I havn’t had problem sleeping since I got my first kid.
Oh the irony.
What I mean is The lack of sleep makes me knocked out when there is a possibility to lay my little head down on a sweet pillow.
Lately I’ve been working like crazy and to unwind I needed a coulpe of Chick Lit pages.
I fall asleep with the book in my hand and everytime my husband folds it away I wake up and get a bit angry. Cause I wasn’t sleeping.
Yeah right.
I’ve been enyoing Lisa Jewells – The truth about Melody Browne. Sweet and fun. I cried (good crying).
Lauren Weisberger – Last night at Chateau Marmont Jet Set, stars and love with a twist.
And for the moment I just started with:
Candace Bushnell – The Carrie Diaries ( The story about Carrie bofore SATC)

Don’t you think Fairy Lights is one of the best moodmakers ever?