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A make a doll of yourself diy & a giveaway


Yes, I’m all dolled up! hohoho. This image is supposed to be a good image for the workshop I’m holding on Saturday in Stockholm and now I’m announcing a giveaway for two tickets + our book Rum För kidsen . In Swedish – På lördag så har jag en liten work-shop för föräldrar och barn på Mosebacke. Föreläsning, pysselstund, inredningsrådgivning om man vill och fika. Klicka in här för mer info om tävlingen. Såklart kan man fortfarande köpa biljetter via samma länk!


For the book last year I made a doll of myself. As a fun DIY I was gonna use it as press photo’s for the book but some people found it scary so that idea went out the window. But now I have a cool doll of myself with muffin top and all! I made the doll simply by ironing images with t-shirt print paper.

Very fun!


Both images by my partner in crime Jenny Brandt!

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Random from last weeks



I’ve had a bit of an introvert period for the last weeks. I’m sooo damn tired and it’s like I want ideas to come out – they are all there but kind of stuck in my body.. Also Stockholm had like 3 hours of sun in November so far. No wonder things are a bit rough. Also all the photos just looks dull and grey.
Above is an image from our Royal theater and the scull of Strindberg in front of it.


This is outside the classic Swedish store Svenskt Tenn. I love the woodwork with the triangles. Have to try to make something like this.



Still no snow yet this year. But they’ve iced the rinks. so Saturday we had ice skating premiere. It was nice to skate when the temperature was kind of high.


I’ve been tired but also a bit sick for over a month. Coughing, runny nose and just a weak body. But i started to take long walks with some running in between. Just taking it really easy on the body. I do wish my body will get back into some kind of better shape soon. Hate the bad circle of too much work, eating more sugar, lack of sleep, tired body….


hello! Beside Serial I also listened to the podcast (in Swedish) – Skaparna about female musicians. First ep was with Robyn. Really inspirational. What have stuck with me is when she talked about teenage girls – that we kind of spend more time just trying to look good instead of starting bands and such. All the effort it takes to just be good looking that we can spend on other stuff. Hear hear!


At Hornstull another part of the island in Stockholm city that I live on – there are loads of street art – something I miss a bit in the rest of town.
Update: Our reader Cecilia pointed out that this image in red is part of a global action of support of the missing students in Mexico – read more about it here.


Jaime Oliver opened his first franchise in Stockholm. I had Pasta Vongole and was there with my friend Blenda that I have known for 22 years now. I didn’t even know I was that old! I think the restaurant was good but the day after I opened the morning papers it got such bad reviews! haha- funny how it can be like that. Two completely different experiences. Or maybe my taste buds aren’t that developed.  They’re almost always set on bread. The taste buds – that is.


Last night I was invited to Junibacken for a Christmas Party. I love this place. It’s a fun house for kids where they have built up different worlds from famous Scandinavian kids stories. The kids can climb Pippi longstockings house and explore other worlds. They also have great kids plays! This monkey is from Jan lööfs worlds – one of my kids favorites!


This house is just around the corner from where I live. I always dreamed of this apartment. How does it look inside? Who lives there? Stockholm does not have many high buildings but we’ve become some sorts of experts of building on top of old buildings to get more space for housing. I love this. Unfortunately they’re not really making cool things like this – all the time but they should. be more brave – that is!



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Monday love: the Bag All Store


Congrats New York! The first Bag – All store is just open. Smack in the middle of Nolita  on 219 Mott Street (btw Prince & Spring)  you can find Jennifer Jansch store with her reusable fabric bags.


Jennifer is such an inspiration to me or her whole family. They’re such a go getters in a great way. We got to know eachother in New York maybe 6 years ago. I had heard so much about her and seen her fantastic interior work. Then they moved to New York and me and my family was there for a couple of months so we hooked up and the became friends. I love how nearly nothing seems impossibly for this lady and her brood. They been working really hard to make everything work in New York and I’m so happy for her new shop.


Her idea is to make great looking fabric bags. That you can recycle and reuse instead of paper when you give gifts but also nice looking bags for storing your stuff. Like me I always use her bags for everything from camera equipment, earphones, make up to toys, pens and underwear. You can see her whole range right here and buy it straight from the web or find  a store (all over the world) that carries the bags.


