch anything where the actors need extravagant costumes, like Star Wars, Game of Thrones or any drama that takes place before the 1940´s. And absolutly no movies about kings, queens or battles. It makes him yawn just thinking about it. I try to convince him to watch Game of Thrones with me by telling him: “But Jens the are naked alot!” He does not care.

Anyway… I´m also going to wax the studio floor. I hope it will turn out nice and unsaturated.

That´s it.
Have a nice weekend.

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How to keep your focus and stay motivated- while working from home


I get this question a lot:
“Jenny you work from home and seem to be obessed with TV, how do you stay focused on work and stop yourself from watching 10 episodes of something?”

This is the hardest part about working from home. Getting yourself motivated and staying there.  I´ll tell you it ain´t easy.
I´ve read everything google has to offer on this subject. I´ve pulled my hair in frustration trying to overcome all the temptaions in my house (snacks, Jens, TV). Never have I found a plan that I can stick to.
Until now. Two simple rules that actually do help me. If I don´t follow these two steps you´ll find me covered in cookie crumbs on the couch watching some random polygamist show on TLC.



Two small steps- so simple yet genius:

1. Put your big girl bra on!
If I´m not wearing a brassiere, I might as well go back to bed. Nothing has a more lazyfying effect on me. It makes me speak and move slower. Hours will pass of me doing nothing if I don´t have the proper support.

If I´m lucky I´ll snap out of it long enough to convince myself to go search for a bra, but if I´m not so lucky you´ll find me staring into the fridge for hours, mumbling to myself “How can there be nothing to snack on?!”.
I wont get anything done, so this is a task I need to do before my first cup of coffee.



2. Wear shoes!
Here in Sweden people usually don´t wear shoes indoors, but I love to. Even though I don´t have to leave my house in the morning I always put my shoes on after I´ve had my first cup of coffee. It motivates me and makes me feel like a grown up.

A bonus is that I don´t feel comfortable putting my shoes up on the couch so this will prevent me from ending up there.
So lace em up and tie a pretty little bow and get to work.


Now all I can say is Good Luck!
I hope this will help you.



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Life At Jenny´s House


Snap, Crackle and Pop. I´ve loved these guys long before I had ever eaten their cereal. We had the British Tv Channel Sky One when I was a kid and got all kinds of commercials for things we did not know excisted.  Jens bought me these in San Francisco. 8B7B5696
Viola in the studio.


This week we´re building some sort of stairs here to connect our house to the studio. I´m thinking that the steps will consist of boxes in different sizes. Hopefully we can build it from some leftover building material and old furniture that we are no longer using. Same concept as I had for this staircase- leading up to Frank´s net.  (those are Ikea Malm drawers and kitchen cabinets stolen saved from the local junkyard)


Viola and her friend Clara have been hanging out here, making short films on their devices. The majority of the videos are about their favourite subject at the moment: poop and the rest are some sort of documentary-styled-horror flicks. There is one where the two of them are hiding under Viola´s bed. They talk into Viola´s  phone camera, telling the viewers (while chewing gum) “when you find this we are probably dead, someone broke in and we are hiding under the bed” After that there is a knock on the door.
Viola and Clara act horrified (still chewing gum and simultaneously playing Cow Evolution on Clara´s device)
The person knocking (ME) says “Hey kids whats going on? Why is there a damn wardrobe infront of the door? open up!”
Viola and Clara quickly end the film by shouting “Thank God it´s you mom, we are going to live after all!”


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We can sneak out on the rooftop of our studio and watch the sunset


Our studio is a very nice addition to our house in many ways. Not only for the obvious reason -that we now have more space for our work, but also because it has given us the perfect spot for watching the sunset.
We can access the rooftop through Frank´s bedroom window.


This is so nice. All I´m missing is a mini fridge for beverages and some music. Jens has bought so many old speakers lately I´m sure he can make that happen for me.


Look at all those bird nests.8B7B5039

See you later alligator

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Modeling for our own work


Jens and I will spend the weekend photographing, drawing and filming. In the picture above, from yesterday, we are posing for some new illustration that Jens is working on.

When Jens and I are in our 70´s we should do an exhibition with all the pictures with us posing for our work. See some of them here in this old post. BONUS: Viola is super tiny.


Have a nice weekend!

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After spring comes summer

#tbt summertime!

Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign)

Today the weather is so amazing. In just a few months we will sitt outside on our porch, just like in the video above from last summer.

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Viola is Justin Bieber


I am Justin Bieber.
Viola went to a birthday party with a Red Carpet-theme. She looked through her wordrobe and decided that Justin Bieber would be a fairly easy transformation.
With a little hair gele, some tattoos by Jens and some Bieber-attitude she was all set.



