George Lucas – please give me a call!

I think I master the technique with a green screen now and I will gladly play Yodas big sister or
Chewbackas new pal or heey even snog Ewna Mcgregor…



We have been taping stuff for the intro to the new kids show.
Kind of weird putting nails into an imaginary wall…
Since the ashcloud is hanging all over we had to go down south to a studio in Växjö.
Beppe joined mummy ut he seemed rather content – don’t you think?



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  1. Jenny at Dos April 23, 2010 at 10:09 #

    gahhh how Fun Isabelle!

    I am sure the Skywalker crib is not cozy at all.
    Maybe you could be his home decorator!

    That would be awesome

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