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When I´m crusing around the internet in the seach for pictures I want to hang on my livingroom wall I always come back to the same place for inspiration: The mug shot archive on The Smoking Gun. They have gathered a bunch of mug shots in catagories like “hollywood stars” , “B-lists” and “Topless Guys” and there is even a section with “Hawaiin shirt mug shots” .

If you don´t want to wallow in other peoples dispair I´ve done you the favour and collected the best ones here. These mug shots are as dignified as a mug shots can be. (You´re welcome!)  Too bad they are so small they would look great in a big print above my couch.


“Frank Sinatra was arrested by the Bergen County, New Jersey sheriff in 1938 and charged with carrying on with a married woman (yes, you could get popped for that back then). The charge was later changed to adultery, and eventually dismissed”dosfamily-rparksmug1

“Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was photographed by Alabama cops following her February 1956 arrest during the Montgomery bus boycotts. The booking photo, taken when Parks was 43, was discovered in July 2004 by a deputy cleaning out a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department storage room.”


“Forty years before he posed for this famous mug shot, Nick Nolte was photographed by the Omaha Police Department following his arrest for selling phony draft cards. The Nebraska native, 20 at the time of his February 1961 bust, subsequently was convicted and received a five-year suspended sentence.”


“Jane Fonda was arrested in November 1970 in Cleveland after she allegedly kicked a local cop. The actress/activist, then 32, scuffled with the policeman after being stopped at the airport by U.S. Customs agents for having a large quantity of pills in her possession. Fonda posed for the above mug shot as she was being processed for assaulting the officer (that charge was later dismissed).She was booked a day earlier on federal drug smuggling charges, which were also later thrown out.”


“Actor Tim Allen was arrested in October 1978 while attempting to sell a large amount of cocaine to a Michigan undercover officer. Allen, 25 at the time, served about two years in federal prison following the bust.”


“Music legend David Bowie was arrested in upstate New York in March 1976 on a felony pot possession charge. The Thin White Duke, 29 at the time, was nabbed along with Iggy Pop and two other codefendants at a Rochester hotel following a concert. Bowie was held in the Monroe County jail for a few hours before being released. The above Rochester Police Department mug shot was taken three days after Bowie’s arrest, when the performer appeared at City Court for arraignment.”



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Random things going on this morning

output_6ld1JU (1)Good day!
The sun was really good to us this morning.
Viola is at school.
Frank and Jens are packing up their gear to go swimming.
I´m ordering some of my own photographs for the corner above.


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Just a quick update before rushing off to the hairdresser


Changing my hair has done wonders for my selfie-game. Never have I turned the lens to myself as oftan as now.
Today I´m going back to the twins Ebba & Vera for a touch up. (If you live inthe Ystad area you should check them out!)

Since my hair was very dark, they had to bleech it several times to get it blond. Then they made it grey by adding some grey/blue stuff.
Sometimes I ad a pastel/violet foam colorant from Goldwell if I feel like purple hair.

See you later.


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Life At Jenny´s House – the studio


We´ve made ourselves at home in our new studio.
So nice not having all our work stuff scattered around our home anymore.


Saba the cat keeps us company all day.


Finally we have room for a scooter indoors


The queen of the studio. Me.

That´s it! Now back to work.

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3 albums that I like. Mike Oldfield, Sally Oldfield and Henry Mancini

Good Morning! Today I´m treating you with 3 easy listening tips.
With Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices you need to make only to listen to some music. How does one choose when you can listen to pretty much everything on the planet?
I think many just fall back on the same old stuff. I know this because I´m like that.

Here are 3 albums that I love and you might too.

They are all very diffrent but have a few things in common like:
They are all around their 40´s and have stood up to the test of time very nicely.
None of them have had any radio hits and they are all perfect as background music while you´re working.


dosfamily-music (1 of 2)

1. Mike Oldfield´s Tubular Bells
It´s a beautiful and mysterious album recorded by Mike Oldfield when he was only 19 years old. It has no vocals and perhaps that´s why you never hear any of the tracks on the radio. You will recognise many of the tunes though, they´ve been sampled frequently and both Twin Peaks and The Exorsist have used some of the moste chilling bits from this album.
You can find it on Youtube here and Spotify here

When is this good: When you´re daydreaming or driving far or making a complex plan that will change mankind.
People who probably like this: Carl Sagan. Wednesday Addams.  And the old guy who created Edwars Scissorhands.

dosfamily-music (2 of 2)

