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Exhibition with Isabelles stuff in the black box


This month I’ve got the opportunity to show the stuff I’ve made this year at Hotel Scandic Malmen in central Stockholm.  It’s fun to see all the things together. Here I go around not really seeing the obvious a red tread in what I do but apparently they all mix and match.


The Black box or Svarta lådan in Swedish is a great concept by  Mr trend-forecaster himself - Stefan Nilsson and his Designgalleriet. Showing young (thanks for being among there) designers and their work. The window is at one of the busiest corners in Stockholm and I’m told 200 000 persons passes here every week.


I also put myself as a pillow in the window.. and the bed textiles I made for Ellos.


Yeah you know it by now. Minimalistic is not my thing. I made large pin wheels with my wallpapers for MrPerswall.


Also September 14th it’s election time in Sweden and I had to do something. So this rabbit is telling people to vote – It’s scary how many people just don’t give a crap. Democracy being such a fantastic thing to be part of and be proud of. I wanted to put Jenny in the window with her laser anti Nazi eyes. I do hope people will vote with love instead of anger, hate or fear.
Three good things in Swedish to read:
1. Invandrare etalar mer till samhället än de får tillbaka
2. Nej, tiggarna styrs inte av kriminella ligor
3. Hannapees fantastiska inlägg om medmänsklighet och fattigdom.


Got the thumbs up from my daughter. – Thanks luv!


Robusto the wallpaper had to be part of the exhibition as well.

Check out this window until end of September 2014.
Scandic Malmen
Götgatan 49-51
Subway stop Medborgarplatsen just by the entrance at Götgatan/Folkungagatan.


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35/52 Isabelle from Dosfamily


I’m home in bed with the fever (look rosy cheeks, watery eyes, swallowed an apple whole  – smile) reading Donna Tartts The Goldfinch. I’m half way trough and I love being in that written world when everything fades away. So far I really like it but I can’t pinpoint why. It is a brick of a book but reads like slicing butter and what’s gonna happen with this boy? Have you read it – do you like it?  This is interesting read about the book in Vanity Fair.

Also I got new glasses – hot red ones. They kind of look just the same as the ones I had before but more shiny. Typical isn’t it. These ones are from Favoptic.

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One portrait of Jenny.
One portrait of Isabelle.

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35/52 Selfie Jenny From DosFamily


Hello Sunday and Selfie no.35
This is what happens if you sit still long enough at our house.


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One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Jenny, have you watched this yet?

Apparently the girls of Friends reunited yesterday! at Jimmy Kimmel.
It’s kind of killing me that I was a Ross fan at the time. I would so pick Chandler now.
Also can we talk about Jennifer Anistons Beau Justin Theroux that’s doing a helluva good job in The Leftovers! Have you seen it? I’m confused. It’s crazy good and super annoying at the same time. What do you make out of it?


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Paris with Della & Isabelle part3

I’m still enjoying the feeling of PAris even though it was a week ago. Such a photogenic city. And yet again I want to emphasize what a great thing to do – travel with one kid and get that extra time together! I feel so unbelievable happy, blessed and smart about this!


Cute place in Marais! We didn’t eat here but I can truly recommend two other places in Marais.
1. The market – Marché Des Enfants Rouges 39 Rue de Bretagne
- It’s a small market, apperently the oldest covered market in PAris- from the 1600! There you find different food stalls . like 10 restaurants in one all with their own kind of vibe but still together. It’s rather cheap comparing to much else and you can find bio-, vegetarian- and maroccain food among other things. I always go here.

2. Cafe Charlot – 38 Rue De Bretagne is just a cross the street from the old market and is a typical Bistro. You can eat all day here – from breakfast to dinner or just go for drinks or a coffee. Also great place for people-watching.

3. Rose Bakery – 30 Rue De rue Debeylleme is also just around the corner from the other two restaurants above and everyone I met talks about this place. I didn’t go since it was closed for holidays.


Mirrors in the street -yes we like!  – What’s up with 8-year olds and mirrors? Grand addiction at the moment.


Another stop was Deyrolle, 46 Rue du Bac  in Saint Germain. They have been dealing with stuffed animals since 1831! This shops was one of the craziest and most wonderful I’ve ever seen. You can buy anything from small dried flies on a pin for 3 Euros to a Zebra head or a Bear from Nepal! So crazy and Indiana Jonesesque in  a way.


I took this photos in secret (I’m sorry!) since no photos was allowed but I just couldn’t help myself. I could’ve taken images from everything in that store. Amazing. Like this room with zebras and lions laying with lambs. Get out of here!


The also had a great collection of books and gardening stuff. And they said that all the animals nowadays comes from animals in captivity, from zoo’s and stuff. So they know the history. There was also a large cow or buffalo (don’t remember) that had a build in aquarium with butterflies on pins. Did I say bananas?



