A laminator, some pictures of your choice and tape. That´s all you need to give your kitchen-backsplash some attitude.

I can´t help myself: I want pictures all over my house. And since I move it around and change things often I don´t like drilling holes, especially on my tiles. So instead I laminate the pictures and tape them to the tiles.  By laminting them they become very durable and can handle quite a lot of unexpected things like food fights and other kitchen drama.

And nedless to say this works just as well in the bathroom.

Viola striking a pose in our kitchen. See more of our kitchen here!

Photos by Jenny Brandt


What is Nesting on Dos Family?

When I am out visiting people I see so many “good Ideas” that I collect with my camera. It can be neat everyday things like clever storage solutions for your clothes or just fun decor.
Small things that give your home a little more swag or simply make it more efficient.

The ones I am drawn to are often thrifty and pretty effortless and I hope you find them just as inspiring.
Also all of them are photographed by me or Isabelle. And sometimes they are from our own homes.