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Nebraska in pictures part 9 Going home


We left Nebraska on New Years eve. Frank discovered the cool water fountains at the airport and wanted to drink out of them with out me holding him.


1. Bye bye Nebraska see you soon. 2. Frank fell a sleep in the car to the airport. Woke up and told us that since he already took a nap he was not going to sleep at all on the plane. Great. 3. Me and Frank listening to Viola talk about all the Youtubers she is now subscribing to.  4. Frank was not able to keep his promise from picture no.2


Traveling on New Years Eve has it´s advantages. You have the whole airport to yourself.

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Nebraska in pictures part 8


Frank likes cars. When he looks at cars he always states the mood of the car depending on how it´s headlights look. Some looks angry, some happy, some sad. One day when we went shopping Frank noticed this car, with eyelashes. “This car looks very kind” Frank decided.


1. Frank in the search of a playground. 2. So many snack options so little snack time. 3 Viola reading a book from a mini library. In those tiny boxes you can donate books or pick up a new one to read. Such a great idea. 4. My sister house.


Nice logos at the grocery store.



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Nebraska in pictures part 7


Sweden is so dark during December, sooooo painfully dark.  The Nebraska winter sure is a lot colder but the sun is out all the time. I´m going to miss all that light. In the picture above Viola is taking my sister´s dog Daisy for a walk on Christmas Day. (the candles are still out on the streets as you can see)



1. I love dresses with pockets and I found one at GAP´s mega sale that I wore for Christmas. 2. On the 29th I celebrated my 35th birthday with an all-girls-lunch. The staff at the restaurant treated me to a big piece of birthday cake. 3. Every year my sister orders a Swedish cooked ham at a place called Shuster´s. Jens went there to pick it up. You really can´t tell it´s a meat market in there, it looks like an abandoned gas station. But the taste of that ham is lovely. 4. Storm drain.


Garden decor.

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Nebraska in pictures part 6 – graduation and visiting the Capitol


My oh so lovely niece Samantha Rose (to the left) and her cool friends graduated from school the week before Christmas. They are now done with school. Yay!! According to my mom (her grandma) Sammy is the nicest person on the planet. And I love her to pieces. (And yes we named our shop after her) . The selfie above is taken by superstar football player Ameer Abdullah @Ameerguapo


1. Me at the Capitol in the city of Lincoln where my sister works. 2. The tiles of that building is so pretty. 3. …and so are the statues. 4. Viola checking out the view.


First day here I invested in this 2-piece pyjamas.


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Nebraska in pictures part 5 we went to the arcade


As you´ve noticed I´m trying to catch up on all the blogging that I should have done during our trip here. I know that if I don´t post it now when we are still here it wont be done when I get back. So hang in there – it will be intense =)
The Nebraska weather is know for it´s dramatic changes. During our 3 weeks here we´ve had hard rain, snow and spring-like weather that has let us run around outside in our t shirts. It changes fast. There is a saying that goes something like this: “When in Nebraska – if you don´t like the weather – wait another ten minutes”


1. House hunting with Jens. 2. Spongebob 3. Going to the store for some glögg and ginger bread cookies. (Yes you can get those Swedish christmas treats here) 4. Wildlife in Nebraska.



It’s never too early to teach your kids about gambling!

A video posted by breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign) on

We took all the kids to the arcade one day. Jens made a little video of it.


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Nebraska in Pictures part 4


Every morning when the kids has come down the stairs the pile of  Christmas gifts has gotten bigger. They´ve been so sweet and barely even wanted to touch the gifts scared they would figure out what was inside. Viola got what she wanted- a pair of purple (used) Dr. Martens and new headphones (Batman). Frank got Transformers and the foreman Frank (from the Lego movie). Above a picture from a typical morning here- Frank taking his time in the bathroom with the Ipad.

PS: Next year I´m investing in fabric gift bags (Jennifer´s Bag-All) instead of wrapping gifts in paper. Gathering all that waste on Christmas eve made me feel quite silly.  Never again.


1. Look at Jens. He fits right in. 2. Jens and his brother in law Spike took the kids to a indoor desert. The dome looks pretty cool. 3. They also went to an aquarium.  4. Viola and Missan the cat.


There is a full service gas station down the street from where we live. Isn’t that cute?


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Nebraska in Pictures part 3 Viola´s candy free year



In this picture you are witnessing Viola´s first bite of candy for a whole year.
At her school it has become quite the trend to lay off candy for a long time. If you make it your parents (if they are up for the challenge) will reward you. Viola ended her candy free year on Christmas eve and oh boy she sure has been in a candy coma since then.
As a reward kids can get some pretty nice treats like money or a Wii and I´ve even heard about kids who have gotten their own Ipads for quitting candy. Viola got her reward in advanced- Saba the Cat. But now she is officially back in business- Watch out Willy Wonka!


