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About the home I photographed in Moscow, Russia


Remember when Isabelle and I went to Moscow last summer?
We photographed a few homes there and now you can read about one of them in the latest issue of the Swedish interior magazine Residence
The home belongs to Harri and Marya , two very stylish kids with a passion for interior decorating. It was so cool to get a glimpse of how interior nerds (like myself) live and decorate over there.

See more from our trip to Russia here !


Here Isabelle is reading the feature on her new counter top of her new kitchen in Stockholm. Picture stolen from her new blog.


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Life At Jenny´s House


We have decided to put our house up for rent for a few weeks this summer when we are abroad. We are going to a wedding in the US and will be away for 3 weeks. Seems like such a waste not renting it our for the summer holidays. I´ll tell you more about it when we´ve figured out all the details. But if you´re interested let me know.

This weekend we´ve been gardening, BBQing and working. So it´s been like any other weekend this may.


My brother in law came over with some lunch for us.jennyfromdosfamily-8571

The sky has been in a foul mood.jennyfromdosfamily-8806-2

Swinging in the yard


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Going riding with Frank


This week the whole family went with Frank to his riding lesson. We took a 20 minut walk in the forrest with Frank´s favourite horse “Cobby”. Frank talked non stop. He asked the girls if it´s possible to ride a dinosaur. He asked them if they know who Optimus Prime is, and then he told them about Optimus Prime.  He continued to chatt about how his thoughts during the day becoms a soup in his brain that his dreams are made of. He also talked about death, and wondered if birds bury their bird friends when they die. And then about Pippi and all the crazy stuff she has done.


Frank has been riding for a while now. It´s offered to us by the habilitation services in our town. The riding is a great addition to Franks physical therapy and does wonders for his balance. For those of you who don´t know our son Frank suffered an aneurysm when he was in my belly. This has left him with limited use over his limbs on the right side of his body. Every week he takes swimming and riding lessons and he loves it. You can read more about it here


Do you see that little ring between Frank´s hands? That ring is usually turned the other way, but as soon as Frank get´s up on Cobby´s back, Frank flips that ring and makes a litte clicking sound as if it´s the enging starting. 8B7B90388B7B9070-2

On our way to the car we were caught in this window.

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A house on top of the stairs – instead of a banister


We made this little house out of MDF building boards to serve as a barrier to the staircase on our second floor. The railing did not go all the way around the staircase and our budget did not allow us to make a fancy banister.

When we moved into our house, the second floor was nothing but an attic. You could walk up the stairs , but it only lead you to a wall and a door out to the cold storage space. We re-did the attic into our living area (with 3 bedrooms and a bath). The renovations worked out nicely but left us with a ugly gap by the stairs.

Someday we´ll probably do a proper banister but at the time we did not have any more money to spend on home improvment and this alternative would keep the kids safe and not be to hard on our wallet. Also it is such a cute addition to our second floor.


This is what it looked like before the house. Not very inspiring. dosfamily-howtobuildahouse

The box was put together in this order. You´ll need a saw, glue and a screw driver and a helping hand.
I hope it makes sense.
Start from the bottom with no 1, 2, and 3. Ask your “helping hand” to hold the board in place while you glue and screw it in place.
A whole board did not fit our staircase so the back is divided in two pieces (4, 5)
Cut the edge of the board in an angle before you attach it , see below.
Lastly add the roof, 6 and 7, and putty the holes before you paint it.

It is currently white but I want to change the color or add some wallpaper. If ou get any bright ideas let me know!




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Life At Jenny´s House – Blues Brothers, Gummo and Roy Orbinson


I´ve been keeping my camera close this weekend. This is what it caught.

A horse enjoying the warm wind with her eyes closed.jennyfromdosfamily-8743

When Elwood gets done explaining how he traded the cadillac for a microphone and then bought a police car at an auction both Frank and Viola join Jake and say:  “The day I get out of prison my own brother picks me up in a police car!”