Images from the new store! Jennifer is one of those who have impeccable taste and always looks a million buck even though she’s wearing some old kaftan dress and clogs or whatever idea she’s have at the moment. Read more about her on this (very inspiring kind of new site/web -magazine The Way We Play)


Above you see images from the new store.  Read about it on Jennifers Blog!

Jennifers daughter Celeste and hubby Micke at theis summerhouse. Watch that home tour that Jenny made right on this link.


The whole Jansch family! Cute! I do hope the bags will fly out of the store! And if you live in Sweden – visit Jennifers sister Stephanie who just opened a new shop as well – called Makeri 14 at Köpmangatan 14 in Gamla Stan (Old Town), She sells the Bag- All bags there and great knitting kits and other cools stuff. Check it out here.


I also love Jennifers Instagram @bag_all

It’s so much fun seeing a friend really trying and going for it! On her blog you can also read a lot about the journey of making the Bag- All happen! I do hope you think it’s as inspirational as I do!





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Jens and Jenny´s Studio


This is our house.
We are currently adding a studio to it.(marked in pink in the picture above) It will be quite big with room for my photography and Jens illustrating/3D and graphics business.
It has taken years to get this approved. The paper work here in Sweden regarding an addition like this is quite comprehensive and takes a lot of time and energy. Anyway now we are finally building it. Hopefully we will be ready to move in after Christmas.





Jens and I will split the space up in two sections. One for me and one for him.
As you can see on the sketch we will be able to reach the studio from our house (right through Australia as a matter a fact) and also through an entrance from the street. As you know, Jens and I have both been working from home since we moved here 7 years ago and sure it´s been nice but also very messy and sometimes chaotic . Here is what our working situation is like at the moment. And we´ve used diffrent places for me to set up a studio usually in our living room. I´m currently shooting a catalog in my sisters garage and I´ve used my fathers often. Like here!

photo 2-1

The construction is made in wood. All windows and doors are bought second hand via Blocket.  I´ll tell you more about it soon.

photo 1-1


Related links:

Jenny´s house on the inside!

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We are adding a studio to our house


For years we´ve been planing to ad a studio to our house, and now it is finally happening. As you know Jens and I both work from home and it is a bit crowded but not for long. After Christmas we will be moving ourselves, our computers and other work related stuff out there.

I´ve even said to Jens:” Let´s just stay out there forever and let the kids have the rest of the house”


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FAQ about Jenny´s Living room walls


I often get emailed about the color in this room. And here is the answer:
The dark blue wall is painted in Beckers Himlavalv NCS-5723-R95B


And the opposite side of the room is painted in Beckers Puderrosa  NCS S 1010R (this picture is a bit bright)

I´m going to paint more walls in this pale pink shade. It´s just perfect.

PS. read more about the cabinet that Jens decorated for me here!

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Like being on a train to Hogwarts


A couple of weeks ago I was on a train for 8 hours – going cross country in Sweden. From Borlänge close to my cottage and off to Gothenburg where I was giving talks at the Hem & Villa Fairs.  We started off early morning and it was so dark and the train spit out green sparks from the wires on top. So it was raining green and it was all foggy for hours. Above a snapshot from the train.


Apparently the train was build in the beginning of the 60′. So cool – I was blown away! I also kept listening to the podcast Serial. Do you follow it?  It’s a real murdercase that happened in 1999. But what happened? and is the man found guilty by trail really guilty? It’s a very well done postcast.


This is what the big compartments looked like.


It was a looong but sweet train ride. Worst part was the lack of internet.
But I had time to look out of the window and imagine all the lives people are leading in the towns I passed.


And when I go to Gothenburg I found my own face glued to many tramcars. Kind of funny!



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Out and about with Jenny


People who know me know that I try to stay at home (above) as much as possible. But lately work has taken me to quite a few fun places.
Come along and let me show you.


Sydsvenskan is a Swedish daily news paper. Their interior photographer is on vacation and I´ve been asked to fill in for him. I really like their layed back- type of photography style and I´m happy they asked me to help out during this fall. In a few weeks my photographs will be in their Sunday- Home- section all through November and December.  Above I´m in one of the homes I shoot for them where i met Chucky.


and here I´m brushing my teeth with Instagram poet Motvallskarring


Skåneleden booked me to shoot 25 of their hiking trails. This means I´ve been enjoying the great outdoors quite a lot the past months.

