For me -who lives in the city. I try to bring some animals into our appartment.
My husband tells me ” -No- I don’t want a zoo.”
But I can’t help it. Lots of our details at home has prints of animals or the shape of them.
This is the story about the mischeif they do at night.

The lamp is my favourite. I wish all my lamps where like it.
Christmas ornament which stays all year.

The sad pink panter used to belong to my grandmas keys, now she is gone but still remembered.
The cow is the only detail in our appartment that my husband has bought by himself.
Apparently all the rest I am to blame for.

My pepper shaker poodle and the bambi of my dreams.

Bedside reading- What the dog saw by Malcolm Gladwell and the mirror with small one year old’s
fingerprints all over. Every morning he pulls the bird from the wall.

Oh – on the left – my kids bathing pets. All the other animals are mine mine.
Like my other Bambi that I found at a flea market 10 years ago (long before my kids arrived).

Some wall flower birds.

Baloo from the 50’s – my mothers old.
And a Brazilian cow- that I brought back from the very beautiful country.
The piggy bank I bought for my husband cause I find his coins all over the flat.
Since it’s pink Della has now claimed it. Apparently everything pink is hers – she says.