1. Look at that flashlight on the library shelf. So nice looking.  2. We went to see some dinos at Murril Hall in Lincoln. 3. Viola found the cutest little chimp there. 4. Viols with rasberries on her finger tips.


Look at this fun product – Ugly Sweater cookie kit.


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Christmas tradition on Stratford Ave.

The whole neighborhood chips in for decorating the street!

A video posted by breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign) on

On my sister’s historic street all the neighbors get together on Christmas eve to decorate with candles in sand filled bags up and down the street. The tradition started about 50  years ago and everyone participates.  100s of white bags with candles line the sidewalks and boulevards.

Viola has been doing this once before but this year was Frank´s first time.

Jens made a pretty neat video of it.  You can watch it above or on instagram @breakfastdesign


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Nebraska in pictures part 2- Viola and her friends


Viola just got back from my brother´s house. She has been saying good bye to her friends and cousins there. And she is a wreck, she has been crying her eyes out.
“It was soooo sad saying good bye” she cries “I hugged them one by one and I was doing pretty good but then when I walked out the door and I saw them waving at me in the window I lost it. The tears came pouring down and I just could not stop crying”

Me and my siblings have been doing the same thing all our lives. Saying good bye and sobbing like crazy, not knowing how long it will be until we see each other again. And even though we usually do see each other every year it is still a hard habit to break. Frankly it is just pretty darn heart breaking being so far apart.


Anyway… Viola has made so many new friends here. Mostly the kids on the street where her cousin Hanna lives and she is having a hard time leaving both them and also the fun lifestyle she´s had during this trip. Hanging out in the neighborhood, playing tag and basketball, drinking coke and feeling like you are part of an American movie. (Cousin Hanna in her Totoro suit and Viola above)


And her English has gone from good to awesome during this trip. “Some words are still so confusing though” she tells me “Like how do I know if I should use ‘either’ or ‘neither’ in a sentence? And I always mix up the words ‘airbag’ and ‘douchebag’”.


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Nebraska in pictures


This week we are ending our Nebraska visit and going back to Sweden. The kids have had so much fun. Playing with their cousins and their new-made friends.
Frank struggled a while with the jet lag and I´m sure it will be just as tough for him on our way back. My sister has a cat called Missan, she has been keeping him company as he has fallen a sleep every now and then.


1. Viola has been hanging out with her cousin Hanna the most, she is 12 and have lots of cool friend and a neat wardrobe. In the picture (above to the left) she is wearing a tee with the words “I went outside once but the graphics weren’t that good“. 2. Our mornings have been spent in this IKEA (of course) couch at my sister´s house. The kids have gotten used to being around Daisy, the family dog, and are now dead set on having one of their own. We will see. 3. This is what O street in Lincoln Nebraska looks like at night.  4. Found a cool parking spot.


Viola hanging out in a Spongebob suit.


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Hello from Nebraska


Only a few days left of our visit here in Lincoln Nebraska.  I´ve been putting off blogging and enjoying the computer free life over Christmas and it´s been real nice. I hope you´ve had a good winter break. I´ll be back with more pictures soon.

PS. Above a picture of Viola cut in the vines at my brother´s house. (from my instagram @jennyfromdosfamily )

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Happy birthday Jenny


“She’s here”
Nebraska is so far away Jenny is poltergeisting at our house! Must be the smell of coffee & birthday – cake that we ate in her honor today that makes her come to our house in whatever shape she’s up for today! Hope you had a great day – where ever you are!



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merry x-mas y’all


Hello dosfamily friends! We’ve been a bit absent but this last months has taken it’s toll on both of us and we’re taking a break from everything. We’ll be back with a brand new great plan after the holidays! In the meanwhile you can follow us on instagram   – Jenny’s adventures @jennyfromdosfamily  and me @isabellemcallister

big kisses

jenny & Isabelle

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DIY – Print photos on leather


Since we’ll be moving houses in January I’ve started to go through some of my stuff and then I  found these old DIY- pages called Skaparlust in the magazine Sköna Hem that actually was some of my first jobs I did when I moved back home from Belgium in 2002. I still think it’s a good idea.

To do photo’s on leather I simply printed photos on t-shirt transfer paper and the ironed it on the leather. Do not use to high of the heating rather go over it for a longer time. You can use leather from a leather skirt or old jacket or just buy a piece of it whole. I glued the leather on wood to get a nice kind of frame – mounted look. I used cheap wooden cutting boards that had that round feeling to them allready. Then glued the leather on top and simply cut of the excess when the glue is dry.


