As you probably can imagine it is very inspiring going around on visits. So much to talk about so many ideas to borrow. One thing that I have bought after seeing it in several homes is the shoe storage boxes from Ikea called Trones. UPDATE: Ikea don´t have Trones anymore. But Retur, is almost the same thing. Read more here!

Here are some Trones in homes I have visited.

This is outside Sines second entrance of her Copenhagen home. See the rest of her home here!
Just think about all the stuff you can fit in here. All that nik-naks going in and out all the time.


And here at Heike and Erik´s home. Just as a single box by the kitchentable, to hold news papers.
I think I will copy this, but mount it over or by a power plug, that way I can both hide and charge my phone in there, and other ugly gadgets. If I remember correctly they also had one just outside the door, for gardening things that can come in handy. Since it is plastic it will last a while outside too.

This is from another Copenhagen home that I have not yet posted, but still wanted to show you the Trones solution. Six of them by the entrance. As easy as that! UPDATE: HERE IS THE HOME TOUR OF THIS HOME

In the same home, behind the door of the kids room. Four of them on top of each other.

Now that I have gathered them all I realize that all of them were found in Danish (or semi-danish) homes. And I know that blogger Ungt Blod also have some at her home, and she is also Danish. She turned her ito a totem, it looks amazing. See it here!