2.Henry Mancini´s The Return Of The Pink Panther
This movie was one of my favourits when I was a child so taking too the soundtrack as an adult was not hard.
But the well known theme song is the least interesting track of the album. (only ´cause it´s been played so much) Tracks like “So smooth” and “Here´s looking at you kid” are wonderful and the track “Belly Belly bum Bum” is very exciting.
Every track gives you a new mood, easy to imagin yourself in a new movie set for every track. All of a sudden you´re at a discotech and a few minutes later you´re taking a strole somewhere romantic.
Jens and I listen to it and make up stòrys:
“Ahh here you´ve just checked into a skiing resort. You´re wearing a big fur hat and dressed in all white, caus it´s the 70´s”  To “The greatest gift

The record is sooo easy to like, smooth and soft on your skin and quite romantic.
You can find many of the songs on Youtube (see links above) and Spotify here.

When is this good: Any social gathering like a coctailparty. And when you´re taking a bath or just prancing around in the nude.
People who probably like this: Ellen Griswold. Sammy Davids Jr.

dosfamily-music (1 of 1)

3. Sally Oldfield´s Celebration

After listeing to the albums above with no vocals it´s time for a song bird.
And you can trust Sally Oldfield to prevail. Her voice is so dreamy and has me drawn in. And would fit perfectly sung in a curch. It´s poetic and spiritual.
This one can be tricky to find. I had no luck with Spotify but found most of the tracks on Youtube. Start out with Blue Water and here are a few more. This is the full list of the songs that are featured on Celebration.

When is this good: If you´re having a sad day, stuck in thoughts. If I was a fisherman I would bring this out to sea.
People who probably like this: Jules and Nic from the movie “The kids are alright”




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Viola and her Bratz doll.
Have a nice weekend.

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It´s a girl


I won´t show you the rest of the bunny but trust me it´s a girl.

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Isabelle´s latest project


You need to check out Isabelle´s latest project.
Along with 4 kids she has decorated this apartment in Stockholm, that is now for sale here! Like everything that Isabelle does this is fun, creative and has so many tasty color that it makes my mouth water.
Read more about it here, on her blog.

And see all the colors from sponser  Beckers right here.



sovrum sovrum_odenplan tak2


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It might be free but it´s for me


I´ve been really good to myself lately.

You wanna now how?

Well it´s like this. For the last couple of years I´ve been too busy. I´ve said “Yes, sounds fun” to all kinds of projects that has fallen into my lap. It has left me overworked, crabby and tired.
I´m not doing that anymore. Now I only take on work that works for me and my families budget and time.
I´ve become quite good at saying no and it has freed up so much time for me.

Many people are of course not able to do this. Being employed by someone else than yourself is naturally different. But you would be surprised if I told you about how much bullshit stuff that freelancers get themself into because “it sounds fun, or might be good for my carreer”.
To our defence we are in charge of our own income and it can be scary saying no to things that might lead up to some cash. I guess that over time, by trial and error , I´ve learnt how to tell the good stuff from the time-consuming gibberish.

I need time to be bored to function properly.
I need time to stare at my reflection in the mirror while I brush my teeth for a ridiculous long time. I need to do crossword puzzles and sit down with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
And I need to make gifs of myself.

It might be free but it´s for me.

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I don´t read I just look at pictures


As soon as I started to make my own money I started buying picture books. The heavy and glossy kind, by superstar photographers like Leibovitz and LaChapelle.
Very inspireing for a kid like me, who got mesmerized by portraits of celebrities and had her bedroom covered in denim ads.

Every page made me feel so many things, and still do to this day. Sometimes I get the same kind of buzz when a really good song comes on the radio, you know when you start dancing in the seat of your car.
Pictures don´t make me dance but shock me with how much they make me feel. BAAM. KA-POW!

Anyway. Jens bought me this book for my birthday: It´s Martin Schoeller´s “portraits”, that is both glossy, heavy and inspiring.
It´s a great gift for pretty much anyone who like portrait photography or pop culture. Scholler is one of the biggest names in photography and don´t need any presentation, but if this book had been around when I was a kid it would have been on my wishlist. Perhaps you know a kid like that?
His pictures are beeing shown at Fotografiska in Stockholm this fall. Go see them!

Until then here are some pages from the book



Is what my brain says when I look at this picture.


PS: Read about how I became a photogrpher in this post

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Artwork by Jens Grönberg Alternative title: living with Jens Grönberg



Here is the artwork for Siren Song that Jens recently made for Axtone Records.