For the same magazine I also did this make a photo frame lamp DIY.  I used a lamp from Ikea that the don’t sell anymore but they do have a similar one called Gyllen. I printed the image on over head paper but I think you can print it on normal paper as long as it isn’t labeled on the back (it will shine through). I bought two pieces of plexi that fitted the lamp. And put it up in stead of normal printed plastic/glass that makes the lamp…

I still look the same! Don’t I?

Photos by: Martin Cederblad


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how does it feel?

Well watching this it feels pretty good! 12 -13  years ago me and some girl friends had a x-mas day just playing this clip on repeat. It was snow storm and we had a blast at Blåsut. Where my friend Gabi used to live. This video still makes me go hmm.

And then he just disappeared! You couldn’t get any new at all. A bit like Lauren hill. But now he’s back. Check out the album on Spotify or itunes… I don’t know what I think just yet. What do you think?




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Crazy cat lady has finally got a cat!


Hello animal lovers! We have a cat in the house! Dunno if it’s a he or a she – it doesn’t really matter but we’re calling hen Snoop! Snoop is 11 weeks old and an offspring of friends of ours cat… (don’t know if that connection – is right in English?) snoop_headboard

As I’m working from home it’s nice to have company and it’s another crazy cat. Very social and curious! A fun cat! When we leave she follws to the door and when we come home – she comes running. And I love the little musctache!


I always had dogs- so a cat is kind of small but I’m starting to get used to it. And the kids are over the moon! Listen to it purrring right here.

Oh you little cutie cute  – welcome to the family!



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Jenny in Nebraska part 1


Last week we flew to Nebraska. We are spending December here. Working and hanging out with our family. (I told you about it here). So far we´ve been working on getting rid of the jet lag and frankly it´s been real nice not sitting by the computer. Now I´m back though and here are a few pictures from my phone.


The weather has been nice and the cousin have been running around outside playing tag with the neighbor kids. Viola is loving practicing her language skills and has become friends with a girl here who speaks Japanese.



I went to Target and picked up this little number. A 2-piece PJ that I will spend Christmas in.


We went for a walk and saw this guy looking back at us from a yard we passed.


For more updates follow my instagram @jennyfromdosfamily

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Random stuff in Belgium found on my phone


My mother is from Belgium. Last weekend me and the kids went to Gent- Belgium third largest city. I used to live there for almost 4 years when I was 20-24 years old.  I took some photos of great things around town but I’ll start with some photos from my phone. Above – we visited the Rubens exhibition at the Bozar – centre for fine arts in Brussels.


My kids in Gent. They grow so much when you travel together. They look like they’re leaving home soon <3


I used to live right by this square called Vrijdagsmart – Friday Market and yes indeed there are markets on Fridays here! But also the street lights used to be hooked to the maternal ward at the local hospital and every time a child was born the lights would flicker – It was part of a big art exhibition around town. Big Love to that idea! This fab house is from the union. Such a crazy architecture. And the little house is a Frite kot – you order French Fries with something small not the other way around. The fries are the main ingredient!


Had to go on some bargain hunt- here’s at a rather new funky place for vintage things called Depot -09. i bought a lamp – more about that laters.


This is the really old floor at Koen & Amelies place. I think one of the nicest tiling I’ve ever seen!


In the middle of Gent there is an old castle. Very majestic! Has a torture chamber and all. It’s called Gravensteen.


Since we ate so much and met up with so many friends and relatives  all the time I also had to get the kids to move in between. Here we are at Europe largest climbing center. I went up like 2 meters then got vertigo and had to go down… But I loved the ambiance – the tribe of climbers – cool.


My mom made a self portrait way back and it now hangs above the toilet at her place.


Tuesday we went in to Brussels before heading to the airport. Yes, another flea market. This time les Marolles. I do have to go back to Belgium with a big van! next time!


On the top of the Musical  Instrument museum there is a little café with a fantastic view!


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Make a perler bead portrait of JR Ewing – Ready-to-print design pattern


Jens and I´ve made so many of these perler beads portraits over the years. Superman, Woody Allen, Laura Palmer and Dolph Lundgren to name a few. You see them quite often but they do make a great gift for Christmas, and there is still time. Jens explains how to make one from a photo of your own choice here in this old post! He made me the JR pattern above that you can print out and make if you like. The patterns work for cross stitching too. I might make a JR cushion cover from this.




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Hiking with Skåneleden


I just completed my work for the hiking trails of Skåneleden. I´ve photographed 24 trails of 367 km from coast to coast, from Sölvesborg to Ängelholm in Skåne, Sweden. It´s been really nice being outside this much. And the trails are easy to find and hike even for an inexperienced hiker like me. There are short and long trails, you should check it out here!