When in Saint Germain I also like to stroll past Le Bon Marché and have a look. Just for the grandeur & the trends. I watched the movie The grand Budapest yesterday – reminds me of this store in a way. And yes, that movie is fantastic. fun and not a single boring frame but yet again where are all the women??? How can you make a movie in 2014 with like 5 % women in it. Shame on you Wes Anderson!


Why oh why don’t we build stuff and stores, and houses like this anymore?


Also took a peak at the Conran shop. I love how this house is painted in Neon! And that the house had a door but was open.


Random shops in the streets get interesting when you are traveling!
I wanted to go to the kids store Serendipity not far from Le Bon Marché but it was also closed for the holidays. What A pity.


Instead of shopping we went to the park – Jardin de Luxembourg. For a Swede I feel there almost isn’t anything so exotic as palm trees! and then in a park in Paris – my mind started flying of again.


They also have a wonderful playground in the park. Like this one swing that was built for going around – like a swinging mini mini mini rollercoaster. I also went – it was fun!


And the leaves of the trees hanging as a roof. What kind of trees are those? With light leaves and bark that looks like a classic camouflage pattern? do you know? Abroad trees I call them.


I feel like that kind of aunt that comes home from travels and have to show all those never ending kind of boring vacation images. That’s what I’m doing to you right now. But I just can’t help myself.


More PAris posts.

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Isabellestipendiet – The Isabelle Scholarship


For the fourth year I’m doing the Isabelle scholarship to boost Swedish handywomen.  Since it’s only here in Sweden I’ll continue this post in Swedish!

Idag startar ansökningsperioden till Isabellestipendiet 2014.
Med stipendiet vill vi uppmuntra fler kvinnor att utbilda sig till hantverkare och lyfta de som redan är yrkesverksamma. Eftersom byggbranschen är starkt mansdominerad tror vi att kvinnliga förebilder kan leda till en mer jämlik bransch, som i sin tur höjer kompetensen och gynnar arbetsklimatet. Målet med stipendiet är också att medverka till diskussion om hur vi i framtiden vill att byggbranschen skulle kunna se ut.
Stipendiaten får äran, 20 000 kronor samt presentkort och priset delas ut på Hem& Villa mässan den 2 oktober 2014.
Tack till våra sponsorer ExpanderaMera, Hus&Hem, Hem&Villa, Byggmax, Svensk Byggtjänst och Beckers!

Allt överskott går till Rättviseförmedlingen.
Ansök själv eller nominera någon du känner.
Det gör inget om du har sökt tidigare – bara gör det igen!

Gå in på vår nya sida för med info isabellestipendiet

Sprid gärna detta vidare!
Lycka till!


*cis = till exempel om en känner sig som en kille, är det enligt folkbokföring och myndighetsdokument och är född med en kropp som ser ut som en killes oftast förväntas göra. Ordet cis betyder ”på samma sida” på latin.

Ps, A special thanks to Jonk at Follow me Darling who built the new Isabellestipendiet for us!
He also helped us with dosfamily site & my portfolio!

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Boys and girls that rock our world

Some things are worth a repost.
I posted this picture on my Instagram (@jennyfromdosfamily) with this text:

“Patrick and Rob in the movie Youngblood. When I was about 9 yrs old and I watched this movie for the first time knew I was straight. When I ask people if they remember a moment in their life when they realized being gay or straight people often mention another movie with Patrick -”dirty dancing”. (This and more on today when I play “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”). And now I have to ask: what made you realize?”

You really should go to instagram and read all the comments I got. It´s like talking a trip down TV memory lane.
Patrick Swayze seem to have started lots of burning desires and also Atryu (never ending story) and Leroy (FAME).

Thank you for sharing.

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34/52 Selfie Jenny From DosFamily



When Viola and I were going to our weekly flea market at the town square (here in Ystad Sweden) only to realize that it was canceled because Swedish Nazis had been authorized to have a gathering there. That moment is my Selfie no. 34.


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One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.


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34/52 Isabelle from Dosfamily


In Paris we went to Versaille – there in the gardens we found an odd looking bird.

See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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How people used to answer their phones and me on the beach looking like my grandmother


Today I want to tell you about some moments of my life when I´ve used a phone. I promise it will be just as exciting as it sounds. (But the truth is that all this post is is a reason for me to show you this photo of me (and Jens) that my sister took.


The story starts in the middle of a phone call with mom.

Oh my gosh mom! did you see how much I looked like grandma yesterday at the beach?!”
“Oh yes I did and yes you looked exactly like her”

I really prefer to correspond with people via text or mail. For me it´s just easier. I like having plans made by text. Then I can always go back to see the “when, what, how” of things that have been planed.

My mother has a cell phone, it´s even a smart one. So we have all sorts of options for communications nowadays. But mom is probably the only one I still call to talk to.