Her aunt and grandmother came over just as she was leaving for the party and everyone felt the need to Instagram this little Bieber.


Jens did a great job with the tattoo, as usual. Remeber when Viola was a sailor? 8B7B4437

These kind of projects are the best. It´s always very last minute at our house and we all chip in to make it work. The process of taking what ever we have and turning it into something without spending any money is very satisfying. Viola has proven to be very resourceful and has a flexible and playfull mind. She´s not even a Beliber, in fact it´s very popular right now to not like Bieber at her school (haters gonna hate, right?). But that kind of mindset only spurs her along.

Cool beans!



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Recovering from a blog break up


Today I´m taking pictures of myself.
Since Isabelle and I have broken up I need to change the dosfamily´s  profile picture, above. This feels a bit sad. A little bit like taking down a wedding photo.

But even though Isabelle and I miss each other we both agree that this change is like a breath of fresh air.
Isabelle is up and blogging on her new cool site over at

And I´m brewing up some new post for you here on Dosfamily, this blog that I now can call my own. I hope you´ve noticed how manic I´ve been the last week ? Posting like there is no tomorrow.

So stay tuned

PS: I know many of you have been asking about my Dos Visits post, and I´m currently working on motivating myself to get them going again. So keep your fingers crossed for that to happen.




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Violet and Maroon


Viola´s hair is back to violet.8B7B4881

This is my maroon sofa


I´ve decided to sell my lovely violet dining room table. To be able to access our new studio we´ve made a big hole in this wall. Japan and Australia are gone and most parts of Russia.  And the room wont fit this big table anymore. I bought it second hand and had my father paint it for me in his shop. See more from my home here!


I bought this maroon band jacket at a store in Copenhagen that sell American vintage. Clara helped me model it, she´s the only one I know who plays a saxophone and if she had been an American student she would probably have had a uniform like this for her marching band shows. Maroon does fit her so perfectly.



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A peak into Frank´s room – that used to belong to Viola


Frank just moved into Viola´s old room. She wanted “something more basic” and convinced us that Frank would be better off in her room, that´s bigger and has a built in bed and a hanging net. “I´ve grown out of it” she says and reminds me that she´not been up in the net since Christmas. (This was later proven when I went up there and found some very scary food leftovers).

So we did it, we let Viola move into Frank´s tiny and all-white room and Frank happily moved into hers. It only took us a day or two to get them both settled. The best thing about this is that we did a lot of sorting in the process and got rid of a lot of stuff.  Which is always nice.

Frank´s friend Nelly has been here today, she is also very pleased with this switch, she has always loved Viola´s room and now they get to play in it without getting thrown out.

dosfamily-franksroom3 (2)

In the meentime Viola´s new room looks like this.








PS. The DosFamily book “Rum För Kidsen”  about kids rooms that Isabelle and I made are now on sale here! Only for Swedish shipping though.

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Swords from scrap wood


With all the construction that has taken place at our house lately we´ve been left with a lot of scrap wood. Perfect for small project with the kids. I made a bunch of swords with Frank and his friend Nelly today.


Most of the leftover wood gets burnt in our fireplace, and even though it burns quick it will take forever before it´s all gone.


Here is the reason for all the leftover wood. Making the floor look like this takes a lot of clipping and re-clipping.


Frank wanted a nice soft handle so we started taping and ended up covering the whole thing.     dosfamily-shinysword

The tape reflected the sun so magaically. The kids pretended they were knights that fought side by side with transformers.




Jens got involved and painted some of the swords with sharpie oens.


During this event Nelly´s Frost dolls sang “Let it go” over and over again to us. Amazed by those batteries, they seem to never ever run out.




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Me today


Trying to pull myself togehter for this weekend.



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Eggs and swords


Today you´ll find me building swords for my kids (from all the leftover wood in our studio) and Jens will draw on eggs, like this.



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Life At Jenny´s House


I found this yummy french fries shirt for Viola with Isabelle in Copenhagen. Read more about our trip there on Isabelle´s new blog!

Bought some flowers today.

A window in our studio


A soon-to-be-drink. 8B7B4578

Jens moved out the most important piece to our studio today- the music!

Read more about pur studio here

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One Great Blog is Turning into Two awesome blogs


Yes it’s true, dosfamily is changing.

Right now we’re both in Denmark. Doing some shopping and taking long walks in Copenhagen, but mostly hanging out in the lounge of the hotel with our computers, eating burgers and planning our future.

We´ve decided to shake things up a bit.
Isabelle is starting a new blog over at and Jenny will keep things going here, at dosfamily. It will be pretty much the same – just more of us. And it’s very much a conscious uncoupling!

We love each other deeply and will continue to work together, however, we are in the mood for a change.

