This weekend we transformed some boxes from our kitchen cabinet into our KIDS!
Yes, that´s right. Jens , my partner , came up with this idea, and this is what we spend our weekend doing.

After we had photographed Frank and Viola from every angle, Jens started to lay out the puzzle in Photo Shop.

He made a rough template based on the messurments of the box.
Since kids usually don´t come in box sized shapes Jens had to stretch and shrink the photos to cover all sides of the box.

Then we wrapped the box (in Viola´s case a milk carton) in our printed sheets.

Viola made something else, on her own. She wasn´t too impressed with our boxes.

Since me and Jens liked this so much we made our house as well.

Our dinnertable the morning after the crafting frenzy.
Right in the middle of our project our printer broke down, so we had to go buy a new one.