This is how she answers their phone:
“Brandt” (with a distinct rolling Rrr, her dialect does that to her way of speaking)
She never says the classic “Hello” or the popular first name pick up, in her case:  “Doris”. She always answers with our family name. “Brandt”. Living at home we all did.

Lots of my childhood friends answered their phones with their actual phone number, like this:
“33038” (a friend of mine 3 houses down on my street)
I tried incorporating this into our family routine. “33091” But it did not stick.
The few times I tried it out when our phone rang people thought they had dialed the wrong number.
“Oh sorry, I thought this was the Brandt house” they hung up before I could tell them that it was.

Back then we used to fantasize about what phones would be like in the future (now). What if you could look at the person you were talking to? (we had seen something like that in Back to the future). For us this was an extra thrilling thought because both my older siblings had moved to Nebraska then and we missed them a lot. Little did we know that not only would there be Skype and Facetime but it would also be free. Wowzers. Mom used to talk so fast on the phone with Nebraska (Battle Creek) knowing the price per minute was sky high.

I love that mom has a smart phone, often I see things and think “Oh mom is gonna love this” -then take a picture and send it to her.

Apparently my sister feels the same way.
When I hooked up with her on the beach the other day she bursts out:

Jesus Jenny you look just like Valborg” (our grandmother on our moms side)
“I have to take a picture of you and show mom”.







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Tips when selling things second hand


With fall coming and so the feeling of change it’s a great thing to clean out the closet and sell some stuff that’s been laying there for waaay to long. We have a big storage space in the attic that I succeeded to give away and sell off  – about 2/3 of all the things up there! Feels great.

Also with all that information about how we’re tearing down the Earth, with the Overshoot Day and all that I posted about a couple of days ago going second hand with your stuff is truly the best. In stead of just buying new stuff – if we can reuse what we have or simply buy second hand we’re saving some of the earths resources. (For Swedish people download Blockets report about the environment here).

Since I buy most of my stuff second hand and I also spend way to long online browsing “finds” on dark nights… There are some things that I have been thinking about and I want to share them with you.

Second hand rules by Isabelle in Swenglish:

1. Check your spelling/kolla stavningen
Mostly in English I’ve learned that you write words apart. Like you don’t write bunkbed – it’s bunk bed. In Swedish you mostly do the opposite it’s not Vånings säng but våningssäng- In Sweden there are real drama if you do this grammar wrong!
It’s tricky I know but heey people  – try a spell check or google the word before posting an ad! This is also good if you want to buy stuff online because if you type bunk bed or bunkbed you mostly get completely different search results.

2. Better write too much than less – much is always more! / Mycket är alltid mer – skriv en målande beskrivning!
Stories goes around the block. I like to write why I’m selling my stuff and what great purpose it has been giving me in my life or that we don’t have pets at home or that the color in the photo is a bit stronger than in real or that you need two strong persons to carry the thing down my stairs when buying it or whatever useful or nice info it may be! Explain the the thing you are selling in many words and in an honest way. People doesn’t just want o buy stuff because they need it- you need to sell it to them!
3. Photos people – it’s all about the image! / En bild säger mer än 1000 ord ni vet!
I don’t need to explain this in our photomaniac time. Even if it’s the crappiest images ever taken it’s still better than posting an ad without one. And also be honest- take photo’s of the bad stuff as well – a tear in the sofas fabric or a crack on one of the chair’s legs. Here I always go for much is more again. I you want someone to get up from their sofa to buy yours – you need to present it good.

4. Size is everything! / Glöm inte måtten!
How much space will this lovely thing you’re selling take? How High, broad and deep is it? Can you also measure other things – like what’s the hight from the floor up to under the bed – is it high enough for extra storage? Or how much does the armrests go out from a chair? Or how big are the drawers in the cupboard? It amazes me every time people are putting up ads – like huge storage or tables without any measurements.

5. Shop around with the pricing. / Spana in konkurrensen!
Yes, your stuff may be worth much more  – but firstly check out the going rate for what you’re selling then compare their stuff to yours. Is it in better or worse condition? – then the pricing will be different. Do they live in town or far out in the suburbs? People tend to buy stuff a little more expensive when it’s sold in town since you don’t need to make the effort of going far or paying for gaz. Also even if a thing is worth alot – but it isn’t worth anything to you – sell it cheaper and just get rid of it. Or if you really have the time and space let the ad be up there for a longer time but with the risk that it will disappear among all the other ad’s. Swedish Blocket alone, have more than half a million ads every week! I tend to sell things cheap but still make a lot of money since it quick and many small things adds up! And also I love when someone buys stuff from me and it makes them happy with something that I don’t use or want anymore.
Also keep in mind that you have to make room for the wonderful art of bargaining when you set a price on something to sell!


Right now I’m selling this pair of red chairs on Blocket that I’m working with right now. I’ve used them for a job but unfortunately I don’t have any room for them.
If you’re interested check out my Blocket ad right here – 1000 kronor and they are yours!