Here I´m trying to find the right trail for my mother and I to hike and photograph. Later I met a kid in the woods who had been camping there with his dad. He told me that they had heard a fox outside their tent at night and then he told me he could sound exactly like it and then he did.


Here I´m cuddling with a pig I met while photographing for the local tourist department.


I´ve visited many local sights for them but this place, above,  is my favorite, where I got to meet these awesome Viking women. I got to spend a day with them at Trelleborgen in Trelleborg where they work. They know all about how the vikings used to live, they can teach you how to shoot a bow and they can survive in the wilderness for months. I loved them and will take my kids there next summer.


That´s it for now.
PS.Yesterday the sunset was this pretty at our village.

have a nice weekend.


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New chairs, the police & a drunk man.


Last night I went to buy some chairs on Blocket (our Swedish  Craigs list). My dad was taking me and before picking me up I had to withdraw some cash. On my way to the ATM machine I noticed a big man standing on the street, swaying like he was holding up the house he was leaning against. He didn’t looked or acted like the normal kind of drunk but still people passed smirked at him and laughed a bit. I thought but what if he has a stroke or anything and the we all just pass and nobody does anything. So I asked the man how he was doing and if he needed any help. Well he needed help cause he was so pissed he couldn’t stand straight but he could still talk although a bit wish washy. He was clear but not at all. Told me to ring his wife and when I couldn’t get hold of her I had to call the police. He was gonna hurt himself falling and way to big for me to help. After a while I got hold of the wife – it seemed as if this was no news for her. She had enough. He told me he had been drinking for 4 days straight and how he was a total looser but in a way drunks can do- like they are a bit proud of being at the bottom and that life is something that just happen and that he himself had nothing to do with it.
You know I’m writing this since it was all such a weird and tragic thing. He was not super drunk or made a total fool of himself but he talked about his family and how he’s messing it up. It’s just life for so many people out there. I’m feeling for the kids and the wife. How he seemed like an nice man but also an asshole. How difficult that is when somebody are both – like we all can be sometimes but also when this assholw comes out to play a bit too much. I’m a close family member to someone with drinking problems. I know how awful it is and how hard it is. After an hour the cops came and where really sweet. They drove him to a clinic to sober up. I’m glad they didn’t just dump him on his wife, at home. I did give the wifes number to the cops. But it turned out I gave the wrong number so the cops called the people I was buying chairs from! That was kind of funny. I wonder what they thought of me haha.
The chairs where great. But they will get a new color and new fabric. I’ll show you when I’m on it!

I hope everything will get better for the man and his family.



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Win a lighting make over & lights from Philips

I’ve told you before that I’m hosting an Instamag called #magasinetLJUS over @philipslightingnordic.
I think this is a new way to work – to create hopefully good & helpful content with the help of brands. Like now I’m able to write and show my best tips for a lighter home. This also include a competition. If you win – I’ll come to your home and try to help you out with different ideas plus you get products & lamps to a value of 20 000 Sek.
To enter this competition:
Take a photo of a corner of your home that you think need an light improvement put the tag #philipsljus then also follow @philipslightingnordic and post it in your own instafeed. More info you can find at philips/ledljus

This is only for Swedish participants.

In Swedish:
Du kan vinna mig eller en rättare sagt en ljuskonsultation med mig i ditt eget hem samt lampor och produkter från Philips till ett värde av 20 000SEK!

Så här gör du för att vara med och tävla:
Följ @philipslightingnordic & ta en bild på den plats i ditt hem som behöver bättre ljus, tagga den #philipsljus och motivera varför just du ska vinna. För fullständiga tävlingsvillkor gå till

Lycka till!

Följ #magasinetLJUS right here


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A new couch


So guess what?! I bought a new couch.

It´s just like my old one- so now I have two of them and we can all fit.
Here Frank is enjoying his breakfast in one of them.



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That wall – at isabelle’s apartment


We have that one wall that has been the backdrop for numerous colors and shoots. Here comes a recap. I love the idea of an accent wall. I think it makes such a difference in a room. And it’s a great way to add color to a room – what do you think? Here is a pinkish – beige. Actually the same as in our hallway.