Ever since we cried our way through Big Hero 6, all the members of our family has left Baymax drawings all over our house. We are so in love with him and Hiro. Such a great movie. This drawing on the door is starting to fade.


Jens made me this picture of the rabbit boy in Gummo 10 years ago. Today I´m putting it back up.

Remember the kissing scene in the pool in Gummo? To the the song Crying by Roy Orbinson?
I love Roy Orbinson , such an intoxicating voice. I´ve been listening to him this weekend, and will leave you with this video from another unforgettable movie:  Lynch´s Blue Velvet, where Roy Orbinsson´s song “In dreams” is featured.

BONUS: Just look at Dennis Hopper in this clip- he looks just like Owen Wilson!

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Life At Jenny´s House


I´m going to go outside now with my cat and have a hotdog. I´m bringing this blanket incase it get´s chilly. I´ll leave you with these picture from our day.jennyfromdosfamily-8679

Viola got a haircut.


This is where we live. Our village from a far.jennyfromdosfamily-8697

We extended our purple table today so we don´t have to clear it every time we want to eat. Now we have room for both food and all our other stuff at the same time.jennyfromdosfamily-8696-2 jennyfromdosfamily-8730

I ´m running out of wall space, so tonight I´m hanging pictures on our map.


Good night

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Life at Jenny´s house – The cuckoo, the horse and the nightingale

jennyfromdosfamily-8533-2Here are some random pictures and information from our everyday life.
(If you want to know what our house have been sounding like as well? Then try this tune: Erkin Koray´s Turku. It makes a pretty good soundtrack to this post)

Yesterday it was raining. Not a heavy depressing rain but a light drizzle, you know the kind that makes everything smell fresh. Jens convinced me to go with him for a run in the woods. Which turned out to be a really good thing because I saw a big frog and a tiny snake and I also heard both a cuckoo and a nightingale. Back home Jens made us some panncakes. I´m reading “Shutter Island” at the moment. Every morning when I braid Viola´s hair she askes me to tell her about it. I tell her bits and pieces and she makes up her own theory about how it´s going to end. I hope she is wrong because her version is really scary.

I bought Frank this dino at a garage sale and he cares for it like it´s his little baby.


The sky has been acting like this lately.


Viola had her super cool friend Josefin over, and they let me take their picture.


When Viola and I were looking for Viola´s home-work in the car the other night, this Superhorse walked by and showed off her new tattoo.

That´s it.

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The Coconut – Things to do with kids


Frank has been dreaming about coconuts for a while. He´d seen a cartoon where the hero gets stuck on a deserted island. The hero´s quite strong and managed to knock down a coconut from a palmtree and open it with her bare hands. Crack! Then she drilled a hole through another coconut with her finger- put a straw in the hole and handed it to her companion so he could have a sip.
Is that even possible?” Frank asked. I promissed him that we would buy him one and see if we can open it. That night as he fell asleep on my arm he mumbled: “tomorrow we´re going to buy a coconut”. Ha! Sometimes being a parent is so darn easy- all this kid wants is a coconut? he want´s it so bad he even talks about it in his sleep.

The next day Jens and Frank went to the store and picked one out. Back home Frank fantasized about how he would look with this cool new drink. He asked Jens if he could draw a straw on this picture so he could see, so Jens did.


Then he told our neighbour Walter about the coconut.jennyfromdosfamily-8482

“Look!” Frank said “We´re going to drill a hole throuh it, so I can have a drink”
“Make sure you pin it down before you do, so you don´t get hurt”, Walter said. “Do you have a wood working bench? With a clamp?”
jennyfromdosfamily-8451We sure do. In the shed. Let´s go!


Once we got to the shed we realized it was quite chilly. I fasten the coconut in the clamp, told Frank to stay there as I went inside to get him a sweater.


When I came back Frank had managed to crack the coconut by himself in the clamp. No need for a drill or saw then, great. He was quite impressed with himself.


Back inside it finally happend, he tried the milk. He´s so sweet and said it was good even though I could tell it did not taste like the milkshake that he was hoping for. Anyway he was very pleased with the whole situation, and could hardly wait to get to daycare the next day and tell his friends about it.