It´s a label created by Superstar DJ ( I LOVE saying that phrase) Axwell and they are a big part of our buisness. If Jens is not thinking about the next cover he is... Jens is always thinking about the next cover that he is going to make. And I really try to remember to put clothes on before I enter the studio because there is always some Axtone person on skype joining us from London.

When the lable has decided on what track they are releasing next they´ll let Jens know, then he starts to listen to the song over and over again until he comes up with what the cover is going to look like. That also means that the rest of us in this Brandt/Grönberg family hears the song equally as much… At dinner, at night, in the morning through the closed bathroom door. The melody follows Jens around the house like the dust storm follows Pig pen. Usually when the work is done I´m so sick of the track that I need some time away from it (Googling “How To murder a song?”) But some of them lingers with me. This song is one of those, you can play it in the video below, and if you like it I also think you´ll like Falling by Discopolis.



Perhaps this track is better suited for Friday. Not as gloomy.  It´s Destination with Dubvision & Feenixpawl
Viola helped Jens with this cover. We photographed her in the forrest next to our house. (Krageholmsskogen) She plays the part so well… creeping around, being all determinded and mysterious.



This is also Viola, on the beach in Svarte for the cover of Starlight.

feelshapovvs shapov

The creative hard core fans of Axtone make their own versions of the covers all the time. Like these. The house music forums speculate in what track will be released next and then they try to design artwork that they think Jens would do. Often they send their work to Jens for a review. It´s so wild. They use lots of the elements that Jens uses for his artwork. Like kids being mezmerised by the sky,  people walking towards things, lots of purle and pink and blue, mysterious objects, nature and more kids. They use the same typo and the Axtone logo to make it look right.

If you want to know more about Jens´work with Axtone you can read more here.
Also the Axtone team has been filming his work process at our house this summer  so hopefully there will be lots more about it soon.

PS: We listen to music all the time. Here are two spotify lists that we´ve made for you! (No house)

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Friday mood

frasse-school (2 of 3)

It´s Friday and Frank is pretty happy about going to daycare with 6 eyes!

frasse-school (1 of 3) frasse-school (3 of 3)

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Twin Peaks inspired interior. Tutorial how to paint a chevron floor

My sister Alexandra painted chevron stripes across the gustroom floor, inspired by her favorite show: Twin Peaks.
She says that she felt like quiting a few times, but as soon as she got through the measuring and the masking it was all quite nice and calming, sitting there doing the same motion with the brusch over and over again, while listening to the radio.
Also this DIY does not cost much except for your time spent.

Here is Alexandra ´s tutorial.
What you need besides paint:

Masking tape
Brusch and paint roller
Fold meter and ruler
Pencil and (probably) an eraser


1. Sand the floor and paint it white twice.

2. When it´s dry start to meassure and draw the lines using a pencil and fold metre. Do one line at a time- side to side. (Mine are 9 cm broad). This took a little time to figure out. So grab a snack and look at it for a while and figure out how this should look.


3. Tape the lines and paint every other field black. Use a small paint roller and a brusch. Let dry and repeate. Remove the tape right away after the second coat to prevent it from sticking.


If you´re a perfectionist you might want to go over everthing with a small brusch once you´re done, to take care of small errors. Alexandra says that she is sure there are tricks to this that she does not know about, she is not an expert but she really wanted to give it a try and she is very pleased with the result.


Here is the floor from an old post.


PS Remember when Viola dressed up as Justin Bieber?
PS2 You can see Alexandras wedding dress in the top picter, see her get married in Las Vegas in it here!


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The reason I haven´t been blogging


I swear, every time I´ve sat down to blog lately Saba has backed right into my arms making it simply impossible for me to stay in touch with you.

However… today she is outside. Yay! so good to be back! How are you guys?!

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Walking in Kåseberga

Photo 2015-09-07 12 45 53

Today is the first workday in a long time for Jens and I. We took the kids to school and then we went on a hike, just the two of us. Such a nice way to start this fall.
We went to a place called Ales stenar (Once we were there during a Bollywood filming- remember? ). On our way home we stopped in the village Peppinge to pick up a marble table, that I had find on the online marketplace earlier today. Now we are back home for some actual work.
See ya.

Photo 2015-09-07 12 53 21

Photo 2015-09-07 12 46 04Photo 2015-09-07 12 58 07

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Back in Sweden


We´re back home now. Sweden is still very pretty and windy, just like we left it.
Tomorrow is Monday and my first workday, can´t wait!