Beppe as a baby next to that wall – I think this was when he turned 1.


And here Beppe was 3 years!


And on his birthday I added Washi tape for his party.

bondegatan7_wall  ‘

Me jumping – last year! This is the shade on this wall I loved the most!


Jenny in our sofa. I think she made all that mess in the kids room.


In betweenhues. I actually painted it a darker shade of pink to get the cover for our Rum För Kidsen book just right.


These are the images for the cover of the book.


This is the dummy for the cover for the book.

Rum För Kidsen – Ny bok! Kommer 11 mars from Dos Family on Vimeo.

And the top motion we made from the cover!


Then it had to change again for the cover of Family Living! And the other good thing with an accent wall is that you don’t even need to move the furniture ver y far when painting like in this pic. It goes quick and gives maximum effect!


And we put up the climbing holds.


The last shot we’ve done is for the Philips instamag #magasinetljus that I’m hosting during November.


Watch my apartment styled for sale right here! & right now!



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A special sneaker collaboration


I always been a major sneaker fan. I haven’t used high heels in over a year. I need shoes that I can move in (dance in) and feel comfortable in. I can enjoy feeling elegant in a pair of heels but still always get back to my kicks. As long as I can remember . Thinking about how I wanted my dads Stan Smiths When I was a kid and the disappointment of getting cheap rip offs, or watching the older teams getting sponsored basketball shoes and the longing for real Jordans when I played ball. Or how I on every trip abroad I always look for cool sneakers. It’s just my thing!

Peter & ERik are two friends of mine who in the 90′s started the fab store SneakersnStuff. PEter used to date a younger sis of a friend of mine and at the time I had found a rare pair of Golden Nike Cortez – the rumor  of these shoes got to him before we even met and we kicked off right from there. Erik played ball and we had lots of friends in common from the beginning. Anyways I started to customize sneakers around 2000 and we helped eachother out. They rally know what they are doing and it’s like them and Colette who gets to drop the most special edition shoes. Anyways now they have done a collaboration with the Swedish company 10 gruppen & Puma.

Some history about Sneakersnstuff & 10 Gruppen you get from this clip.
10 Gruppen was founded in 1070 by 10 designers who wated to own the whole design process. They are known for bold patterns. REally nice. And now 3 of them made it onto sneakers that are made in a special factory in Japan. Cool!


This is collaboration at it’s best I think – when different worlds collide.
Well done!

My pair  – the turquoise is called Puma Birgitta. Birgitta is my mother in laws name – suits me well!

You can find these sneakers right here.




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Random views and years at Isabelles apartment.


I get so nostalgic checking all these images from this apartment. Such a great place and family! I love this pic from a normal breakfast.


I made that lamp – the star on the wall – remember? And the red chair is bought on a flea market in Paris by my mom. The she took it to Belgium and I moved it to Stockholm. My dad the changed the fabric. The table and dining chairs are 50′s Ikea. and I bought it from someone who’s garden I helped making for a TV gardenings show called Äntligen Trädgård.


I’m cleaning – she’s playing.


A cool cat in her room.


Having the table at a different place in the room. Works as well!


Della trying out her first bike.

More from my flat and the for sale ad (yes I’m going on about this but you know I have to!)


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The kids room during the years at Isabelle’s apartment.


Since it’s celebrating Isabelles apartment week due to it’s up for sale this week. I thought we could look at what have been the kids room from the start. This is the room that have been changed the most during the years – as I write about in this post. More than 7 times in 8 years! I love making kids rooms!
The first room was with this gigant rabbit bed. It was more than 1.80 meters high and the crib was behind the big nose – you can watch me make it here. I loved being in the living room and watching this crazy thing. But Della only slept there once. She stayed in our bed almost the whole first year… And by then we needed the space so I gave the rabbits head to a school near by.


After the rabbit she stayed in the crib for a while then in the crib but with one side open. I then bought this bed with a slide at Blocket and sew the curtains and painted it. It’s actually an Ikea bed from the beginning. Here is the view from the kitchen. And the opening with the sliding doors. It works so well with the kids room next to the living room.