I added the DosFamily tag “Thing To Do With Kids” to this post. Because this is excalyt how I hang out with my kids. I´m not into going to the park or the pool nor am I one to engage in role play. If you also are into stuff like this you should check out these post on the same topic that I wrote a while back:

1.Watch TV! How about a John Waters movie? That´s not really a question- it´s more of a demand! go do it!

2. Teach them how to prank someone- With this easy to do trick!

3. Give them a costume made from Play Doh

4. Overcome your fears

Good for kids and grown ups alike!


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Dos Visits Ebbe´s room – 13 decorating ideas to steal for your kid´s room


Who? This is Ebbe, 5 yrs old, in his room, playing a little tune for his sister Iris.
Where? They live in Malmö, Sweden with their parents Pär and Lovisa.
How? Take one cool kid with lots of thrifted toys add some neon stickers and paint the floors white. Throw in one handy parent that can build some nice storage and BAAM – There you have it: Ebbe´s room.
BONUS: 13 decorating ideas to steal for your kid´s room
PHOTO: By me, Jenny Brandt

Ebbe´s dad , Pär, is a carpenter that you´ve might of met in the world of instagram “Pappa Pastell” (@pearottosson). He is passionete about interior decorating and re-decorates his home freqently. His kids are lucky ´cause this decor-loving parent has a soft spot  for kid frendly living. In fact the whole apartment is full of bright pastells, toys and playful design.  I went to visit them and photographed their home and in this post I´m giving you a tour of Ebbe´s room.


I found so much inspiration in this room.  I´ve listed some of them here for you to steal.
jennyfromdosfamily-0301-31. Instead of buying wallpaper.
Perk up a wall with some ordinary office supply neon stickers. Instant upgrade at a very low cost.


Ebbe liks the dots he tells me. “But sometimes they peel off or… I peel them off , but that´s ok I can just add a new one”.   If only dots on T-shirts would work the same way.  jennyfromdosfamily-0321-2

2. Plan before you build.
If you´re building your storage from scratch make sure you measure the stuff thats going to be stored in there. Not only the boxes and crates, but also the toys. Especially the tall gals with long necks.


3. Raise your bed if you have limited space.
A bed takes up so much room. If you can raise it you´ll get lots of space underneath for storage or simply a nice hideout for the kids. Pär built this bed from a MDF building board and painted it white. The cloud is such a cute addition. Good job Pär!


4. Things that make them move.
Parents tend to worry about kids sitting still to much so add something that will inspire them to move. If there is s a skateboard in your kids room they are going to use it! Gymnastic rings are also great. Or a pilates ball instead of an office chair. jennyfromdosfamily-0280

5. Coffeetables make great tables in kidsroom.
Not only are they just the right height they are also very common at thrift stores and flea makets. Perfect for games, building with LEGO, reading, drawing… you name it.


6. Create a small but cozy reading nook in an unexpected place.
Here Pär made the bottom shelf bigger so it will fit Ebbe and a pillow. Decorated it with a string light.


7. Paint a wall or door in chalkboardpaint.
To me this never gets old. Black makes a great backdrop especially to a bright and colorful room like this one.jennyfromdosfamily-0320

8. Decorate with tape on boxes and storage.
To eliminate guessing when the kids are looking for their stuff.
9. Two shades instead of one.
Paint furniture in two different colors. Like the IKEA stool, BEKVÄM, in the picture.
10. Sleep like a princess.
Make mattress covers in diffrent fabrics to create a “The princess and the pea” effect for the bed.
11. One wall for every mood.
This room has 4 walls with 3 diffrent looks. I love the mix of chalkboardpaint, wallpaper and dots.


12.  Add a hat and fun will begin.
My kids have had so much fun with dressing-up-type of role play. They don´t need much and can go a long way with just one big hat.
13. Paint the inside of a book shelf.
Cause it looks nice and is only half the work.