Isabelles new blog is mainly in Swedish but there is an excellent translation button under each post and she is going to translate the posts from now on! Hope you all gonna enjoy the changes.
So follow Isabelle right here: And don´t miss her new TV-show called Isabelle Flyttar #isabelleflyttar

Big kisses!

Isabelle & Jenny


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Red Beet Juice


I got a juice processer for my birthday (Dec. 29th) and I swear to God I´ve used it every day since. The trick is to always have good stuff at home, so I always stock up on some or all of these items:  carrots, cucumber, apple, red beeets, parsnip, celery, lemons and ginger. A good thing about these ingredients are that they´ll keep for a long time in the fridge if you don´t end up using them right away.

I have such a sweet tooth and roam the house for leftover sweets or snacks several times a day. But this usually helps me.
It´s delicious and makes a very pretty mess in the kitchen.

My favourite is parsnip+red beet+lemon+ginger, while the kids prefer apple+ginger.

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Action Bronson


I need to show you rapper “Action Bronson´s”  fun and stimulating videos, incase anyone has missed them. If you have the slightest interest in larger-than life personalities, unpredictable pop culture, Eddie Murphy´s “Coming to America”, or Lady Gaga-like attitudes I´m sure this guy will entertain you. He is already an established rapper and I know I´m very late- finding out about him. But now that I do know I can’t keep quiet. I have to show my appreciations for the way he chooses to do his thing by sharing his music with you life style-blog-readers.

His album “Mr Wonderful” was just released and I´m hoping that every track will get it´s own video. Fingers crossed.

Drive the Harley into the sunset…
Action Bronson´s  Easy Rider.


Some green screen magic in
Action Bronson´s  Actin Crazy.


If you know this costume- you´ll like this video.
Action Bronson´s Baby Blue



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Life At Jenny´s House


We love our cat Saba so much, we cuddle and sweet talk her. We look at her with loving eyes as we give her food and pamper her with soft pillows in the windowsill when she wants to spy on birds in our yard. We even light our fireplace in the morning cause we know she likes to lay infront of it bathing in the light of the flames.

And this is how she looks back at us. With a blank stare.


We´ve been taking lots of long walks lately. dosfamily-redbeatjuice

Getting this kid to eat vegetables has become an easy task since I got a juice processer. Here he´s had some red beat and ginger juice.


Sad to see this fox in a ditch outside our village. So pretty.

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Illustration by Anna Ileby


Swedish illustrator Anna Ileby did this portrait of Viola and Saba. So cute.
Looking at this picture I realize that Viola´s hair color has faded quite a lot since then and we should re-color it.  She´s tried both pink and blue before and next time I think she wants it red.dosfamily-illustratedViola

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The Solar Eclipse at Jenny´s house and a story about an aurora in the 1980´s and a very enthusiastic father


This is what the solar eclipse looked like at our house today.  So very cool.
Both my parents are huge fans of stuff like this and it has rubbed off on me and today I looked at it through a blackend glass.
After roaming though my house in the search for a pieces of glass I finally remembered the glass shelf in my fridge.  It  worked great. I burnt it on a candle til the soot had turned it partly black. Then I could see the solar eclipse niceley and even get a picture of it.

Below you see something else: my parents in their garden, my favourit picture. I took this at the last Solar Eclpise,  we were messing around with different mask to see what gave the best view of the eclipse. I asked them to look at me and they gave me this pose as I took the picture. I love them.

Events like these are so nostalgic to me,  when I was a kid my dad would drag us out of the house at night to watch particularly bright stars or rare constallations. He had his own body paint shop and used to work late in his garage, listening to the radio, smoking and looking at stars. If he saw something out of the ordinary he called us too come look. He did not even care if we were in the middle of an episode of Dallas, we had to come out and look.

Once, when I was around 10 yrs old and my sister was 5 yr,  he stormed into the livingroom urging us: “Come quick! There is an aurora” This is extremly rare in our part of Sweden, and I have not seen one since. Anyway we all stumbled out in the dark and followed dad to a field with tall grass behind our garage. We were all mesmerized by the beautiful light in the sky. I heard dad say someting to mom about “I think this is what music looks like..” then BAAM – I fell down screaming. I had walked right into a sharp piece of tractor equipment and even though I could not see it I could feel the blood pouring down my leg.

I still have a big ugly scar to prove it. It probably should have been stitched up but since my mom is really hard core she does not belive in going to the hospital unless you really, really have to.
Plus didn´t I mention that Dallas was on?



This is how I filtered the glass.


It was quite cloudy but I could still see the sun.




PS: Remeber the Solar Eclips in Stephen King´s Dolores Claiborne story? Revenge is sweet.


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