Photo by Martin Cederblad


Then little bro started to climb up that slide and it was dangerous and we needed more space for both of the kids. The bed we found on the attic at our cottage. It’s probably more than 100 years old. It was really dirty and shabby but not chic. So we painted it. The wallpaper comes from Minakani walls.

Image by Jonas Gustavsson for Family living.


Beppes bed was put next to the window. Both my kids were climbers so they needed climbable beds really early.


And Now it kind of looks like this. Della picked the purple color on the wall and the flowery wallpaper is from Nadja Wedin. The sideboard is from but it came out small insects out of it last summer so we had to throw it out. (Loud crying noises here- -loved that crazy piece).

Jenny Brandt took these 2 images for our book Rum För kidsen.


The unicorn bunkbed me and Della made together. And the old bed is just underneath.


It a great room. Truly peaceful.

If you wanna buy the apartment check out the ad right here.


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Life At Jenny´s House

dosfamily-8B7B3031 dosfamily-8B7B3049 dosfamily-8B7B3058 dosfamily-8B7B3064

It´s getting darker. A lot darker. Here are some pictures of us staying inside listening to music while playing on our devices.

1. Sunday is “no pants all day” day
2. Frank made an awesome discovery all by himself on Youtube: A new season of his no. 1 show “Rescue Bots”  has been made. And in it the bots can transform into dinosaurs.
3. Carrie Bradshaw store her shoes in her kitchen and Jens keeps his records in ours.
4. Lots of birds in our yard for Viola and Saba to look at. (Viola breaking the “no pants” rule)

bye bye for now

PS: More “Life at jenny´s house” posts are found here!


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Viola´s Split Face for Halloween


Some things that went down this weekend:
We actually had some trick or treat-ers at our house this week end. Not very common in Sweden still and especially not out here on the country side where we live.  It scared the heck out of Frank who now refuses to open if there is a knock on the door. Viola had a party to go to and Jens gave her a split face for make up. Also very happy about my blue velvet drapes that finally got hung.


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Isabelles lägenhet är till salu – Buy Isabelles fab apartment and read it’s story

Tiden är kommen – vi ska flytta! Se bilder, hemnet länken och läs historien om en grym tid i mitt liv i lyan på Söder.
It’s end of an era – we are moving! Read the story of our life in this great apartment and see the photos! English text after the jump

Vi skrev kontrakt en tisdag och två dagar senare på torsdagen så fick vi reda på att vi var med barn. Vi hade inte bara lyckats köpa en trea på Söder som typ bara är fylld av små gamla arbetarbostäds-tvåor överallt utan vi skulle alltså bli tre som skulle bo där! Wow vilken grej! Det här hände nästan exakt 9 år sedan men känns kanske mer som två liv sen eftersom det var här vi fick två barn, gifte oss, spelade in tv-program här, gjorde böcker, hade middagar, somnade i badkaret, renoverade och rev väggar. Det var här vi blev stora – vuxna på riktigt. Det var här på Bondegatan 7 som vi blev en familj!


Men vi tar det från början. När vi flyttade in så var det många och små rum. Väggarna var senapsgula och bara målade, på ett konstigt sätt, lite mer än halvvägs upp på väggen så att det kändes otroligt lågt i tak och inte alls 2.70m som det faktiskt är. I hallen fanns ett 80-tals valv och köket var långsmalt och trångt.


Det jag nog kommer sakna mest av lyan är den kaklade väggen vid köket. Jag hade någon idé om ett enkelt kök men med en twist. Jag samlade så många balla- fina-udda kakelbitar som jag kunde hitta. Många av dem är bitar ur bårder som man gillade förr, jag tjatade mig in på kakelaffärers lager och samlade rester, sådana bitar som folk liksom glömt bort. Sen la jag hela pusslet på golvet. Mätte ut den exakta storleken och matchade bitar tills det blev helt rätt. Efter det så satte jag upp det på väggen tillsammans med min pappa. Vi bygger så mycket ihop. Bästa sättet att umgås. Så himla roligt! Den långa troféhyllan i armerat glas och arbetslampan från Örsjö Belysning blir lite pricken över i. Bänkskivan är pigmenterad betong som är gjord i Danmark av en firma som heter DFI- Geisler. Totalt väger den runt 800 kg och var en pärs att få upp men snyggt blev det. Jag gjorde också bänkskivan djupare än vanligt – 70 cm så att man verkligen får mycket plats. Mikron är gömd i ett av skåpen för den är alldeles för ful att titta på. Stommarna i köket är från Ikea men överskåpens luckor är specialbyggda och allt är sen industrilackat i den gröna färgen som är där nu. Köket visades första gången i Sköna Hem 2006 – se det reportaget här.