Ebbe, is such a sweet and kind boy. He hung out with me during the shoot and made my working really easy. He had seen me in a picture before I came over and he had told his parents that “She looks cute”. When I met him in the morning he instantly told me he wants to become a cake baker when he grows up. But when I left he had changed his mind- when he grows up he wants to be a “picture taker”.
Cool beans!

Thank you for having me over.


I will show you more from their home soon.

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Jenny in an Ilon Wikland drawing

jennyfromdosfamily-0756Since it´s Thursday today Im trowing us back to 2009, when I was blonde, we had a pink loveseat and I pretended I was a part of a Astrid Lindgren story.

I rearranged my furniture, hung some curtains and plucked a few petals off my tulips to get the right atmosphere. Then I slipped into something that the mother in the picture below would wear. I´d found a 70´s dress in my closet and some clogs. I gave myself a look in the mirror and told myself. “Yes, this will do fine!” ran downstairs (imagine the sounds of clogs in the wooden stairs clonk, clonk, clonk)  then I had a seat and hollered at my boy: “Jens! it´s all perfect now, come take my picture!”


It is from the book “Jag vill också ha ett syskon” (I Want an Brother or a Sister) by superduo Ilon Wikland and Astrid Lindgren. A great book that you need to get if you have kids. Sweet story and amazing pictures.

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The fields are blooming in our village


Yes, that precious time has come again when the canola fields are turning every other field into bright yellow patches across our country. Sweden is so dark and grey during winter and even though the transformation is making my brain hurt I can´t get enough. It is intoxicatingly beautiful.
Last year we had them right outside our yard and now we have to cross a small meadow of tall grass to get to one. I brought Viola to it to have a closer look. jennyfromdosfamily-8219jennyfromdosfamily-8266

Viola´s shirt says. “I´m So Fancy” try saying it without singing it. jennyfromdosfamily-8243

Yes she sure is fancyjennyfromdosfamily-8311-2

and strongjennyfromdosfamily-8280

A glimpse of the rest of our villagejennyfromdosfamily-8271

The field is just the right hight!jennyfromdosfamily-8327

That´s our house, on the other side of the meadow.

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Dos Visits Kollijox´s Home in Varberg, Sweden

Kollijox13This is artist Jennie Blomkvist where she likes to be the most: on the deck with her daughter Jill. I went to visit her with my camera and today I want to show you her home that she calls her playhouse. Jennie´s art is just like her home: fun, spontaneous and relaxed. She does not pay attention to trends and being at her house is inspiring, layed back and I can´t imagine it ever being dull.

Visit Jennie´s blog here, buy her art here and follow her on instagram @kollijox

I photographed this story with writer Kicki Wieslander for Australian mag. Real Living.
I hope you like it.
dosfamily--04Jennie and Fredrik with their kids Fideli, Viggo and Jill.  They live in Varberg Sweden in a house from 1938.

Kollijox15Black velvet and colorful shoes welcome you in the entrance

Kollijox26Faces on tables and on boobs

Kollijox06Fridge and freezer decorated with tape screaming:  “Meat, ice cream,  milk, cheese, eggs and stuff”

Kollijox11This is where they eat all that meat, ice cream,  milk, cheese, eggs and other stuff.


I think Jennie was a Blythe doll in a previous life.dosfamily--0798

Kitchen tiger

Kollijox19Jill is resting her creative little mind on a futon with a cover made out of the family´s old T-shirts.

Kollijox16A family tree painted by Jennie

badrum-kollijox12Bathroom mural with the Hulk painted by cartoon lover Jennie of course.

Kollijox31Dolls “Auntie Deidei”

Kollijox32Black, white and red. Being in this bathroom is like reading a comic book.

Kollijox22Plastic is fantastic. Candle holder made by Jennie. If your wondering what Kollijox means? This is it! Little knickknacks in Jennies home and on her mind.dosfamily--0195People who decorate in the middle of a renovation are my favorite kind of stylists. See below and above.dosfamily--

dosfamily--34dosfamily--0166Fashion is spelled t-s-h-i-r-tdosfamily--0468This T-shirt is kept in a box to help preserve the scent from someone that is no longer here.


