Elina, Johan and Etta rent an apartment near Folkets Park in Malmö.  Elina is an seamstress and Johan is an musican. And even though the apartment isn´t huge there is room for both of their proffessions. At the end of the livingroom they have dedicated one corner to Elina´s sewing and one to Johan´s music. And most of the time that´s where the hang out.

Elina is one of the half of the duo behind the store DeerDot. And I had to convince her to let me come and photograph their home. I hope she´ll like it.

As you can see I have changed the look of my visit. You can still get bigger images by clicking any photo, that will take you to the slideshow. What do you prefere. New or old?

Johan wasn´t home when I was there. So this is the only photo you´ll see of him.

But in reality I know that they are saving up for a trip to Nashville.

Elina covered the cabinet doors in vintage wallpaper. And painted the inside green.

A semi colored chest. And Etta and Pippi and Cash.

Johan´s things

Johan plays pedle steel guitar and he likes Cash.

Etta´s toy kitchen. Her mother made her this fun chocolate cake. Yummi

All her ponnies fit into this stable, made of an old cd-shelf from IKEA.

Why are you taking pictures of my dad´s steel guitar? Etta asks me.

Because I think it looks very nice, I replied.

Accessories for a Honkey Tonk man to the left, and accessories for Etta to the right.

Thank you for letting my stop by.

Photos by me, Jenny Brandt