Jag som längtade efter yta började med att riva väggarna mellan köket och ett av sovrummen och ut mot hallen. Där var vår stora soffa nu står. Jag älskar att ha en öppen planlösning. Inte bara för allt ljus utan framförallt sättet som det går att umgås på. Att en kan ligga i soffan och dega medan en annan lagar middag. Att flera saker kan pågå samtidigt men att man ändå är tillsammans. Och ytan är faktiskt så stor att det går att några tittar på tv samtidigt som att andra kan föra en konversation vid matbordet utan att störa varandra.


Innan vi flyttade hit så hade jag bara bort i ganska mörka lägenheter det var nog mycket därför som jag målade golven vita. Plus att det funkar så bra när man gillar att ha mycket färger på väggarna som jag gör. Eftersom det är en öppen planlösning och att väggarna har olika färger så målade jag alla dörrar i samma färg som väggen bredvid så att allt smälter ihop. Annars så skulle det blir så rörigt intryck. Vem har egentligen kommit på att dörrar bör vara vita? Det är ju lätt att tro att bara för att man använder en kulör på väggen så blir hemmet skrikigt och svårmöblerat. Jag tycker nyckeln är att använda smutsiga pasteller. Man tänker inte på att det är en ”färg” utan det känns bara mer ombonat och de är enkla att matcha.



När vi ändå höll på, så rev vi vidare en stor öppning in till nuvarande barnrum. Dit in går det numera att stänga med specialbyggda skjutdörrar. Tanken är att man ska kunna få in ljuset och expandera rymden men samtidigt kunna stänga in sig om man vill. Extra bra är det just om man har barn för de vill ju gärna vara var vi vuxna är! I stället för att ha en liten barnhörna i vardagsrummet så adderade jag helt enkelt barnrummet till den stora härliga delen av lägenheten. Och det har funkat så otroligt bra. Vi har alltid varit nära varandra men ändå kunnat hitta egna vrår att gömma oss i om vi har behövt.


Väggen i vardagsrummet, vid soffan har nog bytt färg flest gånger eftersom det oftast är den som vi fotar emot när jag gjort jobb hemma. Den turkosa färgen som är där nu är kvar från senaste omslagsplåtningen med Family Living En väggen har också varit 50 nyanser av rosa, grön, gul och tapetserad! Bokomslaget är också plåtad mot den här väggen!


Och barnrummet ja. Det har byggts om säkert 7 gånger på 9 år. Så många gånger att jag till och med ägnade ett helt kapitel till det rummet i vår inredningsbok- Rum För Kidsen. Men det är ju det jag tycker är kul. Att vi förändras eftersom livet förändras och då kan rummen liksom anpassa sig efter det. När jag fick barn hade jag verkligen ingen aning om hur ett bra rum för dem skulle kunna se ut. Så jag lärde mig samtidigt som de växte och rummet fick utvecklas i samma takt.


Nu behöver man ju inte göra ett barnrum av just det här rummet. Det skulle också kunna bli ett härligt arbetsrum eller så kan en ha tvn här inne i stället och kanske då ha ett större matbord i vardagsrummet/köket – det skulle också sitta fint!

Se hur rummet såg ut från början här och hur jag byggde kaninsängen i Äntligen Hemma ser du på den här länken.
Det här barnrummet har också sett ut så här med sängen mot den andra väggen – vilken skillnad eller hur och man ser storleken på rummet!
Och sen såg det ut så här ett tag med en tapet med grafiskt mönster.
Innan skrivbordet byggdes så hade vi det såhär!


The master bedroom – ja det är väldigt mycket betonat på master. Sängen är hela 220cm bred så rummet rymmer mycket! Sänggavlarna gjorde jag i Nyhetsmorgon Lördag i TV4 - se hur man gör den och fler bilder från rummet på den här länken.