Ps,  a litte #tbt
I also sold all my old vinyls – a 1 meter high pile  of records that I got 1000 kronor for (about 150 bucks). I know I have funky taste in music but that old records like that was worth anything – I didn’t know! Almost just threw them out.  Also stuck in between an old Prince cover the buyer found this portrait of 14 year old me!

Good luck with your second hand buying and selling!



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Frank´s playhouse By DosFamily


This is my son Frank and his playhouse. It is white on the outside and green and pink on the inside. It is usually really messy but I cleaned it out for him one day when his friend Nelly was going to come over. And it turned out so cute I just had to photograph it.


Every year it´s the same story:
As summer starts the kids totally ignore the playhouse. Mostly because winter has been cruel to it, things left in there has become damp and dirty (believe me – lots of things gets left in there). The spiders and wasps however love it and move in straight away. And once it´s full of cobweb and wasps nest the kids get even less excited about it.

When summer is close to an end I finally get around to cleaning it out. Making it enjoyable again.


And that was what happened this summer as well. I cleaned it out one day when Frank´s friend Nelly was visiting us. They are just too cute in this picture. (Usually they nag at each other like an old married couple)


On one side you can order burgers.


Frank and Nelly are ready to take you order.




When it comes to the decorating, this is what I did. I hired Viola and a friend of hers to paint the inside pink and green: (Körsbärsblom and Lindblomma från Beckers). I hauled out a lot of stuff: The kitchen sink and stove (from Brio). A carpet. (From Rusta). Happy meal toys and fleamarket finds to decorate the walls with. I even let two of my favorite ladies hang on the wall this year. Above.



The other side of the house has a black board and an old school desk. I did not have a stool that was the right height so I used a storage box- flipped on it´s side instead.


The bat -decoration is Isabelle´s design (from Ellos). The statue on the floor is from a fleamarket (bernardikonst)


Inside the desk: Blues Brothers and other great stuff!


The plates on the side are traditional Swedish Christmas plates. They are practically free at fleamarkets and look just as nice indoors as they do outdoors.

I also decorated some fencing poles with happy meal toys.( Just like I´ve done before but with birds. Remember?)dosfamily-brandtFranksplayhouse22


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Isabelle & Della doing Paris part2


The saga continues! Such a great idea to take one kid to do a getaway! We’re having fun & we’re having time in a way we would never have at home. For me is also such a treat to watch her grow by the minute. The feeling of doing a big kids trip. And a mother & daughter trip in Paris is giving us loads of attention in stores & on the streets. Which we both love!


I think I have to redecorate the kids room again. Yeah I know – for like the 6th time (yeah for real). But let’s get all the stuff out of there and put up heavy big dark curtains and soooft sheets. Then this kid will sleep like baby. And the staff at this hotel called Jules & Jim is fantastico. Emric at the front desk even got out to buy Della a special gift since he heard she’s here for her bday. Now shes over the moon. Thank you!


The second day we went shopping. Our mostly checked out the shops. The timing with middle of August isn’t that great with a lot of shops and resto’s closed for holidays. But the café at Merci always seems to be open. Love the classical ‘lots of lamps around a pipe’ hanging from the ceiling.


We’re also making a point of eating as much chocolate as possible. Skipping all things healthy in favor of rich butter and home made Nutella.


Paris is somehow so beautifully green. It’s like flowers have to pop up in between all this stone and fundamental city structure that I must say Paris somehow is known for.


First stop the infamous Merci that has opened since last time I was here. It’s a great concept store and the styling around the store is amazing but I wasn’t that impressed with their things. I didn’t get that wanting to buy stuff felling as much as I thought? Maybe it’s been to much hype for me.

DSC02956 DSC02962

If going to Merci it’s a must to stop next doors at Bonton. There they also have that photo cabin. I always wanted to have one at home. Magic. Great styling, colors and choice of small stuff. But after growing up in Sweden I still have problems paying €50 for a kids T-shirt that they’ll grow out of in 15 minutes. But thats me.


I think the time has come to get a neon sign. A photo booth and a neon sign – suddenly I become Tom Hanks in Big when he get his own apartment. Old dreams die hard…


Bonjour madame! Feels weird being called madame. My mom is a madame and that old lady on the street is another madame- me I’m just me! Cause I’m not a mademoiselle anymore… Confusing.


Colors to die for and Le gros manuel – cool book for kids.


Paris to me is also all these fantastic windows. They are old but also huge. And mostly looking out on something with very much character!


Aesop body milk testing – so smart to put them on the  streets – outside the shop.  Lately I’ve become addicted to scented luxury soap. Always thought it was so stupid but now I’ve fallen for it as well. Guess you can call me madame after all.


Centre Pompidou is always present. Another cool thing with this town – that the landmarks keep showing up when you least expect it!


Vive la France!


