This is my engagement ring/wedding band.
My husband bought it in a vintage jewelery store in New York and then he proposed to me about 3 years ago.
How it went at the wedding  you can read about here.

Anyways – since the ring is vintage I take it off for showering and such. I always put it on the same spot. But naturally, (it had to happen some day) – since the beginning of August it has been gone. Vanished from earth. I have been going through all our corners at home, cleaning everywhere and praying to all Gods.
I even thought about contacting Saïda – Sweden’s most known Psychic.
It was nowhere to be found.

A couple of days ago me and the family was having dinner at dear friends house who also have kids.
After a while I went to the toilet.
Next to the zink they have bathroom cabinets and a lot of stuff with stuff within. On a little table there was a mirror with three kind of wooden jewelry boxes on top of each other.
On top there was a very tiny box.

Suddenly I had an enormous urge of snooping. And now I swear to this (but you won’t believe me) I don’t do snooping when I visit other peoples homes.
But the little box, like in the movies – it called my name. Big Time.
-Isaaaabeeelllle open me!!

And now probably you have the tiniest feeling you know what I will tell you next.

-Yes – at my friends house, after snooping, inside that little box I found my ring!!
After it had been missing for 2 months.

I was in chock.
What should I tell them now?
-I snooped and look what I found. Tada- it happens to be mine!?

But I did.

Apparently their 5 year old took the ring, one day when they where at our place but the parents didn’t realized it was mine.
Such a crazy story.
I’m thinking of all the little boxes Della keeps at our place, all the places the ring could have been at their place. I snooped in one box and there it was – I never ever thought I could find my ring there.

Do you think the ring called my name?
I must believe so.

A happy isabelle