I know I´ve blogged about this before, but I just have so many photos from this project that I love too much not to show. Like this one of Viola climbing a tree at Lärkesholmssjön.

dosfamily-hovshallarOr this late night swimming photo at Hovs Hallar.



Viola at Skepparkroken dosfamily-withcows

and this one where we ran into a lot of cows on our trail.

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Date night at Delikatessen


Tuesday night I had a date at this lovely French inspired restaurant close to Mariatorget in Stockholm. It’s called Delikatessen Bistro & Bar!


I actually got a cool gift -it’s a book called Eat Sweden and in it it’s vouchers for 12 restuarants in Stockholm. You get one main course for free at each restaurant. The thing I like about it that you then tend to try different places around town. Otherwise I’m more likely to go to the same spot every time I go out..


I had Moules Frites! Maybe to celebrate that I’m going with the kids to see my family in Belgium tomorrow!

My hubby Erik. He loves to be in my photo’s – NOT! But I asked him to look very much in love- this was the look! Good.


The bar – actually this restaurant is in an old fire station. Should have taken more general photo’s but I guess you just have to go there and see for yourselves!


William morris and me in the ladies room! A wallpaper you simply never get bored of.


I also like when you hang lace on the toilet door like this. Such a lovely detail.

It was a great night. Good food and we ended it by going to the movies. We watched Gone Girl. I didn’t like the book but I enjoyed the movie! Or the book is ok but I wasn’t awed like so many others. Oh anyway. Have you seen it?


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TBT Flying with us to Nebraska

Skarby Lincoln from Jens Gronberg on Vimeo.

Next week I´m taking the tribe out west. To Lincoln Nebraska, USA.

I have a been booked to do some interior photo shoots there and a few Christmas features (for Swedish magazines). As this opportunity came to me we instantly decided to go early- work and then stay for Christmas. Jens can work from anywhere really and the kids can visit with their American cousins while Jens and I are busy.

VIDEO ABOVE: Jens made the video , 5 years ago, when we went to Nebraska. Back then I was a blonde and our family was only the 3 of us.

PS.You who have read this blog for a while know that I have to siblings who live in Nebraska.
They went as exchange students when they were only 17 and ended up staying. Since then I´ve tried to visit as often as possible. Last time was Christmas of 2012. You can see all those posts here! Like when we took our picture with santa  and Viola went to her cousin´s school to talk about Lucia


Music by Steely Dan (family favorite)

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One image evey hour Thursday in Isabelles life



08.00 School starts at 08.15 for Della so mostly me & Beppe take it a bit slower after the other two has left the building. I’m such a slow starter. But once I get my speed up – nothing can stop me! We’re eating porridge.



09.00 We left for preschool really late this day and before leaving I like to put our “dog” on cleaning mode.


10.00 At my desk at home for a couple of hours. My hands are really pink so very far from green. Remember this baby? I killed it in less than a month. I really want more plants at home but don’t know how to do it.


11.00 went for a long walk. First stop here in Old Town (Gamla Stan) where I have my chiropractor. I’ve had cramps in my neck from not exercising enough. Need more yoga. And more sleep. These telephone booths will probably be a museum soon.



12.00 I walked further to Kungsholmstorg. A quick stop in this kind of Moroccan boutique called Tabbouli House. I’m on a lookout for a new sofa table. Like this one with mirrors.


13.00 Me & Beppe’s new passport where ready so I went to pick them up. I look like Cruella De Vil. I think I can pull of photo’s rather well but never on my driving license or passports. Beppe is such a cutie though.


14.00 Walking back the to south side of town. I always take photos of viaduct and under bridges. But you can almost never see the beauty or the massive feel of it when you look at the images. It’s the same with sunsets I guess.


15.00 I went to do something on Götgatsbacken. This is an office space on the first floor. Suck a great idea painting it like this. I should do it on the kids windows!


16.00 Took the subway down town and passed Old Town again. Tired commuters longing for home.


17.00 But not me! I had a date with this gal – Anna. I’ve known her since first grade – 32 years! We went to Bouqerian. I go there alot. Love the food and the ambiance.



At 18.00 me and Anna are still LOL-ing around. I had langostios, vongole & tuna! mm getting hungry just thinking about it.


19.00 Anna is preggers so we made it an early night. Me on the subway back home.



20.00 My hubby was in Budapest so my mother in law stayed with the kids. She’s awesome!

Thank you for today!


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That zebra jacket!


The world keeps spinning round round round when you are 4 years old. But the jacket is a great one! It comes from Pop Up Shop. Very warm and kids friendly.  I got so many questions about it that I thought it was best to give it a post of it’s own!




You can find the jacket right here in this shop.


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