Sine lives on Österbro in Copenhagen with her two kids. Carl-Andreas , 11yrs, and Alma 9yrs. I went to visit her on a Sunday morning. The street was so still, almost no traffic. Found a parking space just outside her door. Saw a playground with kids and parents strolling by.
Österbro is so pretty and people here look so stylish yet casual. The apartment on 115 m2 is located at the second floor. The staircase is painted white and dark gray, and the family keeps some of their shoes by the entrance.
Sine welcomes me in the door and we joke a bit about my parking. Not my strongest skill.
The home is so welcoming, music is playing. I love that. And Sine tells me to keep my shoes on. I love that even more.

Sine is an art and design historian that now works as an tour guide at Cph:Cool. And that is the one address you should keep if you ever go to Copenhagen. “No more museums and monuments” Their tours are more modern. Shopping and design to name a few areas. See all tours here!

Some of the things that Sine loves about her apartment are: How the light shifts through the day making shadows play across the kitchen floor. The big bathroom. And of course the big balcony on the roof top where you can have dinner and watch over the “Byen” =City, in Danish.

I am sure you will love it to. As usual click the image below to start the slideshow. Or click the thumbnails for single photos.


This is Sine, in her kitchen. The family spends a lot of time together in here. Sometimes they pull the chairs to the window and have afternoon tea thereBestlite lamp, vintage chair and an old cabinet painted light grey. And over the kitchen counter top an old Coffee poster and a print made by Sines dad. On the top of roof is a balcony, with this amazing view. Sine sometimes takes her coffee up hereCarl Andreas, 11 years old, in his room. And a Mexican guy who looks pretty happyAlma in her room. The table got a coat of purple. Painted by brushShelves from At-Bo. I love the way Sine hangs her lamps, like this oneAlma reading and a chicken on a skate boardBy the kitchen window a built in bench. Inside storage for pots and pans and on top cushions and children doing home workAlma reading and a chicken on a skate board"In the back yard stands a black wooden laundry hanger, for all neighbors to share.By the kitchen window a built in bench. Inside storage for pots and pans and on top cushions and children doing home workProjectTroubleTv, bedroom and desk all in one room.The whole family can fit in this bathroomA floating tube from Greece. And toothpaste never looked this good beforeFamilyIndustrial lamp and a plate rack that also holds books and artworkSine´s favorite book and favorite shoes