Ever since the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen was built it has become quite common that Danes move across the sea for a house in Sweden.
The house prices are a lot lower here and thanks to bridge it is really easy to commute.
And I have visited one couple who did exactly that.

Erik and Heike, a Dane and a German, who met each other via the internet – on a discussion list about Douglas Coupland, author of their favorite book Generation X. After a couple of years of off-topic mails, they finally met each other in real life,as Heike traveled from Germany to Denmark, and they have been together ever since.

Heike found work in Copenhagen and the couple moved in to a small house just 3 kilometers from the Copenhagen airport.
It did not take long for them to grow tired of the noise from the airport, and they both felt they wanted out of the city.
And some years later, in 2007, they found their dream-home in beautiful Skåne, Sweden.

Today, after three years of renovating the house and completing all paper work that comes with moving to a new country,they feel that they have landed exactly where the wish to be.
In fact, the only thing they can think of when I ask them if there is anything that they miss, are some of the more odd local foods from Denmark and Germany, that they cannot find here.
And that is sertanly not a big deal when you’re in a country, that has concepts like godis (sweets) and bästis (best friend), as well as very lovely grannar (neighbours)! Heike tells me.

For work, they both commute to Copenhagen every day where they work with communication and the web, and have had interesting job-titles such as “web consultant”, “communication specialist” and “editor”.
They blog – more seldom than they would like to – about living in Sweden as a Danish-German couple here: svenskhus.wordpress.com

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