Before going here we watched Moulin Rouge (yeah hard to explain her occupation but great dancing) and Amelie From Montmartre (the kids thought she was very mean to the grocery store owner but the garden elf thing was great). At the end of the yesterday we went up the hill to Sacre Ceur and took all the history in. Love going down movie memory lane when traveling. Remember Jenny & Jens Tv tour in New York?


It’s also fun to watch all the tourist, pigeons and locals hanging out on the steps down from the basilique. I was hoping for this magic freestyle soccer player Iya Traore to be there for Della. And he didn’t let us down. Watch some clips from his site or even better go to sacre ceur and check him juggle the ball while climbing a lamppost and having the whole of Paris behind him.


Yes, yes I know you’re psyched to see more but we have to experience it first! Calmez – vous!

I’ll be back soon!



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Life At Jenny´s House and what we obsess about


Wassup rockers!
School starts this week and we are slowly (and unwillingly) trying to adapt to the changes. The weather has become drastically colder so we are back with being indoors and trying to find things to do with ourselves. dosfamily8B7B3163

Viola is constantly talking about Stromae. “Mom look at this video, you´ll love it!!“, “OMG he is so cool, here he is “half woman” Look mom, look! she screams and then complains:
Don´t you know any French at all mom?!” and
We need to go and buy some new ink for the printer we´re already out!”.


I´m excited about the writer Rainbow Rowell. (Isabelle thank you for introducing me to her book Fangirl). I just finished her book “Elenor and Park” and this fall I´m planing to read the rest of them. Her main characters are often awkward but always so easy to develop feelings for.  A bonus for me is that the books take place in Nebraska, so I know all the places they go to. I´ve driven down those streets, gone to the same movie theaters and experienced those brutally cold temperatures.  So my plan this fall is to lay on my couch, with a fire going in the fireplace and read a lot. When I need a break I´ll watch the latest season of Sister Wives. (Yes I´m obsessed with Kody and his wifes: Mari, Janelle, Christin and Robyn)


Bye Bye
Now I´ll go back to my usual “trying to hide from reality” state

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Earth Overshoot day


(World Biocapacity / World Ecological Footprint x 365 = Ecological Debt Day aka Earth Overshoot Day)
Today is the day, this year, that we according to the Global Footprint Network‘s calculations have been consuming more of the earths resources than the earth is able to recover.

So in 1986 we pretty much just used the earth in the same pace that the earth recovered. Looking at 2014 we pass the earth abilities already today. So we need three of planet earth to match our consumption. Scary isn’t it? So when we are continuing to consume after this Earth Overshoot day we are taking too much of the earths resources, the fish stock and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are going trough the roof.

One thing we can do to help the earth is to buy and sell more things second hand. That we really need to think about what we buy and how. Do we need all this stuff? And if we want to buy something can we buy it second hand instead?!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working with Blocket – they’re the Swedish edition of Craigslist. I really like the way they are doing business and trying to incorporate environmental thinking in the things they do from simple things like carbon offsets on all their employees travels to calculating and informing about what impact the second hand trade will make on the earth.

They are doing this campaign now around Earth overshoot day to inform everyone about their work and what it means to the earth when you buy second hand. Many people do not only sell stuff second hand because they need money they are also doing it because they feel it helps the environment.

Swedish trade with second hand saves about 1,6 ton GHG according to Blocket & the Swedish Environmental Institute (Svenska Miljöinstitutet). They have been doing calculations together. Just to make these numbers real if you save 1,6 ton GHG (växthusgaser)  that is the same amount of  GHG as if all trafic would be standing still in Stockholm for 1,5 years!

Read more about Earth overshoot day here.


In Swedish:
Den ekologiska skuldens dag

Idag är dagen som vi har förbrukat mer av jordens resurser än vad jorden förmår att återhämta sig av. Varje år räknar The Global Footprint network ut hur mycket resurser jorden har och hur mycket jorden klarar att återhämta sig. Just idag så har vi förbrukat det här årets totala kapacitet av återhämtning. Alltså fortsätter vi så här behöver vi alltså tre jordklot det här året för att klara av allt som vi gör med den. Vi snor jordens extra resurser, fiskebeståndet dalar och koldioxid lagras i atmosfären. Vi måste se över vad vi håller på med!

Den senaste tiden så har jag jobbat med Blocket. Jag gillar att de samtidigt som de såklart har ett företag att sköta ändå värnar om miljön och väljer att lägga tid och pengar på detta. Att handla second hand och sälja second hand ger effekt på miljön. Bara Blocket har runt 4 miljoner besökare varje vecka och det finns runt en halv miljon annonser på sajten att ta del av. Om Blocket väljer att informera om miljöaspekter och att köpa och sälja second hand faktiskt kan påverka så tycker jag det är toppen. Tänk vad en massa prylar 1,5 miljoner annonser faktiskt är och hur många människor de kan nå!

