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This Is Art – new print in Jenny & Jens´ shop


We´ve added a new print in the shop. The photo “This is Art” comes in several colors.
Go see them all here!

And please follow our shop SammyRose on Facebook!



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Life at Jenny´s House



Viola and I watched Luc Besson´s “Leon” the other night. We cried and cried and cried.
“This is the best movie I´ve ever seen” she told me through the sobbing. When I was Viola´s age “Nikita” came out, also by Luc Besson.
Have you seen it? It is so violent and Nikita is so French and cool. When I think about that movie I remember two things: 1. Nikita  laughing while wearing such a cute top with strawberries on it. 2. When she throws herself down a ventilations system after an intense scene in a restaurant.

Here are a couple of things that I think Viola will remember about “Leon”. 1. That Mathilda smoked, even though she was so young. 2. Her choker. 3.The ending. At least those are the things she keeps talking about.

(Picture of the agate mineral above has nothing to do with the movie, it´s just one of the many things I have on my desk)


Many have asked for prints in the standard European size 50×70 cm, so I´ve added a section for them in the shop. Go Buy them there.


Viola drawing.

Jens and Axtone Records have been working together for 10 years. Hear him talk about their 10th anniversary in this short video.

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It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I don´t know what has gotten over me but I´m in the best Christmas mood this year. I´ve been playing Christmas Jazz on Spotify since October, bought all my gifts and watched the National Lampoons Christmas movie a few times already.

This weekend I even attended a Christmas crafting event at church. I managed to make the wreath-like decorations for our door to the studio, above.
Today I´m getting some more greens for the pots and then all I need is some snow.

You know what I´ve noticed. It works better for me to embrace Christmas in November, when it´s still far from the stress that December usually brings. In November it´s all just nice.

We usually take the easy way out and go to my sisters house in Nebraska. She is the queen of Christmas and my kids will always remember the fairy tale-like Christmas that she has created for us. However this year we´re staying home and it will be nice too.

Now Jens and I are headed out for some filming at the beach, the weather is freezing but pretty.

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Jenny & Jens´s prints for you to buy


I´m so happy to show you our shop that we´ve been updating this week.
Go to and check it out and please do order yourself an early Christmas gift. You´re worth it.

All orders will be printed on demand at a printer in Germany or California, US. What ever is closest to you.
You will get an order confimation with tracking no. and the print will be delivered to you in a few days.

More prints to come later this week. Let me know if you have any special requests.



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Ikea Cat

blogggge1 Today I´m taking our cat Saba to a Ikea photoshot. I hope she will cooperate.

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My Face delivered in a roll, by Mr Perswall


Holy Moley I look amazing as a wallpaper.
(So glad I asked Jens to remove all my nosehair before I sent it to the wallpaper printer)

Mr Perswall does costumized wallpaper and the delivery is superfast. I ordered this only a couple of days ago, and got it today. Perfect timing for a weekend project.
They also sell ready to order wallpaper designs like this romantic “Blossom” and I´m sure you remember the Isabelle McAllister collection.


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Life At Jenny´s House


Even though we don´t have any trees in our yard we have piles and piles of leaves. Why? you ask. Because the curch across from our house have plenty of Chestnut trees in it´s park. And when their leaves  fall they gravitate across the street into our yard.

This gives the kids something to do outside. After a lot of convincing (threats) they came with me outside to rake the leaves while I took some pictures.


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Korean Artist Lee Sol


Just in time for your coffee break here is a new Instagram account to brighten your day.
At @venusmansion you can see the wonderful work by Korean artist Lee Sol.

If you are into any of these things you´ll like it:
My Little Pony, Jeff Koons, Pink Flamingos or Coppola´s Marie Antoinette.

That´s it go follow.
venus2 venus4  venus14venus5

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When Viola was 6


Found this old photo of Viola in her grandmother´s old tutu. Too cute.
Today I´m hanging all the Christmas lights on my house. So I´ve got to go now. Bye

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Tattoo removal- early Christmas present for myself at A Bushel & a Peck


There are so many phenomenal, clever and creative tattos in the world. (Like Mirijams above)
But mine is not one of them.
I had a tattoo made when I was 17. It´s a lizzard on my foot. Not well made or anything. Just dull and it makes shopping for shoes such a drag.

For years I´ve been wanting to have it removed but I just never found a place I felt comfortable with. Untill now, when I´ve found Mirijam Geyerhofer. (Insert heart eye emoji)
I have been following Mirijam on Instagram for a long time, and now she finally has her own tattoo removal studio in Malmö.

I decided to get myself an early Christmas gift and made a reservation.

I wont lie to you: It hurt like hell. But it ´s so quick.
Jens came a long to take some pictures.


Look how white it looks after the laser hits. This wears off after a few minutes.


Shades to protect your eyes from the laser.