Jill reaching for the window in her parents bedroom.


Long summer days are spent out on this deck. Jill has found some shade under this table so she can play “cut the rope” on moms phone.


Such a divine space. They´ve added wheels on some pallets for a generous seating area. And painted the old wooden sofa red.


One big playhouse…dosfamily--42

…and one small playhouse.



Bye bye thanks for having me over


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Another morning at the Brandt´s


Good morning. Today is Tuesday. I woke up from some chattering birds outside our window. Viola and Frank have been arguing about 15 diffrent things already. Frank has been enjoying it the most. I´ve french braided Viola´s hair for the 3rd day in a row. I´m getting good at it. Frank has watched 7 episodes of Sharko and Zig. (a Tom & Jerry – type of show). Jens has made pancakes. I´ve had some pancakes with sugar. Saba spent the night in the basement ´cause we accidentally locked her down there, poor thing, so this morning we´ve been taking turns cuddling her to make it up to her.

Now I´m going to put a bra on and get to work. 8B7B8125-2 8B7B8133-2

The irony in Viola´s shirt!8B7B8144-2 8B7B8157-2sdfasli

PS: I´ll be working to the tunes of the talking heads. The video above is perfect in so many ways.
Bye bye

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Pictures before school

8B7B8116I´m just checking in to show you 2 pictures from our morning. I finally figured out how to do a french braid. It turns out all I was lacking was patience. This morning I took my time and it worked. 8B7B7613

Frank did some dancing in the studio before we left for school.

Ok now I have to go back to work.

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Life at my house

dosfamily-studiostuff-1 Today is Thursday.
The kids don´t have school tomorrow because of Sweden´s public holiday 1st of May. “Valborg” It´s when we celebrate that spring has arrived. Tonight people will gather around bonfires all over Sweden and listen to choir sing. So we have a nice long weekend to look forward to. I´m going to be working though but the kids can chill out at home. Speaking of “home” this is what our´s been like latley.

dosfamily-sofa-1dosfamily-jenny-jens-1  dosfamily-studio-1

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I went to the beach after sunset


Last night I went to the beach after sunset. It was pretty. In just a short time the ocean will be warm enough to swim in. Click here to see what that was like last summer and click here for to see what I look like on the beach.

8B7B7398 8B7B7402 8B7B7403 8B7B7415

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Toys that our kids actually play with


What toys are your kids actually using?
Viola has never been that into toys. She prefers active things, like swimming, running and dancing. She´s had some brief periods of time with Barbie but has not really engaged in it like Frank has. He can play with lego or his transformers for hours. Frank is five, and does not want to get rid of anything in his room. He likes his stuffed animals, his big plastic parking garage, his pirates and all the other knick-knacks from various fast food joints. Viola however has no toys left in her room. She is 10.

So in retrospect I must say that these gymnastic rings are the best toy we´ve ever given Viola. She and her friends have spent so much time in them.
Dosfamily has written about these “Ekorre” rings from IKea before. See more here!

Unfortunately Ikea does not carry these anymore.


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Isabelle´s kitchen

Good morning people!
Have you seen Isabelle`s new kitchen?
It´s so darn nice, I need to go up to Stockholm soon to check it out in real life.

See all the video´s from Isabelle´s new place here!



Also check out 10 deco ideas for your kitchen- Dosfamily- style!

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Outdoor inspiration


As I´ve told you before I really enjoy having a garden. I´m not that into gardening-work though, so naturally ours is not very well kept. (Some are probably calling it down right messy). But that wont hold me back, just like every year I´ve made a long list of stuff I want to get done this summer. I might not even check one single thing off that list, but as I´m writing I see myself having both hens and beehives in my garden come fall and the kids can wear big hats made from our enourmous sunflower field and make a fort out of redbeets and tomatoes.
A girl can dream can´t she?