Tillsammans med Svenska Miljöinstitutet så har Blocket alltså tagit fram en rapport om hur handeln med second hand-varor påverkar miljön. De har kommit fram till att genom att handla second hand så spar man runt 1,6 ton växthusgas. Det är lika mycket som om all trafik i Stockholm skulle stå stilla i ungefär 1,5 år.

Här är några andra sådana uträkningar:
- Begagnathandeln med barnvagnar spar lika mycket som utsläppen från 830 villors årliga uppvärmning d.v.s ca 10800 ton växthusgaser.
- Begagnathandeln med cyklar sparar lika mycket som om trafiken i Stockholm stad stod stilla i tre dagar d.v.s ca 7900 ton växthusgaser.

-Begagnathandeln av möbler sparar lika mycket som koldioxidupptaget från 3 miljoner fullvuxna bokträd d.v.s 175300 ton växthusgaser.

En stor grej vi alltså kan göra är att helt enkelt tänka på hur vi konsumerar och att genom att köpa och sälja second hand så hjälper vi miljön!

Ladda ner Blockets miljörapport så kan du läsa mer genom att klicka på den här länken.

Och kolla in WWFs medelande här.


Blockets infofilm om miljön.

This post is a collaboration with Blocket.



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Mais oui – Isabelle & Della are in Paris!


Della my daughter turned 8 two weeks ago and she always dreamed about going to Paris and me always keen on some travel saw the opportunity and went straight to book a trip. I also believe 8 is a good number for doing a trip like this. We’re having so much fun!


It ‘s so nice having time, just the two of us. And I’m trying a strict no mobile rule. Damn those phones – they really want to get into our lives. The good thing though is less mobile = loads more photos with my good camera!


Street art pretty much everywhere. Think I need to start doing it in Stockholm – there are not enough back home! Gives a town character.


And also great doors, fences and balcony railings. Diversity is always a great key for succes.


This station was a bit as the Swedish kids tv show Labyrint!


But of course we had to do this. But Mona Lisa has to wait.


Pont des artes with all the love locks was cool. Not cool that the bridge is collapsing but such a strong love force!


Yes, there was also dogs in bags.


And the mighty tower of Eiffel. Up up up we went. A good idea is to buy the more expensive but very smart and handy skip the line tour tickets – for easy direct access and no lines to wait. My girl would have driven me mad waiting for a couple of hours to get up there.


At the top we almost fell off by the wind. Luckily there was fences everywhere. Still felt obsessions like I had when the kids where babies. That even though I was far from a window that I would somehow slip and the baby would fly in the air and 2 meters further -  out the window. Or when I stood in the kitchen cooking I obsessed about tripping with a huge knife in my hand and this knife would fly – high in the air and somehow end up in the baby…
It’s pretty common – having baby obsessions like this – right? Feeling a bit weird actually writing this…


Get out of here!! – That construction is wicked!


Guess it was “Cool girls on top of the Eiffel tower ‘ day today.


We took the elevator up and used our legs on the way down. Not as good for your bum but great for tired citytripping feet.


Bonjour mademoiselle


At first I didn’t notice I was walking on glass. Then I almost fainted. Not that afraid of heights but that glass thing got to me. Della started to jump up n’ down screaming -Look mom it’s super safe!! I promise.
Well, I’m not buying it.


This image reminds me of Robin Williams in Hook when he flies on his back <3


Jack-straws building de lux.


Work it Della!


Robocops IRL.


Had to get a jump in there as well!


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33/52 Isabelle from dosfamily


I wish I could say the same as Jenny about getting more involved with the selfies. In my case it’s not really the truth. But I embrace her fantastic ideas and show you my bloopers!

Also as this one.

See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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33/52 Selfie Jenny From DosFamily


Another week another portrait. As you’ve noticed Jens ( @breakfastdesign )  has been getting more and more involved in this 52-portraits-project, getting his hands dirty with make up, doodeling and beheading. 

We call this, no. 33, The Loop.

See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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At the flea today

I’m at the fleamarket. Everyone is setting up their stalls and it’s pretty crazy.I love the vibe. The feeling of bargains in the air. The wonder will I find something extraordinary?! I brought so many things to sell. Got a bit crazy at the end- just want to sell everything in my home. It feels good – to get rid of excess baggage. I want to get rid of ti all – so please come and get it. Bargain with me- we will have fun!

Strömgatan – mellan operan och vattnet i stockholm

11.00-18.00 Lördagen den 16 augusti.

Mitt tält är vid Karl XII torg – det står isabelles Verkstad.


This post is sponsored by Blocket since I work for them today but it’s my own words and feelings!

