It’s been a hectic week.
I worked night and day on a new project that is gonna be so much fun!
Soon I can tell you more – good since I am so bad at keeping stuff for myself.

I allready introduced you to my new summer friends above. They are from Topshop. I love Topshop. Also bought myself a clutch, great t-shirts to wear for my tv show and crazy nail colour.

I took my new friends out to party. I get so tall. It’s the first time I have shoes that I realise what it’s like to be really tall. Wow.
The magazine Family Living that I work for alot turned 5 years – so we celebrated.
Christina, Sasa, Moa and me.

We also crashed Jacob Felländers vernissage at Fotografiska – Spectacular view and great photo’s by Jacob. A must-see.

The design sherpa a.k.a my dad.
Ikea released a limited edition collection from India called Kryddstarkt. I fetched things and my dad guarded them with his life. Me and my dad is a great team. I’ll show you what I bought next time I go to my cottage!

Since I’m away from home so much I try to be an extra present mum when I’m home.
Friday we went to beautiful Skansen. It was a mixed day. I was so happy to be with the kids but we lacked the flow. I just wanted everyone to be happy but kids doesn’t tend to do what mum wants…

Sporty spice. She wants to skate in the pools but was a bit intimidated by the big boys. The day after she went for it and did so good. She is so cool. Me – I went jogging around Turning Torso this evening. Now I can’t feel my legs.

I also went thrifting but all I found was these lousy batteries.
Beautiful though. Why can’t new stuff look this nice?

At Beppes school the parents have to make dolls that looks like their children. Every morning they sit in a ring and ask all the kids if they are present. Then they have to collect their own doll. If the kid is sick they put the doll in a bed and tuck them in. If they are on holliday they put them in a small chair or something. I made the doll when Della was little. My husband made this one. So Cute.

BTW – when we talk about my boys and dolls- do you remember this?