Since interior magazines purpose in life is to inspire people I get to visit plenty of beautiful places that are far from messy. Like the pictures in this post. I photographed them with stylist Anna Björkman for the magazine NyaRum a few years back. Anna found this house with a beatuiful entrance and garden. Lucky for us there was this old car hid away under a cover in the backyard and Anna packed it as if she was going to drive off to a imaginary French summerhouse with it.

brandtgarden10brandtgarden04-2 brandtgarden06brandtgarden01

I love the tiles in the entrance. brandtgarden02 brandtgarden03-2

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What we have for breakfast


What do you guys have for breakfast?

A while back I told you that my doctor had ordered me to start eating healthier. I wrote about it here  

It´s going quite ok, the first thing I had to change was my breakfast habits. Before I only had coffee, then nothing until lunch. But now I try to eat something just as I get up in the morning. Usually Corn Flakes with milk or yogurt.
The rest of my family are big breakfast eaters.

This is what they usually eat:
Jens makes oatmeal and a smoothie for himself. (usally with some sort of dairy, egg, oats, frozed berries and banana)
Viola will have oatmeal, panncakes or yogurt with musli and knäckebröd (Swedish cripsbread)
Frank will also have oatmeal with lots of jam, some cucumber sticks or a sandwich with cucumber.

The kids eat infront of the telly while Jens and I hang out with our breakfast by our computers or in the kitchen while playing music.

There you have it – our breakfast routine!








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My living room now and then


This is me in our livingroom two years ago when I shoot my own home with writer Kicki Wieslander for Swedish mag. Hus & Hem. The story was later also featured in Norweigen Elle and Elle Deco in South Africa and Real Living, Australia.

As you can see in the picture below things have changed since then. The cabinet  is no longer blue and the walls are pink instead of white. And we bought our cute little cat Saba. I´m not in the picture below but even I have changed a little bit, my hair is a lot longer and I don´t fit into those pink skinny jeans anymore.


PS. Here´s some random facts about the picture. You can see how Saba has been scratching her claws on the curtain. The rooster lamp and the blanket are both from Nebraska. And I love the teeth on the cabinets drawers.

See more of the magazines on the floor here!

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I´ve photographed so many fun homes


Just look at all these cool people I´ve met and photographed. I need to get my sh#t together and start posting all my interior work I have on the computer as Home Tours here on the Dosfamily.  There are at least 30 homes that I´ve photographed for various magazines. The one above was featured in the Australian mag Real Living. The home of artist Kollijox in Varberg, Sweden.Jennyfromdosfamily-JBRnisch01

This is instagrammer Nischnisch´s family at their fun home in Höganäs, Sweden, for Sydsvenskanjennyfromdosfamily-Brandtpearottosson47

These are Pär Ottosson`s kids in Malmö, Sweden for my Danish Agent Linnea Press.jennyfromdosfamily-brandtlauritz01

I photographed the owners of Lauritz, in Klampenborg Denmark for Svenska Dagbladet.


See all me Home Tours here!

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My mother Doris made Frank a jetpack


This is a repost from my instagram @jennyfromdosfamily , sorry but it´s just too cute I need to post it here aswell.
My mother Doris made a jet-pack for Frank this weekend. She macgyvered two Coke bottles and an old backpack into this awesome looking thing. Frank took it with him to daycare the next day.


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Frank Viola is a baseball player, apparently


Our kids are named Viola and Frank.
When we visit Nebraska people often ask us: “So I take it you´re big baseball fans?” Apparently there is a starting pitcher by the name Frank Viola. We respond that all we know about baseball is what we picked up watching Field of Dreams. (One of Jens favourite movies actually).


We are spending a great deal of time in the studio these days. I was going to work on the floors today but instead we´ve just hung out. dosfamily-viola-violethair

Viola has been helping Frank with his Buzz Lightyear costume (he wants it to look like the costume that Andy makes in the first Toy Story movie)


Want more stuff to read? Here are some random post by me:
Some of my best EBAY finds.
Here are all my posts from when we visit Nebraska.
And a conversation with Viola 4 years ago.

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