Viola´s friend Laura has a very creative mom. Camilla , is her name, she makes all sorts of fun stuff for her kids. Like last Christmas for example she made an awesome puppet theater out of an old cardboard box and leftover fabric. (a bit like Isabelle´s stove). Camilla has a great eye for colors and her ideas are not only thrifty , they are also very pretty to look at.

This weekend me and Viola went there for a game of charades.

Camilla and Laura made these “acting cards”.  They simply looked for pictures of fun things to pretent to be-in magazines and catalogs. -ripped them out and glued them to pieces of cardboard.
I´m sure you all know the rules: Every player gets to choose one card, laying faced down , and then act it out for the others to guess.

A fish

A rodent


A chimp