So it’s the third of December. Allready?!
In seven days I am supposed to get Dellas little brother!
Della was a week early so I’m hoping to deliver today as well – I can’t wait!

Christmas never been my thing.
I love kitsch but Christmas is always been kind of wrong kitsch in my eyes.
The specific chistmas-e-kind of green and red, the little decorations and all the buying
– well I’m finding it too much. And I don’t eat meat so there goes the typical swedish food.

But heey – I’m not going to spoil the sweet christmas feeling.
And of course there is all kind of ways to celebrate christmas!
The last years with Della in the picture of course there is no way hiding for the big man in red.
She is crazy about it all and been talking about chrismastrees for ever.

So now I made her a little tree to put in her room allready.
And I hid it for her in the washing machine – a perfect place!
The decoration is made of leftovers from over wedding (I will post more wedding photos soon!)
Simple but fun for her
– she carries her tree around everywhere and even wants to bring it to the daycareenter for show n tell!