So this is 15 minutes after the first laser treatment. It´s faded quite a bit but we still have far to go of course.
We´ve made 5 more appointments, 6 weeks apart. Perhaps I´ll need more treatments than that though. Anyway after my 6 th appointment I´m going shopping for some nice open flats.

Most of Mirijams clients come in for laser treatments on their tattoos because they want to do a new tattoo on top, a cover up. Then they only come in 3 or 4 times.
But in my case we´re aiming for a fairly clean skin.

So excited!
I´ll keep you posted.


Here are all the info you need if you want to follow or book Mirijam , at “A Bushel & a Peck”
On Facebook
Instagram @a_bushel_and_a_peck






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Monday morning back to work


A picture of our beach finds to start this Monday off right,

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Filming with Jenny And Jens


We´re trying to do a short presentation film of ourselves this week. But it is so hard and apparently I sound very goofy.
Anyway here are some stills from the film. I´ll let you know when and if it gets done.


2 3 4 5




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The house in our house


Today I´m making plans from the couch. I´m wrapped up in a blanket with a notebook. Trying to figure out if I should paint or wallpaper this little house. (Right now it´s only painted with a primer)
I´m turning it into a workdesk for the kids. I need a desktop board and some good lighting.

Click here to see how it was built and why.

But now. I´m taking a break from all the planing to watch the last episode of The Fall.

See you later!


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Artist Elin Sandström

Patriark+elin+sandströmGood morning. Today I want to show you a Swedish artist whose work I really enjoy. Her name is Elin Sandström and I found her thanks to instagram (@eplet). When I saw her drawings that are so eerie and beautiful and strange I just had to have her draw one of my photographs.  I chose a picture of my son Frank holding a plastic dinosaur. I picked it ,not only because I like it but also, because Elin had liked that very picture on my Instagram. So I hoped she would take on the joboffer. She did, you can see her drawing of Frank and the dino further down in this post. But that´s not the only reason I´m writing about her, I also wanted to tell you to go see her exhibition “I remember so much that has never happend” that starts in Östersund next weekend. I love that name and I remember things like that too. It starts on November 7th. Ahlbergshallen, Östersund elinimageatt+lämna+elin+sandström andakt+elin+sandström elin-dosfamily12144934_1632196147002744_2411255319016046462_n 287367-483d2ba3380b494cae165676c2d4f293 Her shop has some great finds. Like this original “Wendy Torrance” ,a perfect gift for any horror classic fan out there. And the “Saint Agent Scully” portrait is lovely and Winona Ryder as “Lydia Deetz” is on my wishlist.

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One fossil and some other stuff


Jens and I make and take pictures all day long. So naturally our hard drives are full of images.
Here are a few that goes well together in black and white.

1. A Saurodon fossil from the University of Nebraska.
2. Axel Bower
3. A winding road
4. My noses
5. Jens wants to ad a moon to pretty much every picture. Like to thise scenery from when we took a walk in the woods..

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Life At Jenny´s House


I´m so happy we finally have a studio for our work that is big enough for the kids to roam around in. This weekend Frank had his friend Nelly over and they did some serious “crafting without a goal”, meaning they just painted on random things they found around our house without having a specific aim with their project, while listening to music. Jens kept them company and made a leaf frog and leaf zombie.
jennyfromdosfamily2-3602 jennyfromdosfamily2-3596

The frog is better seen from above.jennyfromdosfamily2-3589

This used to be our dining table but since we rarly have people over for diner we felt this long table would be better put to use in our studio, as a work table.


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Vintage wallpaper and pink paint


I bought 6 roles of this vintage wallpaper at a fleamaket a few years back. I paid less than what I pay for a happy meal.
I like it. I really do. But it is a bit too sweet for me. To make it more wicked I´ve painted parts of the wall pink.
I´ll show you when I´m done.

PS: That door leads out to our studio.


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I´m a giant – Halloween Costume


That is not a small pedestrian figurine from our trainset, no I´m actually a giant.



Pin It8
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Leaf Zombie



This weekend we´ve been filming some material for an upcoming film for Axtone records. Jens has been crafting like the genius he is. Just look at this leaf zombie he made.

Sunday is Funday! #autumn #fall #höst

Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign)

Jens made this cute film from when we picked leafs.


Now I´m off shooting some fall pictures for a new client.
See you later.

Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign)

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A scary basement, Christmas carrols and obnoxious “do-gooders”


Hello Friday!
Here are some random things that has kept us occupied this week.

1. I´ve cleaned out several boxes of clothes from my basement. Dresses, costumes and hats that I´ve bought as props over the years. Before now I haven´t had room for them but thanks to the studio now I do.
They smell awful from my damp basement though so I´vet washed some and let others out for air. Like the little tutu above.

2. Jens has a new art work for Axtone records (staring Viola) out now. You can see it here and also download it as a wallpaper for you computer or phone.