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We went to the farmers market


Every Saturday morning you can buy local vegetables, bread and meat in downtown Lincoln. I went there last weekend to check it out with my nieces.  I brought my camera along to show you what it looks like. It is a bit like the Swedish “torghandel” but with more going on. First of all they block off the roads from car traffic so it´s in a big area to walk around on. The only vehicals there are pickups loaded with watermelons and corn and of course food trucks selling bison burgers, eggrolls and vegan cupcakes.  In the picture above two chefs have stocked up on goodies for their restaurant on the other side of the street.


My niece Hanna and I

8B7B2267 8B7B2282

Yes, you can buy Amish treats here too.8B7B2281


Green onion, radish, beet, carrot and cilantro

8B7B2257 Samantha and cale


Loving this hot pink plywood sign that a family of farmes had at their stand.


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I´ll make it happy again



I´ll make it happy for you again”  that´s what the lady at the Family Dollar told me as she filled this balloon up on helium. When I found it in the store it was a bit low on helium and looked sad.

We only have one more week left here in Nebraska. When I´m back in Sweden I´ll be blogging more frequently again.


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Out driving with Bruce


Nebraska is full of cornfields and fleamarkets. Today we visited some of both. (If you´re following me on the Instagram you already know this. If not- how rude! No just kidding. But for real you should @jennyfromdosfamily )
Another thing that this state has plenty off is radiostations. There are so many good songs playing I want to spend all my time in the car. (To help you visualize it- we´re driving an old maroon Cadillac while we ´re here).

Whenever you jump into the car and start zapping the channels you´ll find at least one Bruce Springsteen song playing, There is a lot of pop and country of course and a ton of channels that only play old classics like Tears for Fears, Peter Gabriel, Steely Dan, Kiss and Eric Clapton to name a few.

I especially enjoy listening to Bruce when I´m here. Because that´s what I imagin Nebraska sounded like , back in the 80´s when my siblings first moved here. I can see them: Anna with her big hair and stone washed  jeans and Sven in his Chevy Monte Carlo that he sawed the top off to turn it into a convertible.


Anyway this is what I thrifted today.


And this is what Viola found. Yikes!

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Getting our hair done for the wedding


Last Saturday my niece Samantha and her Ross´tied the knot. They were , as you can see, adorable and so was Viola who got her hair all dolled up for that very special occasion. 8B7B1200-3

All the girls who where in the wedding met up at a hotel in the morning of the wedding and got their hair and makeup done together. It was nice, like a scene from Toddlers and Tiaras but with champagne.8B7B1695-5

Here are all the girls

First hair…


then makeup.

On the way to the ceremony

8B7B1469 8B7B1555

Happy tears.

This picture is from the party bus. I´ll tell you more about  that next time.

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The reason we are in Nebraska…


We flew to Nebraska to attend the wedding of these two lovely people. My niece Samantha Rose and Ross her boyfriend since 8 years. It was all so much fun. I´ll tell you more about it later. Now we are going to eat pancakes on the porch and watch the rain.

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Bye Bye Birdy



We are on our way to the USA for a wedding.
See you over there.

(Follow us on instagram if you like @jennyfromdosfamily and Jens is on there too @breakfastdesign )


PS: The picture has nothing to do with the post really, but it´s nice. It´s Viola with a bird and a Shampoodle outfit.

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Keeping it nice and simple with gifs


In every situation I prefer expressing my mood with a gif rather then with words.
The honey boo boo gif above is me reacting to the new feature in the Facebook Messenger app allowing me to send gifs.

Have you seen it? It is so great. While typing in the app on you phone you can access a big library of gifs by pressing the magnifying glass.
I´m hooked and have stopped using letters all together. Here are a few examples of my communicating:


This one is soooooooo useful.


This is the answer to:
“Hey Jenny! How did it go at the hairdresser?”


When my PMS is over I send this to Jens saying “hmm so… you know I love you… I was just being… you know… we can laugh about it now, right?.”


This one is also for Jens saying:
I picked up everything on the grocery list. This is what you can expect of me when I come home”  giphy4

This is the same as above but on a different day…


This is: “I´m up, I´m up!”
After several texs from Jens saying “Hey Jenny! you really need to get up now”


When Viola and I sold a bunch of stuff at the local fleamarket and mom asked:
“How did it go?


This is what I want to tell my phone when it reminds me of an old voicemail.


When Jens texts me:
“Did you watch all the seasons of (enter any random show here) already!? How is that possible, when did you find the time?”


I send this to Jens when we´ve been invited to some “thing”



This is what I send to Jens when he says he might have to work and I have to take the kids to IKEA by myself.


and then this…

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Photographing Vikings fight


This is what work has been like lately for me.


PS. It´s a battle of Vikings at the Trelleborgen.

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