Jag maximerade förutom sängen också skrivbordet – för att det helt enkelt är lättare att jobba då. Den stora garderoben kan du se bättre på den här länken. Den byggdes av en snickare och är inredd med Elfas system och fotad bland annat för Family Living.


Det är också här inne som jag jobbar och förutom ”crazy cat lady” tendenserna jag börjar få när jag suttit ensam för länge så älskar jag att jobba här. Det är luftigt, jag slipper se disken från frukosten och jag gillar att se ut över taken och Skrapan men samtidigt höra att livet pågår nere på gatan.


Tapeten på väggen – ja det är en tapet även den uppsatt för ett jobb jag gjorde hemma! Den kommer från Mr Perswall. För dem har jag också skapat en barnkollektion.


För att vara en lägenhet på 73 kvm så är den fanimej perfekt planerad. Inte många kvadratcentimetrar som går till spillo inte. Lägenheten har två stora gamla klassiska garderober och i den lilla hallen så får man plats med massor. Vår familj har ett lätt skoberoende så jag byggde en stor hylla för alla (oj vad jag har rensat där för mäklarbilderna ska ni veta). Om man vill så kan man ju bygga för dörren in till barnens rum eftersom de stora skjutdörrarna ändå finns. Men jag gillade att ha dem kvar för att få någon slags cirkulation i lägenheten.


Badrummet är inte så stort men har plats för det mesta. Badkar, dusch, tvättmaskin med torktumlare, toa och en sådan där extra duschslang som blir som en bidé. När rummet skulle byggas om så hittade jag först inget bra golv. Besökte alla kakelbutiker i Storstockholmsområdet och tiden höll på att rinna ut. Jag ville ju bli kär – det är viktigt att verkligen tycka om de sakerna som man släpar in i en hem. Till slut så hittade jag de här plattorna som var lagt inne i en toalett på ett kakelställe. När jag sen frågade var det var för sort så sa dem att det där slutade vi sälja för 10 år sedan. Jag var helt knäckt.Betongkakel var inte så stort då och jag hade knappt sett något liknande. Men plötsligt vandrar det förbi en gammal man inifrån lagret som i förbifarten viskar att han har ett par kvadrat kvar därinne i ett hörn. Och det var precis så att det räckte till vårt lilla badrum.


Det som är härligt med riktigt betongkakel är att färgerna brukar genomfärgas när dem produceras. Det är precis som att varje ny färg har en egen liten pepparkaksform med sin egen färgblandning i som sedan läggs i varje kakelruta. Så trycket/mönstret blir då sådär djupt och vackert. Jag älskar också att det finns en dimmer i taket. Bra på natten om man behöver gå upp och kissa och skönt avslappnande när man tar ett bad.

imcallisterby_martinstenmark kopia

Det kan ju kanske verka galet att jag skriver en sådan här text när jag ska sälja vår lägenhet men det finns knappt en millimeter av lyan som inte är fotad eller använd i något jobb – i en tidning, bok eller på Tv. Så allt är liksom redan där ute i cyberrymden. Sedan finns det nog olika sätt att tänka om sitt boende och jag tycker liksom att mitt hem är värt att hyllas. Inte bara för att det är fint och härligt utan framförallt för den här texten blir lite som ett avslut. För oss blir den här flytten en slags ”end of an era”.


Vi startade vårt gemensamma liv på riktigt här. Vi gifte oss till och med på gården en dimmig kväll i november för sex år sedan och fick precis plats med 46 sittande gäster i vardagsrummet, karaoke i sovrummet och en enorm ljudanläggning i barnens rum. Så då kan ni tänka er att grannarna också är bra och förstående!


Det var i det här huset som vi testade om vår första barnvagn gick in i hissen, båda barnen tog sina första steg på de här golven, vi har bråkat, blivit sams, festat och lekt här inne. Vi har haft det så oerhört bra. Men nu är småbarnsåren över och det är dags för ett nytt kapitel och det måste bli någon annanstans.


Inte för att vi flyttar så långt. Vi blir faktiskt kvar i samma kvarter. Vi trivs bra här på Söder där det är lite stökigare än resten av stan men också roligare och kom igen – vi vet ju alla, liiite ballare.
I vilket fall så hoppas jag att nästa ägare också kommer att få det så här fint som vi har haft det i den här lilla pärlan!


