Today´s Guest Blogger: Heidi Hed, Surahammar, Sweden

I love to give gifts.
I love to shop for gifts.
I love to wrap the gifts.
But most of all I love the smiles I get when it´s time to open them.
So when it´s Christmas-time I get very excited.
Just think! So many presents to shop, decorate and give away!
My husband thinks I put just a hint too much effort in the wrapping part, but then
again he dosen´t like to wrap at all.
One year he even suggested that I could wrap the gift he had bought for me…
Isn´t that sweet!

When it comes to the gift tags I´m not loving the tags with the Santas and
snowflakes on them so I just print out pictures of the person
the gift is for. The neat part of this is that the picture can be used after the
present is opened. If you want, you can even print it on magnetic
paper. And there you go, one more gift.
One more thing I like with the picture gift tags is that even the smallest family
members can join in on giving the gift´s on Christmas Eve.

And because I am of Finnish heretige…
Hyvää Joulua!