3. I´m on Snapchat! yay! so much fun, it´s like what Instagram used to be. My username is jennydosfamily

4. My kids are busy making scary sounds with this Halloween Haunted House app

5. Some very pompous and obnoxious “do gooders” in the funny sketch “Doggy Daycare from Inside Amy Schumer. Go watch it.

6. For Swedes: I´ve heard from reliable sources that Peter Grönlund´s movie “Tjuvheder” is really good. Out now in theaters in Sweden. Go watch it.

7. I´ve started playing Christmas song by Bing Crosby already. Yep, you heard me right, I´m such a rebel.

8. Here you can see some of my past Halloween posts.

9. Lastly The Mount Everest of insane 70´s italian moviesthe trailer to “The visitor” (perhaps the nicest trailer ever)

When Jens found me this movie he said:
Jenny this movie has everything that you like plus it´s from 1979, your birth year Honey!”

It´s perfect for Halloween.

Have a nice weekend.


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The Fort of Pain and Misery – make it this Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner I found the perfect Throw Back Thursday Post.
Agnes´ fort of misery and pain that she crafted with her grandmother.
See all the catapults, slingshots and other aweful things in this post!



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Hey Santa! Here´s all I want for Christmas


If you´re planing on buying a Christmas gift for someone like me then pay attention.
In this post I will tell you what I would love for Christmas. Starting with a small budget of 3,97 USD up to a whopping 900 USD.
Wow! can´t wait to see what I´ll get. (The picture above is from Nebraksa last Christmas)

First here´s a little background info about our Christmas gifts traditions.
Jens and I like buying gifts for each other and for the kids. But that´s pretty much it. Sometimes, if we spend Christmas Eve with the kid´s cousins we also exchange with them. In Sweden people usually open gifts on Christams Eve at night.

This year I´ve promised myself to get started early so I´m not running around in shops last minutes. My plan is to order everything online in the comfort of my own home during October/November.

Ok let´s get started:
Here is a list of things you can buy to that lovley 30-something person that you hold dear. She/he who likes pop culture, “to be comfortable” and who decribes it´s own home decorating style to be “strange”.
Also Jens, Viola and Frank! If you´re reading- You´re Welcome!


Vintage Photographs on Ebay
Starting at 3,97 USD
I´ve bought many gifts on Ebay over the years. Last year e.g I found a purple pair of Dr Martens in Florida for Viola for 20 USD  and I´m always on the look out for vintage photographs to give to friends and loved ones or myself.
If you are shopping for people who like strange you should check out seller “Slipbay“. The photographs above are from her archives. Just like my mugshots from last weeks post, these would look great really big in my livingroom.
They start at 3.97 USD and usually don´t go above 10 USD.


Kim Kardashian West´s book Selfish
9,47 USD
Just like this guy I´m a big Kardashians fan. I´ve kept myself from buying Kim´s book “Selfish” because I´ve told the kids I want it in my stocking for Christmas. (I wouldn´t mind that shirt either)
Buy it at Amazon or in Sweden (for 149SEK) here




Unicorn slippers
24.90 USD
Come here and cuddle my feet. Perhaps I´ll get these for the four of us.
In Sweden you can buy them here for 299SEK also available in kids sizes here!
And in the
US I found them here



Bear Side Table
around: 100 USD
I already have this table and I love it!
You can buy it at amazon or at ILVA.

jennyAdidas hoddie and matching track pants
130 USD
Usually I get dressed thinking “I´m propably not getting out of the car anyway” so this would fit me well. It´s the kind of outfit that fools people into thinking “Wow! she knows what she´s doing” even though you don´t.
Buy them at adidas.



Moschino dresses by Jeremy Scott
This is obviously out of our price range (and sold out) but still worth showing. These two Moschino dresses by Jeremy Scott are straight up lovely, compfortable and sassy. I would love one. Perhaps in a few years I´ll find one second hand, until then I´ll follow the designer, free of charge, on instagram @itsjeremyscott


Good luck and Merry Christmas.


PS: Want more Ebay-finds? Check out these to list I´ve made: “Jenny goes shopping on ebay part one and part two

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JennyDosFamily is apparently on Snapchat




My daughter Viola has talked me into doing Snapchat.
I´m giving it a try during one week. So follow along if you want. My username is “jennydosfamily”. Viola has promised to help me. (What her help looks like is shown above)

I find Snapchat quite weird to figure out but if I like it it might become what Instagram used to be: An addiction.
Are you on Snapchat? let me know cause I don´t know who to follow.

So come along. Up next might be when I pick the kids up from school.


UPDATE: Sorry!! THE USER NAME IS “jennydosfamily” not jennyfromdosfamily





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Life At Jenny´s House


Home sweet Home.
Amsterdam was great but it sure is good to be home.
Today we are working in the studio.


Saba likes to sit on this stoop, that connects the studio to our house.


A dead bird and flowers on our coffee table.


Mjau mjau


Jens is back to work, drawing.

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