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Blocketloppis & Isabelles verkstad


Nu på lördag är det Blocketloppis på Strömgatan (i slutet av Kungsträdgården mellan Operan och vattnet) i Stockholm mellan 11-18.00. Det är i tält med tak över huvudet om det regnar och det händer en massa kul och kommer finnas finfina grejer att fynda! Jag har ett eget tält med Isabelles Verkstad – dit man kan komma och göra sina loppisfynd lite mer personliga och roliga. Jag kommer att ha med lim, servetter, tyg, papper, washitejp, tapeter, sprayfärg och andra balla prylar. Mitt tält kommer vara inrett med loppisfynd som man kan köpa och jag säljer ut en massa saker som jag har gjort under åren och mina kläder som jag inte använder och barnens gamla avlagda leksaker, kläder och prylar.
Komsi komsi!

Sorry for the Swedish my international friends! This Saturday I will have a pimp your second hand stuff workshop at a huge flea market that the Swedish version of Criaigslist which is called Blocket is organizing. I’m also selling lot’s of nice stuff from my home. Like clothes, chairs, bikes, kids stuff, books, toys and as below things I’ve done for different TV-shows and magazines


Den här Briospisen som jag har fixat till kommer jag att sälja för 75 pix! Tyvärr inte längre i lika fint skick som på bilden men ändå!


Och dessa pimpade julstakar kan bli dina för en hundring – de gjorde jag till Nyhetsmorgon.
Kom på lördag vettja – snart är det jul!


Julträdet  – adventspakets trädet gjorde jag också i Nyhetsmorgon och den säljer jag nog för 30 kronor om någon vill ha den. Dock utan paket.


Det mesta blir väldigt billigt! T-shirts för en tjuga och böcker lika så.


Mer info från Blocket:
“För tredje året i rad flyttar Blocket ut i den riktiga världen och anordnar Blocketloppis. Tidigare Blocketloppisar har varit fantastiskt kul och förra året kom mer än 30 000 besökare. I år äger Blocketloppisen rum på Strömgatan som ligger söder om Kungsträdgården i Stockholm mellan kl. 11-18. På Blocketloppis kommer man kunna fynda typiska loppisprylar som porslin och kläder men också möbler och fordon såsom bilar och skotrar. Läs mer om loppisen på

På loppisen så kommer även Amelia Widell, Koffertmannen, Flora Wiström, Emily Dahl, Sania Claus Demina och Jessica Silversaga sälja grejer.


Och ni med barn som gillar leksaker (dhöö) se hit lite extra!

Retoy kommer att finnas på plats med leksaksbyte. Låt barnen ta med leksaker de inte längre använder och byta mot en annan leksak.
Så här går det till:
1. Checka in leksaker du inte använder och få en stämpel för varje leksak du lämnar in
2. Lek dig fram till nya favoritleksaker
3. Visa upp stämpelkortet och checka ut leksakerna
Läs mer på

Hoppas vi ses på lördag!





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Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon


Do you remember the Kevin Bacon game?

That´s what we used to call it when I was a teen in the 90´s and back then I was really good at it. I could name actors left and right. I even knew small parts like the girl who drives the ferrari in National Lampoons (Christy Brinkley) and that DJ Tanners neighbor Kimmy Gibbler was played by Andrea Barber. But since then my brain has aged and decided that there is just not room for such info anymore. Nowadays I don´t even know the name of the guy that drives around in a car for a whole movie (IMDB: Ryan Gosling) or who´s the actress that the amazing Spider Man falls in love with. (IMDB: Emma Stone). (No not Kirsten Dunst, she was Spider Man´s girlfriend when Tobey Maguire was the boy behind the mask, there is a new Spider Man in town now with a new actor that I don´t know the name of)

Anyway I try to play this game as often as anyone is up for it, mainly because it gives me the perfect excuse to talk about my favorite subject: TV-stuff.

If you haven’t heard of it, this is how “6 degreen of Kevin Bacon” works you simply pick one actor/actress for your opponent and then he or she has to connect that person in as few steps possible with Kevin Bacon. Maximum of 6 steps. Since Kevin Bacon has stared in several movies there are often many ways to connect him with other people like this:
“Ryan Gossling” okay that would only be 1 step because they stared in “Crazy Stupid Love” together. That makes Ryan Gossling´s Bacon number:1.
Let´s try something harder like my favorite bad boy:


(6) “Christian Slater” I love this guy mostly because of his “Jack Nicholson -eyebrows” but also for his destructive love affairs on screen. As the one with Patricia Arquette in True Romance and the one in Heathers with the wicked Winona. Which brings me to the next connection:

(5) “Winona Ryder” I´m repeating myself here but I LOVE HER! (sorry, didn’t mean to scream). Via the movie Mermaids I can connect her to Cher.


(4) “Cher” Oh she is really something. Cher has played some great characters on the screen like “Rusty” in “Mask” and one of the witches of “Witches of Eastwick”  these movies may connect Cher quicker with Kevin Bacon, but instead I´ve decided to go via the music video with the duett “Dead Ringer For Love” so I get to talk about the oh so charming Meatloaf.


