It is really funny how we do tend to want the same things. Today I showed Isabelle a winter coat I had just bought Viola, and guess what? Isabelle had bought exactly the same kind for Della.

Here are my things, as an answer to Isabelle´s blog battle: We like alike…

Isabelle is right something came over me when I saw this little apple at a flea this summer, my heart rate increased. Only 5 SEK.
I have heard that a big Moncicci , like this , is called a Monamie. This one is a flea find.

And yes Frank also have a Stokke chair, bought second hand and painted, pink. It might be the dirtiest in town right now, but that it what it looks like mostly. The pillow from Beppe.

This is the Ariel that the girls fought over this summer. But as I saw in Isabelle’s battle, Della´s doll is quite the looker too.

And dots , yes I have them on a lot of things to.

The clogs!  And the swing.  Where will this end?

PS: Isabelle: Don´t you have a built in shelf in your shower? We do.