Good day!

This is the last week of April and winter is officially over.

I wanted to celebrate this by giving the old term “Spring Cleaning” a revival in my own home.

We are not everyday cleaners. I have tried the “let´s pick up after ourselves-” thing many times, but we always fail at it. I have started to accept that this is just the way we are. We do let the piles get a little bit to big, but we try to tidy up a bit every Sunday, to get a fresh start on the new week.

So the old fashioned way of giving the home a good old spring cleaning really appeals to me. Twice a year my mother does that in her home. Once just before Christmas and once in spring. No area is left untouched. Everything gets wiped, dusted, washed or vacuumed. She learned this from her parents and this week I wanted to talk about that and other cleaning things here at Dos. I am not a cleaning expert in any way but I hope you will find these posts inspiring.

If you have any good tips on cleaning, please don´t be shy, let us know!

Here are a few messy views from my home:


Pantry. I am sure there are some expired dates in here.


Ojojoj. This cabinet hold all the “we don´t know where to put this-stuff”. Like mail, bills, some broken toys, something borrowed, something new, something old and something blue. I think you get my drift.


I really need to get this in order.