(3) “Meatloaf” I can´t stop looking at this guy. There is so much passion in his body language that he has me mesmerized. It reminds me of Jack Black´s Tenacious D performances and gives me the same buzz as when I watch Freddie Mercury start Radio GaGa at the LIVE AID. Congrats Meat Loaf for being so awesome! Meatloaf played “Tiny” in Wayne´s World which connects him to Rob Lowe.



(2)”Rob Lowe” played the douchebag in Waynes world where Meatloaf played “Tiny”.  But let´s talk about Rob´s earlier roles when he was nothing short from lovely. The movie Youngblood will always have a special place in my brain. Watching him and co star Patrick Swayze skating around (among other things) made me realize I was straight. (The movie “Dirty Dancing ” with the same lovely Patrick is often picked when I ask people about those kind of realizations).


Okay Jenny you are rambling… Back to the game: I´ll connect Rob Lowe to Elizabeth Perkins via the movie “About Last Night” (remember? she´s Demi´s girlfriend).


(1) Elizabeth Perkins is such a star. Great in BIG and also in the TV show Weeds. She stared with Mr Bacon himself in “He Said, She Said” which gives her the “Bacon number 1″

That´s it.

If you can connect any of these to Bacon in fewer steps do let me know.
Have fun



PS. Want to read more from this TV-disoriented brain of mine? Click below
3 people on my mind and on my TV

and here are a few of mine “watch TV with your kids”-posts:
Tom and Jerry


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On the road with us- 15 sec Video

I took the tribe up north (only northern Skåne) for some location scouting for a job I’m doing this fall. We hiked along the trails of Skåneleden, went swimming at Hovs Hallar , got chased by cows and took about one billion pictures. @breakfastdesign even did a little film about it.

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My kids collection for Ellos is out!


My collection for the Swedish giant Ellos is finally out! We have been working on it on & off for about a year. I’ve really been trying to picture what I think the kids will like. And so far the ones I met love it which makes me so happy! I just hope the parents will see it too – as you know grown ups have more of a problem with colors and craziness ‘Lemurs eating ice cream kind of things’.
The collection is mostly textile but also a lamp and storage.
And naturally it’s both for girls and boys  – it’s simply a collection for funky kids!


This storage is inspired of the train and airplane pockets. Great to put up next to a bed or up in a bunkbed since it doesn’t take up much space. It costs 149 kronor (about 18 Dollars) and you can find it here.


It can also be good in a hallway for caps and gloves and such. Or simply to organize all these different things kids use.



This bat- lamp can also be used as a messageboard. You can write on it with chalk or a white board pen! It cost 399 kronor.



The bats are also a garland (199 kronor). In a room I think it adds alot if you put something up – kind of high by the ceiling. It’s like the room gets more depth. The stripes are the pattern from the lemurs tails.


I think all kids somehow like animals and ice cream. But I was growing tired of tigers and Jenny had taken all these photos of Lemurs so she was kind enough to let me use them! For the colors I was thinking washed-out surf colors.

Extra pillowcase with a big lemur and ice cream


The idea with the all over print on every item is that you don’t need to make up the bed. It will still look nice. Also lot of people tend to have a spare mattress at home so the sheet with the elastic makes it look better. You can also use all of it behind the bed as a sort of sofa with the bed skirt as an extra point of this idea. The duvet cover comes with a pillowcase.


I also made some pillows. This x-mas I went to Mexico and got a lot inspiration from there with the wrestlers pillow. And one of the pillows is actually as a little box/doll house and has the Dosfamily mantra Embrace the nonsense at the back. The round smiley has a happy side and a angry/sad side. I’m hoping the kids can communicate with it or fight with it if they need. Also as you can see in the pic on top – it’s possible to paint the pillow or sew on some hair! They cost from 99-129 kronor.


I do hope you like it all!

It’s been fantastic working with such a great pro team at Ellos and I learned alot! Thank you Sofia, Ulrika & Jonas for making me feel so welcomed and putting so much faith in me! xxx


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Life At Jenny´s House


Today is the first Monday of August and many people around us are going back to work this week. This summer will go down in history as a good one. For years this is what we will compare other summers to. Sweeds (me being one of them) will go on and on about how warm the ocean was in the summer of 2014 and how sunny the sun was and how quick you had to eat the ice cream cause it melted sooooo fast.


We have still been facepainting and going about this summer. Here I´m getting ready for Selfie no. 31


Yesterday  I went swimming in the ocean twice and in the zoo´s pool once. I also went to such a great yoga class. We did “the eagle”, “the crow” and when we got to the “happy baby” pose I was dripping of sweat. (and yes the poses in class makes me think of this Waynes World clip)


Another cool thing that has happened is that the kids have become quite rich. Viola and Frank have started to print bills for their playhouse.


Frank- making some house improvement with his new drill (bought at a fleamarket last week)


Remember this picture? Here is what the mirror really looked like- with Jens in the reflection.

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