Läs mer om lägenheten hos vår mäklare Fanstastic Frank på den här länken.


Fotograf Lägenheten: Martin Wichardt
Stylist: Maria Kangärde
Foto på Isabelle: Martin Stenmark

English text about the life and end of an era that this means for Isabelle and her family – after the jump

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all you maniacs out there. Here are some of my favorite alter egos over the years.









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King & Queen of Halloween


Happy Halloween y’all! What will you be doing – going as today? In Sweden is amazing how this celebration is growing. In just a couple of years it has come from non existing celebration to a big thing. I love it! Jenny has featured a lot of cool Halloween post past years – check then out here.

Official photo from the Swedish court found at Bea Åkerlunds Instagram.

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Hang with Isabelle in Stockholm November 29


I will do a talk and give a crafting session for you and your kids in Stockholm November 29th.
Since it’s in Sweden I ‘ll continue this post in Swedish.

Lördagen den 29 November kommer jag ha en en liten grupp – 10-15 personer max, på  Mosebacke som kan få lyssna på en föreläsning om barn och barnrum. Hur man får ihop hela familjens önskemål i ett hem helt enkelt. Sen kommer vi ha en pysselstund och om man vill så kan man ta med sig foton, ritningar och idéer hemifrån så hjälper jag gärna till med en liten konsultation på plats.

Rum För Kidsen- boken kommer också kunna köpas till ett specialpris. Och Såklart så kommer vi att fika under tiden!
Det här är ett erbjudande till dem som har Mastercard – så om ni har det och är sugna så följ denna länk!
En förälder plus barn kostar 500 kr – har ni flera barn så lägg på 100 för varje.

Tror det komemr bli toppenkul!


Föreläsningen & pysseförmiddagen bokar ni här




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About Jenny and Jens work ethics


Jens and I both work from our shared home in our joint company.
This means that we are together pretty much 24 7.   It also means that:

We share the ups and downs of our work as well as our coffee.
We can fight over what music to listen to. (But today we both agreed on Jedee Sill- Jesus was a crossmaker)
Our work is done at desks where we have dinner at night with the kids (This will soon change cause we are adding an extra room to our house for a proper workspace).
We can only get to those desks by tippy toeing through the landscapes of crap that the kids have left on the floor.
We can do laundry while the work inspiration is gone.
Jens is forced to listen to me ranting about the latest Days Of Our Lives episode as I watch it during lunch break.“I really hope that Sami and Lucas get back together”. “Oh please Daniel take that silly necklace off. It looks ridiculous”. “Wow he has not aged one bit- I wonder if they do facelifts on that deserted island he´s been on for 10 years?”
And sometimes we take a break together and go for a walk (rarely) or just watch an hour of Youtube clips (more likely)

Related links:
About Jens work
Other music we agree on: Click here for our Valentine music list
More Days Of Our Lives – talk with Jenny (and some ebay finds)


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About my hair


This is not going to happen to me soon enough I might have to give nature a little peroxide-help.

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Behind the scenes with the Instamag Ljus!


I’m working with the Instagram magazine Ljus that you can follow here. But how did we do this collaboration? Well since I love lamps and thinks it’s very easy – working from home I just brought the team to my place. The lamps was all there – the decoration works and as you can see above even my kids took part. Yes, I pay them. Good extra money for them to enjoy when they’re older and I feel better using them.


Here are the team from Duo Blau with photographer Victor and director Fredrik and also the team from Isobar who is the ad agency behind the idea of making a magazine for Philips on Instagram. In this photo we’re putting lights behind my tv. I stopped counting how many things I’ve produced in this apartment. For the magazine they asked me to give their best tips ehen it comes to lamps ans lights. There will be some small instagram films, some diy tips and other tricks. I hope you like it although the tips are in Swedish.


Here I’m standing on my kitchen top. Talking about lights up in the ceiling. This is the view from the photographer Victor – I stole it from his Instagram.



And this is my view – watching the crew!

You can also see us all do a #officialdancefriday on this link
Every other day I post tips – on how to get a great light at home. This is a collaboration with Philips.

Check out the Instagram Magazine Ljus – right here.



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